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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 520

Killers Not Dead

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 18, 2012 14:20 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Ichigo heads to the Spirit Palace to repair Tensa Zangetsu in preparation for the next invasion!! Meanwhile in Soul Society...?!]
[BubbleSFX: knock / knock]
Nanao: Captain. // ............... // ...If you'll excuse me, Captain. // I'm coming in. // Captain! / If you're in here, the least you could do is respond when I -
Shunsui: Nanao-chan. // We might... // ...have to say good-bye.

Nanao: Huh...?
[Text: Official Message]
[Text: Kyouraku Jirou Souzouza Shunsui]
[TN: Reading for the third name is probably wrong. Even the Japanese readers don't seem to be able to work out how that name is meant to be pronounced.]
[Text: The above individual is hereby appointed to the positions of Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 and Captain of the First Division.]

Shunsui: You've gotta be kidding me.........
[Bleach 520]
[Killers Not Dead]
[Side text: The lives and pride of all the Thirteen Divisions rest upon his shoulders.]

Kazuo: Ninety-one~~~~~~!
[Sign: Kirin Estate]
Kazuo: Ninety-two~~~~~~! // Ninety-three~~~~~~! // Ninety- // Ungph!
Ichigo: Guaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

Kirinji: That's a fail for you, moron!! // Come on, even a kid could pull this off!! // Didn't you ever take a bath as a kid?!! / You know what they always tell 'em - get your whole body under the water and count to a hundred!! / Are you more useless than a brat?!!
Ichigo: Only up to the neck!!! // What kind of parent makes a kid shove their whole head under the water and count to a hundred?!
Kirinji: Don't talk back to me! / Kazuo! Kazuhiro! Once more, and hold him down good this time!
Kazuo: You got it, bro!!
Ichigo: Whoooaahhh?!
Kazuhiro: Don't take this personally, kid!!
Ichigo: Like hell I'm gonna let you do that!!
Kazuo: Urngh!
Kazuhiro: Kazuooo!! // Why, you little...!!
Kirinji: Hold on.

Ichigo: And what the hell was THAT for?!!
Kirinji: Looks like you're healed.
Ichigo: Huh?

Kirinji: If you weren't all healed up, that would've killed you. // Take a look. // No sign of your wounds, is there?
Ichigo: ...You're right...
Kirinji: Then there's nothing left for you to do here. // Go and make preparations for your next destination.
Ichigo: My next...?
Renji: Hold it!
Ichigo: !

Renji: I'm coming too!
Ichigo: Renji! / What are you talking about?! You're still -

Kirinji: !
Renji: ...Satisfied? // I managed to take it, yeah?
Kirinji: .................. // ...All right, fine. // If you can handle a blow from me, I guess you'll be all right. / Get going, then!
Renji: R... // Right!
Kazuo: Hup!
Kazuhiro: Hahh!!

Renji: Guooooooohhhhhhh!!
Kirinji: ...And off they go... // Kazuo! Kazuhiro! / I'm sure you're feeling pretty strained! // You can take off those wet kimonos now!
Kazuo/Kazuhiro: Yessir!!

Kazuhiro: ...Still, I'm lost for words... / If it weren't for these protective bathing garments woven from super-spirit-thread, the excessive healing would have rotted our bodies apart by now............ // To think that these people were able to sit stark naked... / ...in Tenjirou-sama's Skeletal Pit and Bloody Inferno as if it was nothing... // They really are a breed apart...
Kirinji: ...Yeah. // I had high expectations, I admit, but they surpassed them all. // Especially that Ichigo kid.

Kirinji: That brat... / The instant my fist made contact... // ...he reflexively met it with a blow of his own, and actually broke through my skin...
Kazuhiro: !
Kazuo: Oh, my...
Kirinji: They used to call me Lightning Tenjirou for my Hohou skills... // ...and it's not like I've lost my touch... // That kid really is... // ...something else. // I can see why the Spirit King... // ...has taken such a liking to him.

[Sign: Central 46]
Official: Two Lieutenants?!
Shunsui: That's right. / Third Seat Okikiba knows the First Division inside out, but Lieutenant Ise... / ...understands better than anyone how to deal with me. // I'd like to have them both support me in my new position.
Official: Preposterous! / What right have you to demand -
Shunsui: The right to appoint Lieutenants rests with their Division Captains. // I believe that right was granted by none other than yourselves.
Official: .....................
Shunsui: ...Well then. / Shall we move on? // For my first act as Captain-Commander...

Shunsui: I intend to teach Zaraki Kenpachi... // ...the way of the sword.
Official: What......?!!
Shunsui: Captain Kuchiki and the others have been sent to the Spirit Palace, but there is no guarantee that they will return safely. // Captain Zaraki's skill in battle is a major asset. / I cannot allow it to be wasted.
Official: Outrageous! / If that man becomes any more powerful than he already is, he could lead a rebellion and nobody could stop him!! // Have you forgotten how, when Genryuusai got the same idea into his head, we ensured that he relented within a single day?!!

Shunsui: Then what would you suggest? // As the situation stands, Soul Society cannot hope to survive the next invasion. // Or do you suppose... / ...that you will be able to protect yourselves when the time comes?
Official: ..................
Shunsui: ...It seems... // ...that I have the permission I seek. // Please, come on in. // I would like to leave the matter of Captain Zaraki in your hands.

Shunsui: Captain Unohana. / Or should I say... // The First Kenpachi... // Unohana Yachiru.
[Insert text: Kenpachi...a name granted only to the strongest of all Shinigami!]

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