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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 692

The Assassins From Dresrosa

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 18, 2012 14:21 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 692: The Assassins From Dresrosa
[Insert text: A massive attack at the ready!!]
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no......!!!
Caesar: ......I know, Straw Hat... / I'll let you be... // ...one of my subordinates......!!!

Caesar: Uglpmrhhh!!! / !!!! // !!!

[no text just massive ownage]

[Box: Around the New World]
People: ......!! // What kind of joke is this...? / He calls this a "public experiment"...?!!! // That boy.....just took out Caesar...!! // .........
Tamago: We must contact Mama, rapidement!
Pekoms: Grrrhh!!!
People: "Joker" will have to make a move now...!!! // You'd better let "Jack" know about this... // Are you sure?! There's no telling what'll happen!! // This will be the work of the "alliance". Report it to the world...!! // This affair can no longer be contained within the underworld alone...!!!
Killer: ..................

[Box: Building B, Floor 2]
Marines: Hurry!! Faster!!
Chopper: Hang in there, Mocha!!
Usopp: Chopper! Can you hear me?!!
Chopper: Huh?! That's Usopp's voice!!
Usopp: Head down the stairs ahead of you to the right! That's the shortest route!!
Chopper: .........
Usopp: I'm going to close the door to Building R before the gas can get inside!! / Hurry!!!
Chopper: O...Okay, I'll hurry!! Thanks!!
Brook: Ahhh!! Chopper-sa~~n!!
Chopper: Huh?! Brook~~~~!!
Brook: Oh, it's terrible!! Look at Kin'emon-san!! / He was killed by the deadly gas~~~~~!!
Chopper: Ehhhhh~~~~~~~~?!!

Brook: It happened while he was sending the children in the examination rooms around this area on their way... / ...while searching feverishly for his own son...
Flashback!Brook: Quickly, you must all run!! / To Building R~~~!!
Flashback!Kids: Aaahhh!! His face is scary~~~!!
Flashback!Kin'emon: Whaaaaat?!! He transformed into a small dragon?!
Flashback!Girl: Uh-huh!! It's a secret, but it's true!
Flashback!Kin'emon: The dragon I struck down back there... Could it be?!!
Flashback!Brook: But that area is already covered in gas...!
Flashback!Kin'emon: With the right force of will, a man can walk any path!! / Be it fire or gas, I will forge through it unafraid!!!
Brook: ...And you can see the result!!!
Chopper: That guy is crazy!!!
[Box: Building R, Floor 2: The Room of Secrets]
Minions: Ughhh... Damn you... We won't forget this...!!
Usopp: It's your own stupid faults for resisting!! // Or do you want another taste of the Ultimate Slingshot, Grow-Up Black Kabuto?!!!

[Box: Building R, Floor 1: Passage from Building B]
Nami: Luffy!!!
Luffy: Hm?
Nami: Thank goodness!! You got here ahead of us!! / Ah!! Brownbeardy is collapsed on the ground!! Is he okay?!
Luffy: Yeah, he's fine!! // Oh no, wait, he's not.
Momonosuke: It... It is the youngsters!! / ...............!!
Flashback!Luffy: You don't need to worry about the other kids. // My friends are already on their way to help them!! / When my friends say they'll do something, they mean it!! So there's nothing to worry about!!!
Luffy: Shishishi!! You see, Momo?!
Momonosuke: (......!!)

Sanji: Hurry it up!! Run to where Nami-san is!!!
Zoro: Are Chopper and the others still not here?!
Robin: Not yet... They went to give a girl emergency treatment...!! // I wonder if they will make it...?!!
[Box: The Gas of Slaughter, Shinokuni, has almost completely filled Building B...]
[Labels: Usopp // Chopper / Brook // Zoro / Sanji / Nami / Robin / Tashigi / G-5 / Kids // Caesar // Smoker / Law // Luffy]
[Box: The only way out of the island is Gate R-66...!! // Building R: Passage from Building D]
Smoker: Is this thing really necessary?!
Law: It's the trolley for transporting the SAD!! It should be able to carry everyone! / We need to get everyone off this island as fast as possible!!!

