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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

One Piece 696

Common Interests

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 30, 2013 20:09 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 696: Common Interests
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 18: On the Road to the Port, A Voice Calls Out: "Captain Gable!!"]

[Insert text: Is the crisis over...?!]
Marines: Now, listen up, filthy pirates!! / Your lot can take the tanker!! // This is the boundary between "justice" and "evil"!! / Don't even think about crossing over to our side!! / You got that, Straw Hats?!!!
Smoker: ...I don't remember telling you to pull such a ridiculous stunt. // I just told you not to get too friendly with the pirates.
Marines: If we're gonna do something, we should do it properly, Vice Admiral Smoke-man!!! // Furthermore!! We declare that medical teams are exempt from the line rule!!!
Smoker: I've made contact with the G-5 base. // A ship will be coming to pick us up here.
Marines: Roger that, sir!!

Luffy: Hey, Brownbeard! Are you guys gonna be prisoners now? // That's a pity... / Just when we'd made friends too!
Brownbeard: Wohohoh... It looks like we've been subjected to some minor poison experimentation ourselves... // If we surrender ourselves to the Marines, they've promised to give us proper medical care.
Marines: Oh, for the love of... Straw Hat!! We literally JUST told you not to cross the line!!!
Luffy: Like I care about some line you guys made up!!
Brownbeard: Jail sounds like an improvement on being lab rats for that sad excuse for a man. // And I don't have a crew any more, after all...!! / I gotta say, it felt really good seeing you punch Caesar like that. Thanks, man...

People: MURDERER~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! // ?! // Eh? / AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!
Franky: What's all the noise?!! What's going on?!!! // And seriously, if we were gonna use this tanker, you could've told me about it sooner!!! / I wouldn't have fought here if I'd known I was gonna have to fix all the damage afterwards!!
Usopp: HEAVE~~~~!!
Chopper: Luffy~~~~!! You've gotta stop this guy~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Chopper: He's a m - m - mudu - mudududu - / MURDERERRRRR~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Huh?! Who's a murderer?!
Chopper: It's LAW~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Oh, Tra-dude?
Brook: Aaaaaaaaaaghhhhh!!!
Luffy: And what's your problem?!!
Brook: I... I seem to have committed murder as well...!!! / Though he was already dead... poor Kin'emon-san... I... // I smashed him into pieces~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Eh?!
Sanji: You smashed him on top of killing him?!!!
Luffy: He's dead smashed!!!
Kin'emon: Hm?

Kin'emon: Unghhh!!!
Brook: Ehhhh?! What in the world?! What are you doing, Sanji-san?!!
Sanji: Don't look at me! You're the one who was screaming about him being dead when he's totally fine!!
Kin'emon: ?
Brook: Oh, it's so good to see you're all right, Kin'emon-san!! I was so sure...
Marines: Huh...?! He's...alive!!!
Momonosuke: Father!!!
Luffy: Hm?
Kin'emon: .........M.........Momonosuke......?!!

Momonosuke: FATHEEEEEEER~~~!! *sniff* Uuuuerhhh...!!
Luffy: Huh? / Momonosuke...? // Oh yeah, you said you were a human to start with...!!! So you're Momo, huh?!
Kin'emon: Why, my boy, you are stark naked!
Momonosuke: Huh?? Oh...
Kin'emon: Doron!!!
[Box: Boy from the Wano Country / (Kin'emon's son) / Momonosuke]
Momonosuke: !
Kin'emon: Excellent!! That kimono suits you perfectly - that's what I call a true young man of Wano!!
Momonosuke: But in the world did you... // ...find...
Kin'emon: Aahhhhh!! Momonosuke~~~~~!!!

Chopper: LAW~~~~~~!! GET OUT HERE, LAW~~~~~!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE~~~?!!
Law: ..................
Law: ......... / I did tell you not to peek. I was just... // ...slicing up those kids' bodies.
Law: It's a form of stimulant. They'll need quite a bit of long-term treatment, but...
Kids: Ahhh!! Tanuki-chan!! // Tanuki-kun~~~!!

Chopper: Y... You guys!! Are you all right?!!
Kids: Uh-huh! That puffy-hat guy is cool! // He took all the nasty medicine out of our bodies!! / It was a bit scary, but I feel better now!! // I'm hungry~~~~!! // It was funny when he chopped us all into pieces!!
Chopper: I... I see...
Kids: But Mocha still hasn't woken up... // Mocha was fighting to protect us all, right? // We never knew the Master was such a nasty guy... // It's a bit hazy... But I remember Mocha collapsing and coughing up blood... / Hey, Tanuki-kun... She's gonna be all right, isn't she?!! // We're all going back home together, right, Tanuki-kun?!!
Chopper: I'm a reindeer, actually... // Of course you are!! Let's all leave this nasty nightmare behind us!!

