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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 699

Morning Paper

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 26, 2013 20:14 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 699: Morning Paper

[Insert text: A shocking arrival!!]
Marines: A... // Aokiji......!!!
Kuzan: ..................
Doflamingo: .................. // !!! // ...............!!

People: !!!
Marines: Aahhh...!!!
Buffalo: Young master~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Baby5: Young master!

Doflamingo: *pant*... // *pant* / *pant*...

Buffalo: ...Th...Thank goodness!! // He wasn't frozen all the way through...!!
Marines: Smoke-yan!!
Doflamingo: I don't feel like fighting with you... Fuffuffu!!! / But if I won't be able to silence that man... // I suppose I'll have to take a different approach!! // ...Mind if I ask you something?
Kuzan: !
Doflamingo: Who exactly... // ...are you right now?!!! / Kuzan!!!

Doflamingo: I haven't heard good things about you lately.
Kuzan: Excuse me! // Could you hurry up and treat him?
Marines: R - Right!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffuffu!!! // I can tell the difference... // ...between the face of an aimless wanderer... // ...and that of a man who's made a big decision!!

Kuzan: Right from the start... // I never believed that the Marines were the be-all and end-all of everything. // There are things that I can do even without belonging to their ranks... / ...and things that become clear precisely because I am no longer one of them.
Smoker: I was...dead for sure just now.
Kuzan: Hahahah... Mmm... It seems fate had its part to play... / ...in bringing me here.
Smoker: What does bring you here?
Kuzan: ...I came to see you.

Smoker: ...How did you know where I'd be?
People: ?!
Smoker: I hope you're not going to tell me... / ...you have links in the underworld...
Marines: ?!!
Kuzan: ..................
Marines: A - A former Admiral, with links in the...?!
Kuzan: If you're done treating him, make yourselves scarce!!
Marines: Aaghhh!!!
Smoker: ..................
Kuzan: I am myself... Smoker.
Smoker: ......... // All right, then.

Kuzan: At any rate, you people should keep a close eye on Doflamingo. / He is both a Shichibukai and the current King of Dresrosa... // In a different way from the Hebihime of the Kuja, he is a special case to say the least. / You should contact Sakazuki and have the Admirals take action. // In the worst-case scenario, he could send a whole chain of gears running awry... // ...and cause the biggest incident... // ...since Sakazuki established his new Marine HQ.
Smoker: ?!! // ..................
Kuzan: Don't say I didn't warn you. // Hey! You folks!!! You'd better keep the fact that we met here... // ......... / ...ehmmm... You know... // ......Hmm... / I forgot what I was going to say. Ah well.
Marines: We won't tell anyone we met you!!!

[Box: Evening of the same day, somewhere in the ocean...]
Luffy: It's getting late. Looks like nobody showed up!!
Usopp: They're not gonna find us now, right?!! // How many thousand people has he sent after us?! No, how many tens of thousands?! // Ever since we heard about you threatening Doflamingo of all people... / ...we haven't had a moment's peace of mind, you realise that?!!
Chopper: That fellow speaks truth!!
Luffy: But Kin made us these cool helmets, so it's all good!
Brook: When faced with the impossible choice of leaving the Shichibukai or doing battle with a Yonkou... // ...the natural reaction would be to take a third option and come after us with murderous intent!! Yohohoho, I'm scared!!
Luffy: !
Kin'emon: Accursed fiend~~~~~~~~!! / I challenge you to a duel!!!
Luffy: Ooh, are they playing samurai?
Zoro: I'm telling you, it's not that easy to explain!! Stop that!!
Nami: Could you not do that on board the ship?! It's dangerous!

Kin'emon: I was a fool to trust you! How could I forget that terrible incident that brought my nation to tears?!! / The heinous robbing of the graves of my country's heroes!! And to think, you were behind it all!!!
Zoro: I'm telling you, it wasn't me!!
Kin'emon: Do not lie to me!! That blade by your side is Shuusui, famed weapon of the great swordsman Ryuuma!!! Do you deny it?!!
Sanji: It sure is noisy in here... Who's up for an evening snack?
Luffy/Chopper: Evening snack?! What's for eating?!
Sanji: Pizza!
Kin'emon: "Pida"?! Is that man going to serve yet another strange delicacy?! / I wonder if Momonosuke has retired to bed yet...
Nami: He's in the bath with Robin.
Kin'emon/Sanji/Brook: WHAAAAAT?!!
Robin: So you haven't been able to have a bath for days? Poor thing.
Momonosuke: Indeed...
Robin: Are you feeling nice and warmed up?
Momonosuke: I am quite comfortable.

