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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 693

Die For Me

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 1, 2013 02:50 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 693: Die For Me
Franky: .........
Baby5: .........
Buffalo: .........
Baby5: ?!!
Buffalo: Ehh?!

Buffalo: Duwaaaargh!!!
Baby5: Aaahhh!!! // Buffalo~!!!
Buffalo: What...IS that guy?!!
Baby5: !!! // It just shoots us out of nowhere?! What is that thing?!!!

Baby5: A Pacifista?! I don't think so!! // We've already checked over all the Straw Hats!! // And Caesar doesn't have any interest in human weapons as far as I'm aware! // I don't know who this guy is... / But if he wants a fight, I'll sure as hell give him one!!!
Franky: ! // !!!

Baby5: ...............!! // Eh?!
Franky: General A-Okay!!
Baby5: There isn't a scratch on him?!!
Franky: Take...THIS!! // General Shield!!!
Baby5: That's a bit late! / And it's tiny!!!

Franky: General Shield Boomerang!!!
Baby5: He threw it!! Was that a last-minute idea?!! // ......!! It looks like toys aren't enough to satisfy you. All right, then. // Bukimorphose!! // Espada Girl!!
Franky: !

Buffalo: Da~~~~su~~~ya~~~~~nnn... Dasuyan... // Dasuyan dayusan dasuyan dasuyan... // Nnnnniiiinnnnnnnn~~~~!!!
Franky: ?!!

Buffalo: Let's do this, Baby 5!
Baby5: Absolutely! I don't know who this guy is... // But if he's going to get in the way of us retrieving Caesar... // ...it seems safe to treat him as an enemy!! / Bukimorphose!
Buffalo: The young master's orders are to hurry!!! So let's get this over with!!! // Guru Guru Cannon Launcher!!!
Baby5: Missile Girl!!!

Baby5: We'll be taking care of Caesar!!!
Franky: ?! // What are you talking about?!!! What's this about Caesar?!!! // ?!! // !!!

Caesar: ! // (......Where am I...?) // *cough*! // (Ugh... My body won't move...... Dammitall......!!! Is this the end...?) // *pant* // .................. // *pant*
Flashback!Caesar: A pleasant little gift indeed. / Shurororo... Smoker's heart, eh...?!
Caesar: (......Smoker... Shurororo... You, at least...) // *pant*... // *pant*... // (...I will take down with me...!!!)

[Box: Within Research Facility #3]
[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT!! // BZZZRT!!]
[Box: Building R]
[Labels: Escape Passage // Straw Hat Pirates / Law / G-5 / Children // Brook / Chopper / Mocha]
[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT!!]
Law: Oi!! // Mister Straw Hat and Crew!!
[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT!!]
Law: What are you doing?!! Hurry and get in here!!! / If Caesar escapes because you knocked him out of this room, our whole mission will be ruined!!!
Luffy: What are you talking about?!!!
[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT!!]
Luffy: Some of my crewmates aren't back yet!!!
Nami: Is Franky still outside?
Sanji: Apparently he said he'd get the Sunny out into open water. He'll be fine.

[Box: Passage between Buildings B and R]
Usopp: Hurry it up, Chopper, Brook!! Just fifty more metres!! Show that gas who's boss!!!
Brook: Aaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhh~~~!!! / *pant* / *pant*
[BubbleSFX: BZZRT!! // BZZRT!!]
Usopp: The gate is already closing!! You'll have to slip through~~~!!!
Chopper: We're on it, Usopp!!!
Marines: You know it's us doing all the running, right?!!
Chopper: The gate's almost closed~~~~~!!!
[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT!! // BZZZRT!!]
[Box: Building R, Floor 2: The Room of Secrets]
Minions: An-chan!! Are you heading down?! Take us with you!!
[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT!!]
Usopp: ...!! Oh, come on then!!
[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT!! // BZZZRT!!]
Chopper: LUFFY~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Ah! // They're here!!!

Brook: Huaaaahhhhhhh~~~!!!
Chopper: We made it~~~~~~~~!!!
Marines: *pant* / It's us who did the running, remember?!! / *pant*
Luffy: All right, everyone's here!!! Let's all get on board!!! // This place is going to blow~~~~~~~!!! // Hurry it up~~!!! We're getting out of here, men!!!
Everyone: YEAHHHHHHH~~~~~!!!
Usopp: Everyone into the trolley!!!

Brook: Guys, what should I do about Kin'emon-san?!! Just look at him!!
Zoro: Uh, it looks like there's really not much to...
Momonosuke: Eh?! // K... Kin'emon~~~~~~~~~??!
DenDenMushi: *Brrrrrrrring...!!* / ......Joker... // Can you...hear me...?
Moné: This is... Moné...!!
Doflamingo: Moné...!! Good to hear you're alive... / Vergo was defeated......!!
Moné: ......!!
Doflamingo: Caesar, too... But Baby 5 and Buffalo are in position to retrieve him. // This was a miscalculation on my part... I apologise for putting you in this position...

Doflamingo: But now that we're here, I'd like to make the most of the situation... / ...and get those brats out of the picture for good.
People: Uwaaaahhhhhhhh~~~!! // Aaaaaahhhhhh~~~~~~!!!
Moné: ..................
Doflamingo: There's something hidden in that Research Facility #3. / Another one of the same weapon that destroyed Facilities #1 and #2, along with the whole island, four years ago...!! // If you press the detonation switch, nobody on that island will be able to survive. // With the sole exception of Caesar, that is, who can resist the poison gas... // The location of the switch is...
Moné: No need to say any more, Joker. // That has been my intention all along.
Doflamingo: ?!

Moné: I am in front of the detonation switch as we speak... / The explosion will reach as far as the tanker. // It will be a sad waste of a ship, but I trust that is no problem?
Doflamingo: ...I really am sorry. // Please, take my enemies down... // ...and die for me...!!!
Moné: As you wish... // ...young master.
[Insert text: Doflamingo's greatest weapon: subordinates who fear not even death!!!]

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