Kids: Where's the nice orange-hair lady?! // We've got to thank her properly!! // She's going to take us all home, right?!
Flashback!Nami: Let's save... // ...these children!!! // How am I supposed to turn my back... // ...on children who are crying for help?!!!!
Tashigi: Hello, children!
Kids: ?
Tashigi: From now on, the Marines will be taking care of you! You can leave it all to us!
Kids: ?! / Ehhhh?!! No fair~~~!! // What about the robot?! // And the rubber guy?! // And the swirly eyebrows?!
Usopp: Mmmmmmmm~~~~! That smells good! / What treats is Sanji cooking up today?! / I can't wait!! // Hm? // Nami...

Usopp: Have you finished sorting things out with the Marines? About the children...
Nami: ...Yeah. // In the end, I left it all up to them! After all that talk about saving the kids myself... / I guess their parents wouldn't exactly appreciate them coming home with a pirate...
Usopp: ...Yeah, I can just see it ending up looking like we were the ones that kidnapped 'em in the first place. / I guess this is a job for the allies of justice!
Nami: ...Yeah, you're right. And besides... // .........
Flashback!Tashigi: I beg of you!! Please let me take care of the children!!!
Nami: ...There's something about that lady Marine... I couldn't say no to her.
Usopp: Lady Marine...?

Nami: Something...reassuring.
Usopp: Oh yeah, come to think of it... // Your mum was a Marine too, huh?
Nami: If you're gonna be rescued by anyone, a strong, kind lady Marine is the way to go!
Usopp: I quite agree!
Nami: ......... // I don't want to hear that from you!!
Usopp: You're the one who said it!!
Sanji: Newkama Kenpo Secret Art: "99 Vital Recipes"!!! // You'll forget all your chills and fatigue with this "recovery dish"... // "Hormone Soup with Sea-Pig Meat"!!!

Sanji: If you haven't eaten for days... // ...start yourself off gently with some warm soup, all right?
Momonosuke: !!!
Luffy: OHHH YEAHHHHHHH!!! // You've gotta be pretty hungry, right, Momo?!! Sanji's food is the best!!!
Momonosuke: I... I need no food!!! // I am not...hungry in the slightest!!! / This soup can go -
Sanji: ?!!

Sanji: Hold it, brat!! The hell are you trying to do with that dish?!! / I don't care if you're just a kid, I won't forgive anyone who puts good food to waste!!!
Momonosuke: !!!
Kin'emon: Allow me to partake of this feast~~~~!!!
Sanji: !! // Ah - Hey!!!
Kin'emon: Delicious!!! // What is this sensation?! I feel infused with energy!! // Momonosuke! ......It is all right...!! / It is all right...!!
Momonosuke: ......!!
Kin'emon: This, too...!! And this...!! All of this food is quite sublime!! / Let us partake of it gratefully!! // In truth, these fellows have already saved my life today... / They are worthy of our trust...!!! I daresay you have eaten nothing all this time, yes...? / It must have been difficult...but you have endured it admirably!! // It is all right now, my boy!!
Momonosuke: ..................
Kin'emon: Let us believe that the others, too, are safe!! Come, now...

Kin'emon: It is time to live, Momonosuke!!!
Luffy: It's so tasty he's crying?!!
Sanji: Don't be an idiot... It looks like there's more to these guys' story than we know... // Just what happened to them...? // ?!!

Sanji: What happened to the "boundary between justice and evil"?!!!
Marines: Call it a truce! / Aniki!!
Zoro: Right then, you guys... go fetch some booze from the tanker!!
Marines: With pleasure!!
Kids: Soft drinks too!!
Law: Hey, Straw Hat... We should leave this place as quickly as possible. / If we hang around here eating, we'll have pursuers on our tail in no time!! Let your crew know, all right?
Luffy: I see, I see... / All right, understood!!! // IT'S PARTY TIME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Law: ...............!!

Marines: Vice-Admiral Smoke-yan!! // We're gonna head back inside the island!!
Smoker: What's this now...?
Marines: We got Caesar to spill the weakness of his poison gas!! Our comrades back there can still be saved!!
Smoker: ?!
Caesar: Whyyyy...? // Whyrre you aliiibe... Smogurrr...??

Smoker: Law...
Law: !
Smoker: I can't imagine you trust me... / keep a promise made with a pirate. // If you really wanted to keep me quiet, you had any number of opportunities to eliminate me... // What are you trying to start that merits using Straw Hat like this...?
Flashback!Luffy: This Yonkou you're talking about... Who is it?
Law: Using him, eh? Sometimes I think he's the one using me...
Flashback!Law: A man known as Kaidou of the Hundred Beasts.
Flashback!Luffy: Hmmm... Well, as long as the first one's not Shanks, I guess that's fine! // I'm planning to take down... // ...all the Yonkou in the end, after all!!!
Flashback!Law: ?!
[Insert text: His audacity knows no bounds!!]

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