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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Bleach 529

Everything But the Rain op.2 - The Rudiments

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 25, 2013 20:27 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Ichigo's mother, Masaki, was a Quincy...!! The truth that lies hidden in the past is now revealed!!]
Ouetsu: ...So, you didn't say anything, huh? // I gotta say, Renji-chan... / I figured you'd get all hot and bothered about me sending the guy home. // "After all the work he's done... I won't forgive you for this!!" Or something like that, yeah? // ...But I guess you already figured it out, huh? / That this time... // No matter how hard he tries, it'll do him no good. / Right? // You know...

Ouetsu: I keep track of the whereabouts of every Asauchi... // ...I've ever forged. // Every Shinigami... // ...is granted an Asauchi of their own... // ...and transform that blade into their own Zanpakutou over the course of their training. // This is the core foundation of the bond between Shinigami and Zanpakutou. // There can be no exceptions. // Not for ordinary soldiers... // Not for Captains...

Ouetsu: Not even for us members of Division Zero. // Even the lone warrior Zaraki Kenpachi... // ...acquired his own Asauchi by stealing it from the body of a dead Shinigami. // This law is absolute. // Since the birth of Soul Society itself... // ...there has never been a Shinigami who awakened to his own Zanpakutou without wielding an Asauchi that I forged. // Not a single one. // I knew this from the start.

Ouetsu: I knew this method would never work for him. // And I think you did too. // The only one who didn't was the guy himself. // That's why he needs to go and find out... // ...just where... / ...his soul truly lies.
[Bleach 529]

[Everything But the Rain / OP.2 / The Rudiments]
[TN: The "OP" stands for "opus"!]
[Side text: Look back...to where your soul lies.]
Rangiku: Captain~~~!!

Rangiku: Captain~~~~~~!! // Where are you, Captain~~~~~?!! // Ca~~~~~~pta~~~~in!!
People: Lieutenant Matsumoto is at it again... // She sure does have it tough...
Rangiku: Hm!
[Box: Division 10 Lieutenant / Matsumoto Rangiku]
Rangiku: Give me that tray for a second.
People: Eh?! / Ah... // Of course!
Rangiku: Captain, I've found you~~~~!!!
Isshin: Aaaaghhhh!!!

Rangiku: Oh yes... Dead on target!
Isshin: No~~~~~~t quite! // I caught it at the last second, so it didn't actually hit home!! // Eugrh! // Aaaaarghhh!! // It's broken~~~~!! You broke my gorgeous nose~~~~~!! / There's nothing for it, I'll have to take the day off!!
Rangiku: Now it hit the target. // Right, then! / We're heading back! / And you're going to do your work whether you like it or not!

Rangiku: Captain Shiba!
[Box: 10th Division Captain / (at the time) / Shiba Isshin]

Isshin: I must apologise for this. / Thanks to Rangiku here, your tray is all cracked...
Rangiku: Don't you go blaming other people! / It's your own fault for constantly running away without doing your work! // Honestly... / It could bring shame to the whole Shiba clan if people see a family head, even of a branch family, acting the way you do! // You need to pull yourself together!
Isshin: Oh, come off it. // It's not like you to start worrying about family pride. / The only reason you want me to work is so you'll have less work to do and more free time to go out and enjoy yourself! // Well? / I'm right, aren't I?
Rangiku: ..................
Isshin: Oh, I can see right through your little tricks~~~! You've been slowly shifting the balance of the workload towards me for quite a while now, haven't you~?! / What a scary woman! / You demon!
Rangiku: Oh, would you stop compla-
Isshin: Rangiku!
Rangiku: Y - / Yes, Captain!
Isshin: I have to say...

Isshin: With all the running around after me you've been doing today... / Your boobs are positively gleaming. / That's hot......! // Aaaaaghhhhh!! // Eh?! // Whoa! / One attack wasn't enough?! // Owww! // I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Hitsugaya: You two took your time. // Here. // I'm done with the papers.
[Box: Division 10 Third Seat (at the time) / Hitsugaya Toushirou]
Isshin: Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Isshin: You've really done good this time, Toushirou!! // That's our future Captain!!
Rangiku: Hold on, Captain...!! // Surely if we're going by rank, the next Captain would be me!!
Isshin: Come on, seriously now? / With you in charge, the whole Division would collapse in no time.
Hitsugaya: I quite agree. / I'm making good progress with my Bankai, too... / ...I'm sure I'd make an excellent choice.
Rangiku: Toushirou!! Don't you start with this nonsense as well!!
Isshin: Hahahah! / Don't give the boy too hard a time! // ...Huh? // Have you seen the manju I left in here?
Hitsugaya: ! // Actually, Captain... // I just remembered, there's a report I wanted you to take a look at...

Hitsugaya: This is the paper in question...
Isshin: Whoa, whoa, hold up. / We were talking about the manju. Let's do that first. // Have you seen the manju I hid over there and was looking forward to eating when I got back? / Well?
Hitsugaya: Oh, do be quiet, Captain. / This is hardly the time to be worrying about a manju! // It was quite delicious!
Isshin: So it was you who ate it!! / How come you're trying to dodge the subject by acting all superior, huh?! / You're a real villain, you know that?!!
Hitsugaya: This report was delivered around two months ago. // Do you remember it? // It relates to a patrol in a mid-sized area called Naruki City... // Two months ago, one of the Shinigami in charge of the area was reported dead.
Isshin: Oh, yeah... / I remember that one. // They're still investigating the cause, right?
Hitsugaya: Indeed. / Well, we just came across a follow-up report from last month... // The cause is still unknown... / ...but another two deaths have been reported in the area.

Rangiku: Ah! / Hold on - where are you going, Captain?!!
Isshin: To investigate! // You take care of things here!
Rangiku: Huh?! / Wait - you mean starting now?! By myself?!
Isshin: That's the one! // I reckon I'll be back in about two days or so, so you're in charge tomorrow! Good luck!
Rangiku: You have to be joking! You haven't even informed the Captain-Commander - // Ahh!! // Oh, for the...!! // Toushirou, we're going after him!!
Hitsugaya: ...No... / We should let him go.

Rangiku: ! / Now, you listen here -
Hitsugaya: The Captain... / ...has judged this investigation to be dangerous. That's why he went on his own.
Rangiku: I can tell that for myself, thank you! / That's precisely why -
Hitsugaya: Precisely why... // ...we should stay and await his return. // ...You understand, don't you? // Waiting is the best we can do. // At our current level of ability... // Neither of us would be anything more than a burden to him.

Aizen: Any luck?
Gin: 'Fraid not... / We've got nowhere.
Tousen: I am sorry to report... // ...that while were successful in imbuing the Hollow with the ability to convert others into Hollows like itself... // ...the poison involved in the process is too powerful. Not even Gotei 13 soldiers are able to survive the conversion, let alone ordinary souls.
Aizen: ...I see.

Aizen: Well, no matter. // We are slowly but surely narrowing down the location of Hirako Shinji and his fellows. // If we can perform a few Hollowification experiments while luring them into the open, so much the better. // Let us take this nice and slowly. // Gin. // Kaname. // Everything is entirely under our control.
[Side text: The traitor Aizen...before he was brought to justice!!]

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