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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 700

His Pace

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 2, 2013 23:47 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 700: His Pace
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 21: Coming Back to Find Them All Looking For Me

[Insert text: The news speeds across the world!!]
[Box: Even the mightiest of waves that destroy entire towns... // ...find their beginnings... // ...as insignificant ripples on the water's surface.]
People: Hey!! What's going to happen to our weapon dealings with the Donquixote Family?!! // I'm trying to get in contact, but...!!
DenDenMushi: Brrrringgg...
People: Notobdy seems to be answering!! / What should we do...? // This is no laughing matter...!! // Without those weapons, we'll lose this war for certain!!! // Those dangerous rookies from two years ago are forming alliances!!!
Bonney: Huh...

People: They must be plotting something big!! // Doflamingo's abandoned his position in the Shichibukai!! // Did he give a reason?! We need more information!!
[Box: The New World; Lair of the Kidd Pirates]
People: How did the news get out about our alliance?!! // Who is this freelance writer "Absa", anyway?! // He's been publishing all kinds of interesting scoops lately. // It'sno big deal if the world knows about us... / The real issue is this other alliance. Straw Hat and Trafalgar...!!
Kidd: They must be after the head of a Yonkou, just like us!!! // The only question is, which one?!!!

[Box: Dresrosa]
People: Your Majesty~~~~!!
DenDenMushi: Brrrrringgg!! // Brrrrrringgg!! // Brrrrringgg!!
Girl: ..................
Law: .........
Doflamingo: It's me. I've left the Shichibukai.
People: He answered! // It's really him!! // .................. // Is that Doflamingo?!! // Shhhhhh!! Shhh, you guys, he'll hear you!!

Luffy: Hello?! This is Monkey D Luffy!! / The man who's gonna be Pirate King!!!
Usopp: Seriously, you stay out of this!!!
Luffy: Oi, Mingo!! // Are you the boss of this idiot Caesar who was doing horrible things to Brownbeard and those kids?!!! // We'll give Caesar back to you, since we promised, but if you do anything like that again... / ...I'll beat you up as well next time, you got that?!!!
Doflamingo: Straw Hat Luffy...!! Those two long years after your brother's death... // Where were you and what were you up to during all that time you disappeared?
Luffy: !! ......That's...a secret!! I'm not allowed to tell anyone!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu... I've been wanting to meet you, Straw Hat.
Luffy: ?!
Doflamingo: I happen to be in possession of a certain something...
Luffy: ?
Doflamingo: ...I suspect you would dearly like to obtain.

Luffy: J...Just how delicious is this meat we're talking about...?!!!
Law: Mister Straw Hat!! // Don't get caught up in his pace!!
Luffy: One meat, two meat, three meat...!♡
Usopp: Luffy!! Get a hold of yourself!! You're falling right into his trap!!
Law: Joker!! Let's focus on the issue at hand here!! / As promised, we'll hand Caesar over to you.
Doflamingo: I should hope so, for your own sakes. / If you were to back out on our deal at this stage... / I'm sure you can imagine the kind of fate that would await you.
Law: ..................
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu!! Now, then... Could you let me speak to my precious business partner? // It would be nice to have confirmation of his safety.
Law: ..................
Caesar: Joker!! / I'm so sorry, you having to leave the Shichibukai because of me - // !

Law: Eight hours from now!! We meet a short way north of Dresrosa... // On the southeastern beach of the small island, Green Bit!!
Doflamingo: !
Law: At three PM sharp, I'll toss Caesar out onto that beach. // You can recover him yourself; I won't make any further contact.
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu!! That's not very sociable, now... I'd quite like to share a drink with you, see how you've grown...!
Luffy: Shut this thing off~~~~~!! / *ka-chunk!!*
Doflamingo: ..................
Luffy: Phew... That was close!! I almost got caught up in "His Pace"...that's one dangerous technique!!
Usopp: Luffy!! Your eyes!!
Sanji: Hold on... We didn't specify yet how many men he's allowed to bring!!

