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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 698

Doflamingo Appears

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 9, 2013 22:34 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 698: Doflamingo Appears
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 20: To The Port

[Insert text: What have the G-5 Marines realised...?!]
People: The gas didn't work at all?! // These protective suits were designed by Doctor Vegapunk. // Turns out, even Caesar wasn't able to create a gas that could overcome their defences! // But of course, Caesar knew this ahead of time. // So before releasing the gas, he told his subordinates to take off the suits. / "Those won't do you any good, so leave them behind and focus on running," he said! // And that's why all his subordinates ended up as statues, huh? // Hey, hurry it up!! // The guys back inside are all stuck in a pseudo-dead state, with their whole bodies paralysed! They're not safe yet! // Yeah, but... // Thanks to that paralysis, it takes half a day before the poison can work its way into their systems and kill them...!! We've gotta find them all and break those shells!!

Brownbeard: Wohoh! I can't believe you're granting us permission to go back in there, too... I don't know how to thank you enough!! // I'll never forget your name...!! / Thanks to you, I can save the lives of my crew...!! We'll be back so you can arrest us, I promise!!
Smoker: This is the only way out, at any rate. Now get moving. // Still, I don't know... What are we meant to do with these prisoners...? // Are they pirates?
Marines: I don't know... / They're creepy, that's for sure...

Marines: Hm? / Ahh!! // Huh?! Are those heads flying this way?!! // Ehh?! Don't be ridiculous! // ?! // Th... // They really are...
Buffalo: Ungh!!
Marines: FLYING HEADS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Baby5: Aahhh!!!

Marines: Eh?!
Smoker: ! // That's...!!
Marines: D... // DOFLAMINGO~~~~~?!!

Marines: Wh... // Why is he here?! // Ahh... // ?!!

Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffu!!
Marines: ......!!! // Sovereign Haki...!!! // What the hell are you doing?!!
Doflamingo: Nobody here, eh...? // No ship, either...
Marines: Why is a Shichibukai attacking the Marines?!
Doflamingo: Those pirates were here...they can't have been gone long.
Marines: ...............!!
Doflamingo: Where did they go......?
Marines: How dare you harm our comrades?!!!
Smoker: Hold it, all of you!!!
Doflamingo: Smoker...!!!

Doflamingo: Law, I could understand... / But Straw Hat is a mere pirate!! // Where did you let him run off to, you worthless fools?!!!
Marines: Aaaarghhhhhhhh!!!
Doflamingo: !

Flashback!Law: I'm planning to head for "Green Bit"...
Smoker: ...Can't say I recall. / "Joker". // Looks like they slipped right through our fingers. How will I explain this to Vergo back at G-5...?!
Doflamingo: ...Vergo's dead, and you know it!! // It looks like you've learned a little too much...!!!
Marines: Smoke-ya... // !!! // Vice-Admiral Smokey~~~~~!!!

People: Whooooo~~!! // Keep a close lookout for reefs!!
Luffy: Is it just me, or is this sea on a slope~~~~~?!! / The ship's going so fast~~~!! Ahahah!!
Law: It's just an "ocean hill". Nothing out of the ordinary.
Usopp: Like hell that's ordinary!!
Franky: No, Brook, it's not a baby sheep. It's the Mini-Merry #2. / ...And just so you know, you're the eighth person to ask this question. // Look, there was a waterway running alongside the lab, yeah? / So I used that to take the Sunny out to open water... / Then I took her back round to the entrance and retrieved the Mini-Merry #2.
Brook: Ah, so the baby sheep was safe!
[Label: Mini-Merry #2]
Brook: That's certainly good news! // Yohoho...

Luffy: Nami!! Where is it we're heading now again?
Nami: It's a place called "Dresrosa"! / According to Tra-kun, we should be able to get there... // ...if we follow this middle compass needle on a wide curve rather than going straight.
Kin'emon: D... Dresrosa?!
Luffy: You've heard of it?
Kin'emon: That is the very island where we... I mean, where I wish to go!! / Do you also have some manner of business there?!
Luffy: Yeah, I guess so! Hey, Tra-dude! / Whoo were you talking to just now?!
Law: To Doflamingo.
Usopp: DOFLAMINGO~~~~~?! The Shichibukai?! Isn't he meant to be super-dangerous?!!
Law: The plan is already in motion.
Zoro: What plan is this?
Luffy: Yeah, tell everyone about the plan!! C'mon, guys, gather round~~!!

Zoro: A Yonkou, huh? Sounds good to me!
Usopp: It does NOT sound good!! // Hold on, hold on!! Just calm down, everyone. / Luffy! Explain to the people who haven't heard about the alliance.
Luffy: Sure! Our crew and Tra-dude's crew... / ...are joining forces for a while!! So let's all act friendly!! Shishishi!!
Law: .........
Usopp: All in opposition!!
Chopper: [aside]me!![/aside]
Nami: [aside]me![/aside]
Brook: Does it really make any difference if anyone objects?
Sanji: Luffy's made his mind up, hasn't he? // Just to warn you, Luffy's idea of an "alliance" probably isn't quite the same as yours. / Bear that in mind, yeah?
Law: .........

