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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 694

The Most Dangerous Man Of All

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 13, 2013 15:24 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 694: The Most Dangerous Man Of All
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol. 16: The Old Woman's Tasty Meat Pie and Tastier Valuables

[Insert text: The aftermath of a mighty impact...!!]

Baby5: How did you like the flames... // ...of my Missile Girl passion?!!!
Buffalo: Baby 5, do you actually need these weapons? / You're a Weapon Woman, aren't you?!!
Baby5: Ah, you picked them up for me. Thank you, Buffalo. / They bring good luck, you know.
Buffalo: Someone talked you into buying them, didn't they?!!!
Flashback!Merchant: Whoever holds these weapons will know great happiness... // ...and it will bring me great happiness if you buy them, too!!
Flashback!Baby5: He... He needs me...!!
Buffalo: Look out behind you, Baby 5!!!
Baby5: !
Franky: I don't know who the hell sent you...

Franky: But I'm the invincible IRON PIRATE~~~!♪
Baby5: !!!
Franky: Wandering the ocean~!♪ / Not fighting for justice~!♪
Baby5: !! / !!
Franky: The Iron Pirate~~~~~!♪
Baby5: You're a tough one!! // Bukimorphose!! // Revolver Girl!!!

Franky: ! // Auwwww!!! // Not a chance~~~~!!!
Caesar: ......... // *pant*... *pant*... // (That'll be Baby 5 and Buffalo... Whew... Just who I needed to see... // But before that...!!!)

[Box: SAD Production Room]
Doflamingo: Sorry about this, partner... // You've been with me longer than anyone.
Vergo: ......... // .........
Doflamingo: Thank you again... // ...for all you've done.
Vergo: .........
[Box: SAD Transport Tunnel (Escape Route)]
Momonosuke: K... K... Kin'emon, you say?!
Luffy: Huh?! What's wrong, Momo?!
Someone: Eh?! Why's there a dragon on here with us?!
Momonosuke: Ki... Ki......!! F...!!

Momonosuke: ......F...F...!! // FATHER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Brook: Aaaaghhhh!! The eel is attacking me~~~~~~!!!
Momonosuke: Father!!! What has become of you?!! It is I!! // It is Momonosu... // ...keurgh...
Luffy: Hey, Momo...!!
Robin: Hm...? // ?!!

People: Uwaahhh!! // Aaaahhhhhh!!!
Tashigi: What now?!
Someone: Something just exploded!!!
Law: That was Building D... / The SAD Production Room......!!!
Kid: Aaahhh!!
Luffy: Watch out!!!

Someone: The tunnel is collapsing!!
Law: This passage is hewn straight through a mountain... / If it collapses, we'll be buried alive...!!
Usopp: Why do you sound so calm about that?!
People: The rubble is blocking the path!! // We're gonna crash~~~~~~~~~~!!
Zoro: .........
Marines: Whooaaa!! You seriously saved our asses!!! / I wouldn't want to make an enemy of this guy!!! ...Although he is our enemy!!!

[Box: Building C]
[Box: Poison Gas Weapon Activation Terminal]
Moné: .................. // (Was that sound... // ...an explosion...?) // ...Either way... // Such a small explosion... // ...will hardly be enough to wipe out everything on this island...!!

Doflamingo: .........
Moné: (Farewell, young master... // I know you are... // ...the man who will become... // ...the Pirate King...!!!)

Caesar: (Time to die, Smoker!!! // Shurorororo...!!)
Moné: ?!! // ?!

Doflamingo: ...Moné... // Has something happened...?! / Moné, speak to me.........!!!
People: Hurry up, trolley~~~~!!! // The tunnel's falling apart~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?!!

Smoker: Tell me, Law. Why was Caesar... // ...convinced he had my heart in his possession?
Law: ! // Is this really the time to ask?!
Flashback!Caesar: Hand over your own heart to me!! / In return, I'll let you take care of Moné's heart!! // With this, our contract is made!!!
Flashback!Minion: Master! Law and Smoker are having a massive battle!!
Flashback!Caesar: ?! // A pleasant little gift indeed. // Shurororo... Smoker's heart, eh...?!

Law: ............ / It's not my fault if he got a little confused. // All I did was kindly return to him... // ...the heart of his secretary, Moné.
Smoker: ...............?
Law: You know what they say: if you treat people kindly... // ...you'll be rewarded one way or another in the end...! // Is there anyone here with the ability to summon wind? / There'll be gas waiting for us at the end of this tunnel.
Marines: Ehhhh?!! You really think there's going to just happen to be someone with such a convenient ability?!!
Nami: Oh - I can do that.
Someone: Ahhhh!! I can see the exit!!!

[Box: Dresrosa]
Someone1: Young master~~~~! // Do you know where the young master is?!
Someone2: He'll be in his room on the fourth floor.
Someone1: No, he's not there. // The window was wide open.
Someone2: Ahh... I see... / Then I couldn't say. // *sigh* Must he always run off on his own...?
[Box: The ocean...]
Baby5: We've run into a little trouble with some kind of guard made out of iron...!!
Doflamingo: But you're still in one piece, yeah? // Which means there still hasn't been a giant explosion on the island... // You two just take care of that iron guard...!!! // I'll be right there.
[Insert text: A super-major player enters the fray!!]

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