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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 695

Leave This To Me!!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 30, 2013 20:08 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 695: Leave This To Me!!!
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 17: Caribou Leaves with a Meat Pie and Directions to the Port

[Insert text: General Franky goes wild!!]
[Box: The coast of Punk Hazard]
Buffalo: Nnnnghhhhh~~~~~!! // What the heck is he?!!! / That stupid metal soldier!!! Nothing seems to hurt him!!! // *pant* *pant*
Franky: That's what you get for trying to steal a guy's cola!!!
Buffalo: Cola?! What are you going on about?!!! // At any rate, nobody has ever managed to block this next combo attack!!!
Franky: Do whatever you like, it's gonna be super useless!!!

Buffalo: We'll slice that body of yours to pieces! // The weapon I'm about to hurl at you is...!!
Franky: !
Baby5: Sickle Girl!!!
Franky: !!!
Baby5: Ahahah.
Franky: OK. // You get props for that one.

Franky: Not many people have managed to penetrate this General Body!!! / But even so...!!! You're no better than a praying mantis taking on a battleship!!!
Buffalo: Urghh!! // ?! // Guohh.. // Ahh...!
Franky: The Thousand Sunny is the ship that will one day conquer this ocean... // ...and you're about to see its ultimate secret weapon!! Honestly, you guys aren't worth it, but what the hell!!!
Baby5: Aaahhh!
Franky: It's a mobile, land-ready version of the Gaon-Hou!!! // I call it... // ...theeeeee...!!
Buffalo: ?!!!
People: !!!!

Buffalo: (S... Seriously... What is this guy...?)
Baby5: (Why is a guy like this standing in between us and Caesar...?!!!)
Franky: Hm? // That guy collapsed over there... // Isn't that Caesar? // What's he doing here?!!

Franky: ?!
Buffalo: ......!!! We cannot...afford to...be defeated here. / It doesn't matter who you're working for...
Franky: ......... // .................. // Well, damn. I guess these guys really are something special...
Buffalo: We can't have you thinking that we are mere throwaway ruffians... // In the name of Joker...!!!
Baby5: No matter what it takes... We are taking Caesar with us!
Franky: ......!! // I see your plan... You're after that Caesar guy down there, aren't you?!
Baby5/Buffalo: .........
Luffy: There's the exit!!! Full speed ahead!!!
Usopp: You better be ready with that wind, Nami!! / It's a world of poison out there!!

People: WE MADE IT~~~~~~!!!
Baby5: Huh?!!
Buffalo: ?!!
Luffy: Ah!!
Franky: Took you guys long enough... I was getting sick of waiting!!
Luffy/Chopper/Usopp: Whoaaa!! Check it out!!! // Yeahhhhhhhh!!! // It's the GENERAL~~~~~~~!!!

Kidy: Eh? // ?!! // IT'S A ROBOT~~~~~~!!! // SUPER COOL~~~~!!
Law: Buffalo!! ......!! // And you're... Baby 5?!!
Baby5: ...Law!!! Do you truly mean to turn against Joker?!
Buffalo: You dirty traitor!! After Joker went so far... // ...as to prepare the "Heart" position for you...!
Luffy: Hm? Who're they? Friends of yours?
Law: ......No.

Law: They're enemies!!!
People: ?!!
Caesar: Hm?!
Buffalo: The whole Straw Hat crew, plus the G-5 Marines!! The odds are stacked against us!!!
Caesar: Urghhh... Baby 5... what is happening...?
Buffalo: Let's hurry up... // ...and get Caesar back to the young master!!!
Usopp: They've taken Caesar and made a run for it!! All right... Leave this to me!! // Enemies in the air are a job for a sniper!!
Law: Why, those...!!
Luffy: Hold it, hold it! // Usopp said we can leave it to him, right?
Law: !!
Zoro: You shouldn't underestimate our crew's sniper... / ...just 'cause he's got a long nose!!
Law: What are you saying?! You do realise... / ...if they get away with Caesar, this whole operation is...!
Nami: You made an alliance with us, didn't you?! // Then you should have a little more faith in us!!
Law: !
Zoro: Alliance? What alliance?
Nami: I'm getting tired of doing nothing but running, too... // I could use a chance to go on the offensive!!

Nami: I'm not scared of a few enemies who have given up fighting and are running away!!!
Usopp: You can count on me to take out enemies who are weighed down and have their backs turned!!!
Zoro: Seriously, just shoot them already!!
Usopp: Have some water, little guy!! // Just a little more, and...!! // Grow Up!! // Black Kabuto with Bakun Grass!!

Usopp: Eat up!! Ready ammo!!
Baby5: Look out, Buffalo!! / They're about to try something!!
Buffalo: Leave the flying to me!! I'll fulfil our mission no matter what!! // Baby 5, you take care of my back!!
Baby5: So you need me, huh?! Understood! I'll stop their attacks if it costs me my life!! // ?! / Something came flying this way!!

Nami: Weather Egg!! // It's time to hatch... // ...my little thunder!!
Baby5: ?!! // Thunderclouds?!! // Buffalo, I have a bad feeling about this!!
Buffalo: I'm going as fast as I can!!!
Nami: You won't get away that easily!♡

Buffalo: Aaaghh!!!
Nami: Science of Weather...!! Thunder Breed...
Buffalo: !
Baby5: No way...!!
Nami: ...TEMPO!!!
Baby5: Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!
Buffalo: Dwaaaaaghhhhhh!!!

Buffalo: ......!! Baby 5!! / Ugh... She's out for the count...!!
Usopp: Time for the finishing blow!! Get 'em, Bakun Grass!!! // Hissatsu!!! Totsugeki Ryuuseigun!!!
[TN: "Charging Meteor Storm"]
Buffalo: Aaaaaghhhhhh!!

Caesar: O...Oi, Buffalo!! Protect me!! My body won't move!!
Buffalo: But of course. Don't underestimate me - I'm a member of the Donquixote Family, and I never abandon a missio- // ?!! // Nguolgrphmrghhh!!! // Bgueahh!!! // ...............!!
Caesar: You worthless moron~~~!! // Hmmm...?!! You think that will work against me?!! I'm made of gas, fool!! // I'll just have to make it to Dresrosa on my own...!!
Usopp: Sorry, pal. My final bullet...

Usopp: ...is a pair of Kairouseki handcuffs!!!
Caesar: Guehhhhh~~~~~!!!
People: Yeahhhhhh!! You got him~~~!!! // Take that, Caesar~~~~~~~!!!
Usopp: Enemies with their backs turned are my specialty.
People: We get it already!!

Law: ...All right... Looks like Stage 1 is a success.
Luffy: See? They're pretty good, right?
Shadow: Mnhh... // Ahhh......... // I seem to have overslept a little... / Which way is Punk Hazard again...?
[Insert text: Who is this shadow bobbing on the waves?!]

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