Law: Mister Straw Hat!!!
Luffy: Tra-dude!! Smokey~~~~~!! / You were over that way, huh?!
Marines: Aghhhhhhh~~!! Smoke-yan~~~!! / It's great to see you're safe!! Th...There's so much...*sniff*...we gotta tell you.........!!!
Law: Where is Caesar?!!
Luffy: Oh, I smashed him off that way. // Right through the door!! I wonder how far he went...
Law: ...Oi!! Have you forgotten...?!! The deal was that you capture him!!
Luffy: Yeah... But I don't feel like even capturing a guy like that any more!!
Law: I don't care whether you feel like it!! Stick to the plan!! What are you going to do if he escapes?!!!
Luffy: Bah. Who cares what happens to him.
Law: You can't just change the plan on a whim!! I should never have trusted you!! Hurry up, we're going after him!!!

[Box: Rewinding the clock slightly... In the skies near Punk Hazard...]
Baby5: This mission is the last thing I'll ever do for him! // When I get back, I'm going to put an end to his sorry life!! // That filthy good-for-nothing Joker!!! / The nerve of it... He annihilated my fiancé... // ...along with the whole town he was in!!! / I can't let that man live!!!
[Box: Donquixote Pirates / Maid/Assassin / Baby 5 / (A Weaponwoman who ate the Buki Buki no Mi)]

Baby5: And this is the eighth time, too!!! All those beloved men I had promised my life to... // Eight men!!! Eight towns!!! Why does he take such joy in destroying my happiness?!!
Buffalo: Nnniiiiiinnn~~~!!! That's just how the young master shows his love!!! It's because he cares for you like you were his own little sister...
Baby5: ..................
Buffalo: ...that he's willing to blow up whole towns for your sake!!!
[Box: Donquixote Pirates / Warrior / Buffalo / (A Spinman who ate the Guru Guru no Mi)]
Buffalo: You just need to learn to turn people down sometimes!!

Baby5: What was wrong with him?! // Couldn't you see how he needed me?!!
Flashback!Fiancé: It's love at first sight!! Marry me, please!!
Buffalo: Like I said, you really need to do something about... / ...that habit of never turning anyone down!! // It's crazy that you're subscribed to 50 different newspapers, and you lend too much money to people too! / And with all the random things you've been convinced to buy, how much debt are you in now?
Baby5: Oh, shut up! Only 98,000,000 Beli over the course of my life!! Leave me alone!!
Buffalo: Oh, that reminds me - could you lend me two million?
Baby5: Huh?! // (He... He needs me!!) // Wh... When do you need it by?
Buffalo: When we get back. I'm going to the casino.
Baby5: Then I'll loan out some money for you as soon as we're done! / I'll finish this one mission for him... But when we get back, I'm going to kill that Joker!!
Buffalo: Niiiiiiinnn!!! / And there it is!! Punk Hazard ahoy!!

Baby5: The island is covered in Caesar's gas!! I wonder if I could blast it away...
Buffalo: No need for that, Baby 5!! You just leap up above me for a moment!! // Watch. // The power... // ...of a typhoon!! // Toppuu!!! // Matasaburou~~~~~~!!!
[TN: "Toppuu" = "Gale". "Matasaburou" is the name of a boy wind god from a classic Japanese story.]

Baby5: I see the tanker. // If we wait there, Caesar, Moné and Vergo will be sure to show up...!!
Buffalo: Niiiihihiiiin! Let's get this over quickly so I can get back and play roulette!!
People: ?!! // Ehhhhhh~~~?!!

Baby5: The tanker exploded?!!
Buffalo: No... I think something crashed into it!!
Baby5: It's a person!! / Huh...? // CAESAR CLOWN?!!
[Box: Dresrosa]
Buffalo: Joker~~~~~!!! / This is Buffalo, at Punk Hazard!! // For some reason, the Master Caesar... // ...has just come flying out of the island in a terrible state!!!
Doflamingo: ?! // What...?! // ......! // Hurry and retrieve Caesar at once... // ...and return here to Dresrosa!!!
Buffalo: !!

Buffalo: What about Moné and Vergo?
Baby5: Let's just do as he says. He must have his reasons!!
Buffalo: Understood, Joker~~~~!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffu... // (That dimwit...!!! // But see how the wind blows, young rascals...?!! The heavens are on my side!! As long as I have Caesar, I can still create more SAD supplies!!)
Baby5: Huh? Is it just me, or is there something... // ...moving on that tanker?!
Buffalo: Couldn't be! The place was covered in gas just moments ago, and nothing could survive... // ...Is that a robot?
Franky: Hm? // What the heck... // ...is that bird??
[Insert text: Why, if it isn't General Franky!!]

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