Robin: Ah, just who I was looking for! // Kin'emon-san, do you have a kimono for -
Kin'emon/Sanji/Brook: WHAT IS THAT PERVY LITTLE BRAT PLAYING AT~~~~~~~~?!!!
Kin'emon: !
Brook: I don't think this is quite fair, hmm?!
Sanji: Taking full advantage of your status as a child, are you?!!
Kin'emon: That topknot of yours is coming right off!!!
Nami: You three!!! Stop ganging up and bullying the poor child!!!
Kin'emon: Unghhh......!!!
Sanji: Nami-san... There are times when a man...

Momonosuke: I was so scared, milady~~~~!!
Nami: M - "Milady"?♡ Why, you little charmer~~! // Aw, isn't he just the cutest little thing~?!♡ Momo-chan, do you want to come and sleep in our room~?♡
Brook/Sanji/Kin'emon: Whaaaat?!! An invitation to the Forbidden Garden of Wonder~~~~?!! // ?!! // (The brat is a demon~~~~~~~~~~~!!!)
Usopp: (...There's still no guarantee he won't find us...!! Doflamingo!! If you're gonna show up, show up already!! / ...No, actually, don't!!)
Chopper: (Can't...sleep...!!!)

Sanji: (That pervy brat... When I think that he's with Nami-san and Robin-chan right now... Arghhhhh!!)
Kin'emon: (Cannot...sleep...!!!)
Franky: *yawn*~~~~ // Nothing amiss on the horizon...
Brook: It's MOOOOOOORNIIIIIIING~~~!! Yohohohoho~~~~~!♪ Aww yeahhhhh~~~~~~~!♪ // The newspaper~~~~~ is here~~~~~~!♪ Yeah! C'mon~!♪
Luffy: Unhh......?
Law: .................. // If he's in there, all's good. If he's not...

Luffy: Donquixote Doflamingo... / ...leaves the Shichibukai!!! // The King of Dresrosa abandons his throne?!!
Usopp: He really went and did it~~~~~!!!
Brook: His...throne?!! The man was a King...?!!
Luffy: A King, huh~~~?! Like, of a country of birds~~~~?!
Franky: It can't be this easy... This is just making me more worried...

Law: Excellent. / He didn't have any other choice...!!!
Caesar: Joker......!! You would go so far for my sake?!
Luffy: ...So...why are our faces in here too?!
People: Huh? // ?!!
[Box: Shichibukai Trafalgar Law forms an unexpected alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates. // The Government's response to Law's actions is as yet unclear.]

[Box: Around the world...]
People: What's the deal with today's newspaper?!! // Doflamingo leaving the Shichibukai, Law forming an alliance with the Straw Hats... // ...And these guys as well?!! // Kidd!! Apoo!! Hawkins!!!
[Box: Meanwhile, the Kidd Pirates, Onair Pirates and Hawkins Pirates... // ...have also formed a pirate alliance.]
People: All those problem children who've been known for two years for being the "eye of the storm"... / ...have suddenly started forming alliances all at once!! What the heck is going on in the New World?!
Luffy: These guys too, huh~~~?! You think they're thinking along the same lines as us?
Law: Let them do as they please... We have a plan to advance. // Right now, we need to focus on Doflamingo...

Law: I hope you can see now just how big a deal this is, yes? All we did was kidnap Caesar here. // In response, Doflamingo has abandoned both the throne he has held for ten long years... / ...and his license to pillage and plunder freely as a Shichibukai, all in one night. // He's made his answer very clear - he's willing to go to incredible lengths to get this man back!! / If we return him, this deal is done and dusted, but...
[Box: Dresrosa... // Unsure of how to respond to their King Doflamingo's sudden abdication of the throne...]
People: Your Majesty~~~~~!! // Your Majesty~~~~~!!
[Box: ...the island's citizens were in a panic.]
DenDenMushi: *brrrrrrrrrrring!!* // *brrrrrrrrrring!!*
Doflamingo: .........
DenDenMushi: *brrrrrrrrrrring!!* // *brrrrrr- // *ka-chunk!!*
[Insert text: The chaos spreads...!!]

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#1. by nightshade_nova ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2013
This is by far the best translation, compared to others out there which are fast but not up to par in terms of quality.
Level [B] Translator

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