Sanji: What if the guy shows up with his entire crew in tow?!!
Law: It makes little difference if he does.
Sanji: ?
Law: In the grand scheme of things, the handover of Caesar... / ...is little more than a decoy.
Usopp: You mean, our real objective is to destroy the Smile factory while he's distracted?
Law: Indeed. However... / We still don't know exactly where that factory is.
Franky: It can't be that hard to find, can it? I mean, it's a great big factory! / Surely it'll be obvious once we get there? // Then I'll take it out with a super-great beam!!
Usopp/Chopper: Aniki~~!!
Law: This is the one detail I wasn't able to uncover any information about...
Nami: It's an important facility for the enemy, right? / Perhaps there's some kind of secret involved...

Kin'emon: Law-dono, what was all this about a place called Green Bit...?
Law: Don't worry, we'll still be landing at Dresrosa.
Luffy: Tra-dude~~~! Have you been to this place before? / This "Dress Rouba"!!
[TN: "Rouba" = "old woman"]
Law: It's "Rosa". // "Dresrosa"!! // ...And no, I haven't. This is our enemy's personal kingdom, after all!
Luffy: Then let's just figure things out once we get there!! / Shishishishi... Here comes an adventure~~!!! // I can't wait to explore Dresrosa!! / I'd like to visit this "Wano Country" sometime, too!!
Law: Don't be a fool!! This isn't the sort of place we can just stroll into without a plan -
Luffy: Sanji, I'm hungry! What's for breakfast?!
Sanji: Sandwiches.
Chopper: Ooh, can I have candy floss in mine?!!
Robin: I'll just have tea, if you don't mind.
Law: I'm not a fan of bread. // !!

Kin'emon: I cannot speak of the reason why I was being pursued!! But originally... // ...I set out to sea in order to reach a place known as "Zou".
Law: Zou...?!
Kin'emon: You know of it?!
Law: This is quite the remarkable coincidence... / But as it happens, after handing over Caesar and destroying the Smile production factory... / Zou was the next destination on my list. // One of my crewmates is there.
Kin'emon: Do you speak truly?!!! In that case... / M...Might I request that you take us with you on this journey...?!
Luffy: Sure thing! Then let's go to the Wano Country!
Law: Oi!! ...I'm not sure...
Kin'emon: To begin with, we were a crew of four - three samurai and Momonosuke, sailing for Zou. / But we met with disaster at sea... // It was only three of us - two samurai and Momonosuke - that drifted ashore at Dresrosa.

Momonosuke: Yet upon arriving at Dresrosa, we found ourselves pursued by Doflamingo and his men... / It was amidst this confusion that I fled into a nearby ship!! // Within the ship were an number of youngsters seeking a cure for their ailment. / It was my bad luck that the ship chose that moment to set sail for the island where you found me!
Flashback!Momonosuke: Father~~~~!!
Flashback!Kin'emon: Oh, no!! Momonosuke~~~~!!!
Kin'emon: In the panic that followed, my fellow samurai Kanjuurou was captured protecting me...
Flashback!Kanjuurou: Go after Momonosuke!! Do not worry about me!!!
Kin'emon: It is thanks to him that I was able to escape that place!!! ...I must return and save him!!! // I must...without fail...!!!
Franky: Guooooohhhh~~!! That Kanjuurou!! What a guy~~~!!!
Luffy: All right!! I'm gonna save him too!!
Law: Don't lose sight of our objective, people!!

[Box: The New World // Near the Red Line // Marine HQ]
Brannew: The Royal Shichibukai... / ...are an elite selected few!!! // The only seven pirates in the world whose acts of piracy are condoned by the World Government!!
[Text: Commodore Brannew]
Brannew: In return for this protection, they grant us the benefit of their overwhelming strength and infamy. // Their affiliation with the Government must serve as a menace to the other pirates of the world!!

Brannew: The world's greatest swordsman... // "Hawkeye" Dracule Mihawk. // The King of Dresrosa and superstar of the underworld... // "Heavenly Yasha" Donquixote Doflamingo. // Once a man, now a weapon of the Marines... // "Tyrant" Bartholemew Kuma. // The Empress of Amazon Lily... // "Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock. // Member of the Terrible Generation and mastermind behind the Rocky Port Incident... // "Doctor of Death" Trafalgar Law. // Supreme Commander of the Pirate Dispatch Agency and "Man who Lives the Legend"... // "Thousand-Ryo Clown" Buggy. // Together with the man I mentioned earlier, these seven pirates... // ...make up the Shichibukai.