Sanji: Still, at least this explains why Luffy was going on about kidnapping. I thought that wasn't like him... / I was starting to worry he was going to ask me to cook this creepy sheep-guy or something. / I'm not sure even I could pull that one off.
Caesar: ...Shurororo... I hope you people don't think you're going to get away with this...!! // You're making enemies of people you can't hope to handle!! Fools, all of you!!! // I hope you regret your foolishness... // ...when you die horribly!!! // Eurghhh...!!
Chopper: Sanji!! I'm trying to heal him right now!!! // You can kick him after I'm finished!!
Sanji: Some doctor you are...
Law: Your crew's part in the plan back on Punk Hazard was to kidnap Caesar. / Meanwhile I destroyed a machine he was using to create a drug called "SAD".

Law: The majority of pirates you'll find in the New World have their own station somewhere in this ocean... // ...with their own defined territory, and a vast number of subordinates. / They're more like massive crime syndicates than simple pirate crews. / In other words, they're on a different scale to the pirates you've faced so far!! / Try to face one of these crews alone, and you'll never even make it as far as their Captain!! // That said, this is still an underworld we're talking about. / In order to avoid attracting the attention of the Marines... / ...when deals are made, they don't happen out in the open...!! // And the man who has earned the most trust and power in this shadowy world is Doflamingo. // His underworld name is "Joker".
Zoro: .........
Law: And right now, Joker's most important dealings are with the Yonkou "Kaidou of the Hundred Beasts".

Kin'emon: Wha...?!!!
Momonosuke: ...............!!!
Zoro: What's the matter?
Kin'emon: N - No...!! / It's nothing at all...!! / Please, carry on! // Ahh!! What is this dragon creature?!! / Wh... Where did Momonosuke go?!
Luffy: You're looking at him.
Kin'emon: Huh?! // Oh!! Of course!! // I see... I see...!!
Law: Taking Kaidou's head is our ultimate goal...!!! / In other words, the key to success is how much we can reduce his military forces!! // Right now, Kaidou is buying large quantities of a certain fruit from Joker. // A fruit called "Smile" - it's a man-made Zoan-type Devil Fruit.

Usopp: Man-made?! But if humans can make Devil Fruit for themselves... They could create as many Fruit users as they want!!
Law: Precisely. // Being man-made, there are certain risks associated with these fruit... / But nonetheless, Kaidou has already amassed more than 500 Fruit users in his crew.
Usopp: ?!! // Who wants to back out?!!!
Chopper: Me!
Nami: Me!
Zoro: Oh, shut up.
Law: ...But he's not going to be able to create any more.
Caesar: !
Sanji: Ohhh...? / This guy, huh...?!
Caesar: Sh... Shuroro...
Chopper: You made the stuff that can create new Devil Fruits?! This SAD is pretty amazing!!
Usopp: Stop complimenting the bad guy!!

Law: It's an application of the Bloodline Factor theory discovered by Vegapunk.
Chopper: Oh, so it's Vegapunk that's amazing...
Caesar: Shut up!! You think you could do any better?!! // Brainless dolts!!
Law: At this point, Joker is done for. So we're moving on to the next phase of the plan. // Somewhere in Dresrosa is the factory that's creating the Smile fruit themselves.
Franky: ......... / So we just find the factory and destroy it?
Law: That's correct. But remember, we're up against a professional underground dealer. We can't let our guard down.
Luffy: And this is where you want to go as well, Kin?!!
Kin'emon: Indubitably! // One of my fellows... // ...is being held capture there!!!
People: ?!

Marines: Stop, please!! You're gonna kill Smoke-yan!! // If we lose him, then... then... // Who else is gonna lead a group of good-for-nothings like us?!!!
Doflamingo: Don't worry, I'll kill the lot of you!!! // Who can say what some of you may or may not have learned...? // Then I'll take care of Law, and Straw Hat too...!!!
Smoker: *cough*
Doflamingo: I'll make sure they're dead before this day is through!!!
Kuzan: My, my, my... Sorry to bother you...
Doflamingo: ?!!
Kuzan: ...but could you step aside?
Marines: E...EEEHHHH?!!
Smoker: *pant*... // *pant*
Kuzan: That's my friend you've got there.
[Insert text: What is a former Admiral doing here...?!]

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#1. by Kami-sama ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2013
I like your translations very much, but this time I´m a bit confused:

In page 9 Doflamingo says "Vergo's dead, and you know it!!" in your script, but I haven´t read that in any other translation (not even in the CCC one). Could it be that you made a little mistake there? I would love it if you didn´t make any mistakes because that´s almost a confirmation of Vergo´s death, but I just wanted to make sure.
#2. by santouryuu ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2013
that vergo part looks like a mistake to me too.can you please confirm cnet?
#3. by isrnick ()
Posted on Feb 27, 2013
CCC checked and said that the mistake was his... He will see if he can get the magarule group to fix his translation in their scanlation.
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