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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Bleach 521

A Piggy Party

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 1, 2013 02:49 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Kyouraku is the new Captain-Commander, and Unohana was the First Kenpachi?! Meanwhile, Ichigo and Renji are on their way to the next Estate...!!]
Renji/Ichigo: Guooooooohhhhhhhh!!
Ichigo: You get underneath!!
Renji: Don't be an idiot! I was more badly wounded than you! You should get underneath!!
Ichigo: You still dragging that out even after you're healed?!! / Talk about low!
Renji: Oh, yeah?! Well, look who's -
Ichigo/Renji: Huh?
Kon: Hmm?

Kon: Whoaaaahhhhhhhh~~!! // They found me at the worst possible time~~~~~!!!
Ichigo: Whew...!
Renji: Honestly... / If we'd fallen onto solid ground from that height with our bodies only just healed up, who knows what could have happened?

Ichigo: You're the only one who'd've been in any trouble. / Me, I could've hit the ground rolling and stood right up like nothing happened.
Renji: Oh yeah~~?! // ...Still, how did that idiot end up tagging along?
Ichigo: Oh, he probably hid himself in my sleeve ages ago while everyone was distracted. // Then when we got to that last place, I bet he was all ready to leap out all excited and shout "HOT SPRINGS!" // ...but once he realised there was nothing but muscled men as far as the eye could see, he decided to stay hidden inside my Shinigami robe.
Renji: ...Makes sense, yeah. // Hm?
Hikifune: Welcome!!!
Renji: Whoaarghh?!!

Hikifune: It's good to see you both, Ichigo-chan, Renji-chan!! // Welcome to my Gaton Estate!!! // I'll make sure you're very comfortable here!!!
Ichigo: Is............... // Is there no-one but idiots in this place?!

Bleach 521
A Piggy Party
[Insert text: Eat, dance, and be merry!!]
Hikifune: Come now, come now! // Let's get nice and tasty!! // A little of this, a little of that!

[no text just large portions]

Ichigo: Uhh... / What. // When she said she was going to make us "very comfortable", I was honestly expecting she meant some kind of ridiculous training, but it looks like she wasn't kidding.
Renji: ...You could say that...
Kon: WOWEE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // Just look at all this stuff! / Let's get eating already!! I am famished like you wouldn't BELIEVE!!
Ichigo: You idiot! // Do you really believe we're getting all this for free?! // There's going to be a ridiculous hidden training element in there somewhere! / Don't let your guard down!
Hikifune: What's this now? // It seems that training under Urahara Kisuke has made you more than a little paranoid! // Don't worry yourselves about a thing! / This Gaton Estate is a temple of food! // My job is to make sure your stomachs are well and truly filled! / And as for you...

Hikifune: Your only job here... // ...is to fill those stomachs to your hearts' content! // Now... / It's time to get eating! // You should be outrageously hungry, I'll expect!
[BubbleSFX: *rumble*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]
Renji: Wh... / Whooaaa?!
Ichigo: Now that you mention it, I really am starving!!
Renji: R... Right then! Let's eat up, Ichigo!
Ichigo: Yeah!
Renji/Ichigo: ITADAKIMA~~~~~~SU!!!
Hikifune: That's what I like to see! / Don't even think about holding back, now! // I'll just go and prepare dessert!

Ichigo: This is so good!! / My chopsticks just won't stop shoveling!! Right, Renji?!!
Renji: Uhh... // I wouldn't go that far. I do stop when I see some of the weird stuff in here... / [aside]the heck is this...?[/aside] // Ahhhhh...?! // This is...?!

Renji: Forget the disgusting appearance, this thing is delicious as hell!! / Even the texture is somehow incredibly appetising! // And the gorgeous scents that just waft through your whole mouth are amazing!!
Ichigo: Give it up. / Listening to in-depth descriptions from an idiot like you will only make the food taste worse.
Renji: What's wrong? Done already? // I'm still up for more.
Ichigo: You really are stupid, huh? I'm not even close to finished yet! // I'm just taking a break, that's all! // ...Hey, Renji... // Do you... // ...think it's okay for us to be sitting around doing this...? // Back in Seireitei, everyone's busy preparing for the next big battle, right...? / And look at us, lazing around in this crazy palace, taking baths and stuffing our faces...

Ichigo: Is any of this really going... / ...to make us stronger in time for the next battle.........?!
Renji: .................. // What are you, a moron?
Ichigo: Say what?!
Renji: Think about it. // We fought, and we were injured. / So we took that bath to heal up our injuries. // Healing injuries makes you hungry. / So now we're here filling our stomachs. / All pretty obvious reactions, right? // If you started training without even healing your wounds or eating any food, all you'd do is kill yourself. // Harsh training is only worthwhile if you keep your body in the right shape to handle it.
Ichigo: Wow... / You actually say stuff that makes sense sometimes.
Renji: Oh, shut up! / If you get it, then keep eating!! You were just resting, remember?!
Ichigo: You bet I was!! // I'm gonna eat WAY more than you!!
Renji: Don't bet on it! Why, I'm gonna -
Hikifune: Hahah~~~~~~~~!! // Renji-chan knows what he's talking about! / I suppose that Lieutenant's expertise does count for something!

Hikifune: It sounds like... // ...you understood what I told you perfectly!

Hikifune: Precisely correct! // All that we're doing here is the ordinary preparation that anyone should do before training. // It's just that here... // ...we do it on a whole different scale. The scale of the Spirit King. // Our ceremonies contain the Spirit King's own power, and the millions of years of history that Soul Society has built up. / They're on a whole different level from the "healing" and "eating" that takes place down in Seireitei.
Ichigo: Ahh...
Renji: Aahhh...
Hikifune: So for now, just focus on getting your bodies in top condition. // Unless you want to kill yourselves in the next Estate, that is. // Now! // If you understand, it's time to move on to dessert!
Ichigo: ...Wh.........

Ichigo/Kon/Renji: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!!!
Hikifune: Ah, of course! / Come to think of it, I hadn't mentioned yet, had I? // When I prepare food, I pour all my reiatsu into the cooking process... / So once the meal is good and ready, I find myself a whole lot slimmer! // That's why I have to fatten myself up the rest of the time - else my body couldn't stand it! // Ichigo-chan. Renji-chan. // Do make sure you take care.

Hikifune: Do you remember what I said just now... // ...about all of Soul Society's history being contained in the ceremonies we perform here? // Well, all of us in Division Zero... / ...are individuals who have created something back in Soul Society. // It's only people who the Spirit King has judged to be a living embodiment of Soul Society's history that are chosen to join this Division. // My own contribution to Soul Society... // ...was the invention of "substitute souls"... / ...and the technology to implant those souls into bodies. // Before I came up with them, the concept of substitute souls, or "gikon", didn't exist. // And it was that same concept of "gikon" that would later form the basis... // ...of the "Gikongan".

Hikifune: The most key concept involved in "gikon"... // ...is the ability to take foreign reiatsu into one's body... / ...and use it to bolster one's own power. // The food you just ate was designed using that concept. // There should be a whole different level of reiatsu in your bodies right now than they have ever held before. // ...If you can feel the difference, even a little, that's good enough. // But even so... / ...take care as you go. // Even I can't predict... // ...what your host in the next Estate will do to you.

Hikifune: Nimaiya Ouetsu, master of the Houou Estate... // ...is the man who created the Zanpakutou.
[Insert text: Not a man to be trifled with!!]

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