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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Bleach 525


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 2, 2013 19:16 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: His eyes open wide!!]
Kenpachi: (It happened again!! // Again I slipped out of consciousness! // How many times has happened now?)

Kenpachi: (Over and over again... // In the midst of battle, my consciousness slips away... // ...and then snaps right back to the battle. // It takes me back... // I always enjoy fighting... // ...but I've never got so lost in the rush that I lose concentration or let my consciousness slip away. // Never, that is... // Except that one day...when I fought with you.)

Bleach 525
[Side text: Floating on the boundary // between consciousness // and unconsciousness]

Flashback!Shinigami: Captain! // I'm afraid it's no use... // No matter how far we look... / ...I can't imagine we will find any warriors in Rukongai powerful enough to satisfy you...!
Flashback!Unohana: ...You deduced my true intentions.

Flashback!Shinigami: But of course! / You claim that this mission to subjugate the warriors in the outskirts of Rukongai is for the sake of preserving peace in Seireitei... // ...but I can think of only one reason why you would see fit to personally propose such a mission!
Flashback!Unohana: ............... // There is nothing to be gained from slicing down these weaklings.
Flashback!Shinigami: Alas, each body on this mountain of corpses... // ...must be another load added to the weight of your disappointment, Captain!
Flashback!Unohana: This pile of bodies... / ...Since when has it been here?
Flashback!Shinigami: Eh?! / Erm... // Are these not warriors that you sliced down yourself?!
Flashback!Unohana: !

Flashback!Shinigami: ......What's the deal with that brat...?
Unohana: (I was weary.)

Unohana: (Weary of the sword... // Weary of battle... // That was why... // I found myself wandering far and wide... // ...in search of an enemy who could bring joy to my blade once more. // Perhaps this is why our blades... // ...brought together the two of us who had both grown weary of tedious battle. // It was bliss. // I never dreamed... // ...that one such as myself... // ...would find such unprecedented joy... // ...in combat with a mere child. // And less still did I imagine that this child...)

Unohana: (...would hold back his strength in battle against me.)

Kenpachi: (A clean hit!! // The same blows I was actively reacting to just moments ago... // ...now I counter with instinct alone. // It's like every time my consciousness fades out and back in... // ...I'm being reborn all over again.)
Unohana: (Zaraki Kenpachi... // You probably do not realise it yourself. // But on some subconscious level...)

Unohana: (You are sealing away your own power... // ...even as you wield it in battle. // Why is it that you... // ...suffered defeat in such an evenly-matched battle with Kurosaki Ichigo? // Why is it... // ...that you defeated Nnoitra Gilga in a battle that was just as even? // "Your enemy was strong." // That is how it must seem to those who were watching. // But I could see that this was not the truth of the matter. // In all of these battles... // ...you kept the vast majority of your power sealed tightly away.)

Unohana: (When we battled that day... // ...we both experienced a joy we had never felt before. // The only difference... // ...was that you discovered that day... // ...the joy of fighting a battle on the same level as your foe. // That is...my sin. // You must have been overjoyed. // Until that day, you had known nothing but weaklings. // None who could serve as an "enemy" to test your blade. // To you, I represented something new... // The first "enemy" in your life whose power was comparable to your own. // And yet...)

Unohana: (Still I... // ...was weaker than you. // I was the first person you had known whom you could call "enemy". // You believed that if you were to lose me, you would never again be able to enjoy the thrill of battle.)

Unohana: (So you lowered yourself to my level. // Subconsciously, slowly but surely... // Into the darkest depths of your being... // You suppressed your own strength, sealing it away. // I, for my part, felt despair. // Despair in my own inadequacy that forced you to hold yourself back. // But one day, I came to realise. // Slowly but surely... // In each deadly struggle that you fought against powerful foes... // The shackles that you had placed on yourself were crumbling... // ...bringing you closer to your former self. // I am strong. // Stronger than anyone but you.)

Unohana: (That is why... // I must take your life this day. // A hundred times, or even a thousand. // That is why... // I must bring you healing. // No matter how many times it takes... // Until you are restored...to your true self.)

Unohana: (Until finally... // You can surpass me, and move on... // ...to far greater heights...)

[no text just kenpachi]

Unohana: (Come...!)
[Insert text: With all his body and soul...!!]

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#1. by bmjy1000 ()
Posted on Feb 3, 2013
I have been a fan of your work since 2007. Do you know who use your Bleach translations?
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