Brannew: However, as of this morning... / ...this is no longer the case!! // Doflamingo has suddenly abandoned his position!! // Depending on his intentions, it seems likely that Law too may be removed from the ranks. / With one of the three great powers, alongside Marine HQ and the Yonkou, / in such a fragile state -
Sakazuki: Yeah, I get the picture, Brannew.
Brannew: Fleet Admiral!!
Sakazuki: I won't allow Law or Straw Hat to make any funny moves...!! / I received word from Smoker of G-5 just yesterday on that very subject...!! // Just give it one more day... / I've put Fujitora on the case.
Brannew: ?!!

[Box: Dresrosa]
People: Your Majesty~~~~~!! // Don't say you're leaving us~~~!!
Baby5: Trebol-sama~~~~?! // Where's Trebol-sama?
Someone: No idea.
SomeoneElse: Whatever could the young master be planning?
SomeoneElseElse: If the Marines are coming for us, I'm up for a fight~~!!
SomeoneElseElseElse: Whatever happens, I will follow the young master's lead.
Baby5: Ah! There you are!!
Trebol: Nyehh, Baby 5, my dear, take a look at the uproar this country is in! / Dear me... The whole world must be in quite a state!!! // Nyehh, nyehh, I hear you managed to lose yet another fiancé, hmmm? Heheheh...
Baby5: Get out of my face!! And how many times do you have to bring that up, you pigheaded man?!

Trebol: Pigheaded, you say, yes...but? Hmmmm? / Pigheaded but what? What else? Nyehh, hmmm? // Pigheaded but...you love me?! Could it be -
Baby5: Oh, be quiet already!! The young master wants to see you!! / He says you should bring him the you-know-what!! And stay away from me, you disgusting man!!
Trebol: Nyehh, why don't you stop choosing men who'll have to be blown up by ol' Doffy...
Baby5: !
Trebol: ...and marry me instead, hmmm, Baby 5...?!! // Oh, I crack myself up!! Beheheheheh!!
Baby5: ...............!! // (Does he...need me?!)
Doflamingo: Business is excellent at the Colosseum as always. I have you to thank for that, Diamante.
Diamante: You flatter me, Doffy... You have only your own charisma as King to thank for that.
Doflamingo: No, it is all your own work.
Diamante: What do you think I am, some kind of hero of the Colosseum?
Doflamingo: That is precisely what you are.
Diamante: Oh, please, stop... You're too kind...

Doflamingo: All right then, I'll stop-
Diamante: If you insist, I will admit it!!! // Yes, I am the glorious hero of the Colosseum!!!
Trebol: Nyehh, nyehh, nyehh...
Doflamingo: !
Trebol: I've brought what you asked for, Doffy dear!!
Doflamingo: You're standing too close.
Trebol: Too close, yes...but?!
Doflamingo: That will do... Sit down.
Trebol: Nyehh!!
Someone: ..................
Doflamingo: Once Straw Hat finds out about this... // ...I guarantee he will stop at nothing to obtain it. / His alliance will only serve to hold him back!!

Doflamingo: Diamante, I leave this in your care.
Diamante: Oh, no, Doffy, I couldn't possibly.
Doflamingo: No, I would like to entrust it to you.
Diamante: Please, Doffy, do you think I am some kind of genius?
Doflamingo: That you are; the only genius I can trust with this task.
Diamante: Oh, stop it... You're making me blush...
Doflamingo: Well, if you insist, I'll sto-
Diamante: Who am I to argue with such insistent flattery?!! Indeed I am a genius!!! // You wait and see - I will make light work of that Straw Hat worm!!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu... Yes, he will want this dearly... / His late brother's ability... the Mera Mera no Mi!! // He couldn't bear to see anyone else get their hands on it!!! // Fuffuffuffuffu!!!

[Box: The crew's destination comes into sight...]
Luffy: Wow!! That's a pretty blocky looking sort of island!! // We've made it~~~~~!!! // This is Dresrosa~~~~~!!!
Usopp: You idiot, don't shout so loud!! // Doflamingo might hear you!!
Zoro: I kind of doubt that.
Kin'emon: I'm coming for you, Kanjuurou~~~!!!
[Box: This is the Kingdom of Love and Passion... Dresrosa!]
[Insert text: Time for another thrilling adventure!!]

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