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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 701

Adventure in the Kingdom of Love, Passion and Toys

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 25, 2013 20:28 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 701: Adventure in the Kingdom of Love, Passion and Toys
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 22: Deeply Intrigued - What Is This Island, This Weapons Factory?

[Insert text: Charging into enemy territory!!]
[Box: The shore of Dresrosa]
Luffy: WE'RE HERE~~~~~~~!!!
Usopp: I told you you're being too loud, Luffy!!! We're in enemy territory here!!!
Franky: Awwwwhhh!!! I'm feeling extra super this week!! Shouldn't be any trouble to find a factory or two and blow 'em up!!!

Luffy: I just had a great idea!! / Fly!! Momo!!
Momonosuke: Too heavy!! Get off me!! / At any rate, I cannot fly!! And I cannot enter this island!! / My father has forbidden it!!
Luffy: What're you talking about~~~?!! You can fly, I saw you!! / This kid can fly, you know?!
Chopper: Even though he's got no wings?
Momonosuke: As I have told you already... / I have no memory of that incident!! ...E... // Even if I was somehow able to fly...!!
Flashback!Voice: What is your name?
Momonosuke: I... // I would not do such a terrible thing ever again!!
Luffy: ?
Momonosuke: I refuse to consider the notion!!!

Luffy: ? // What, are you scared of heights or something?
Momonosuke: How dare you, impudent man!! A warrior fears nothing!!!
Luffy: Owowowowowwww!! // Stop that, you!!!
Momonosuke: Guehhh!!!
Luffy: Warrior, schmarrior!! I'm the man who's gonna be Pirate King one day, so there!!
Momonosuke: Hmph!! In that case... / I am the man who will one day be Shogun of the Wano Country!! So THERE!!
Luffy: What was that, eel-boy~~?!!
Momonosuke: Insolent monkey-man!!!
Brook: Luffy-san, you are fighting with an eight-year-old...
Kin'emon: Enough, Momonosuke!!!
Momonosuke: !!
Kin'emon: We owe this man a debt!!
Momonosuke: ...............!!
Luffy: ...............!!
Kin'emon: My apologies, Luffy-dono!! Please do not think too badly of him.

Kin'emon: Though only a boy, he is a warrior of the Wano Country... He bears much pride!! / However, I do not think it right to bear grievance towards a boy of only eight years.
Luffy: I don't like cowards!
Momonosuke: ......!!! Nami, did you hear this monkey-man?! Why, he...
Nami: There, there...
Kin'emon/Brook/Sanji: GET AWAY FROM HER!!!
Nami: ...Oh, for the...
Sanji: The kid's as bad as his father!! Are all you so-called warriors just shameless perverts?!!
Kin'emon: How dare you!!!
Franky: Kin'emon, it's time we headed into town. How are those disguises coming along?
Kin'emon: Ah, yes. The citizens of Dresrosa all wear outfits of the nature illustrated here. / In order to blend in, you will all have to dress in the same manner!!
[Text: For men, collared shirts. / For women, practically nothing.]
Sanji: I think I love this place already!!
Nami: You filthy liar!!!
Kin'emon/Sanji: ...............!!
Law: Hey. / I'd like you to hold on to this.
Nami: ?

Nami: A Vivre Card...?
Law: It will lead you Zou, the island I mentioned before. / If anything happens to us, that's where you should head.
Usopp: Oi!! Nothing's going to happen to us, right?!!
Law: Who can say? // This is a map drawn by one of my crewmembers.
Luffy: Wow, they sure can't draw!
Law: Our current location is around here...!! // The team that's handing over Caesar...
[Labels: Dresrosa // Green Bit // Current Location]
Law: ...will have to travel across Dresrosa... // ...and cross the long bridge that stretches off the north of the island to Green Bit.

Usopp: Why don't we all just go by boat?!!
Law: Apparently, that's not possible.
Robin: ...Well, this does sound like fun.
Caesar: Th...This had better be safe, you hear?!!
[Banner: Handing Over Caesar Team]
Momonosuke: Kanjuurou......!! I hope you're safe...
Nami: Hey!! What's all this about enemies showing up?!
Brook: Ehhhh?! Is it not safe staying behind on the ship?!
Chopper: Well, we are right outside the enemy's base! // Still, as long as Sanji's staying with us...
[Banner: Sunny Protection Team]
Chopper: ...Huh?!! Sanji?!!
Law: Where are Mister Straw Hat and the others?!! They're the most important part of the plan!!
Chopper: Hey!! Who's going to protect us now?!

[Box: There are a number of things... // ...sure to amaze and fascinate visitors to this country. // For one, there are the scents of beautiful flowers... // ...and of this land's unique and delicious delicacies.]
Luffy: Something smells gooooood~~~!!
[Box: For another... // ...there are the fabulous sights...]

[Box: ...of this country's passionate and tireless dancing girls.]
Sanji: Something smells goooooood~~~!!♡
[Box: And last but not least...]
Mario: Ruff! Ruff!!
StuffedDoll: Hold it!! Give that back!!!
Mario: Ruff! Ruff!!
StuffedDoll: I said hold it, Mario!! / Give that back here!!
Luffy: ? // ?!!
StuffedDoll: Give me back my arm~~~~~~~!! // Honestly, you are such a troublemaker~~~!! My stuffing is falling right out!!
Mario: Ruff! Ruff!!

PuppetGirl: Oh, my~~~!
StuffedDoll: Hold it, I say~~!! *pant*... *pant*...
Mario: Ruff! Ruff!!
StuffedDoll: *pant*... *pant*... I'm getting a stitch in my side... Even though I'm stitched...
Luffy: A...stuffed doll...?
ToySoldier: Greetings, friends! I am a soldier!! But wait... Haven't I seen you somewhere before...? // I'm sure I recognise you from somewhere... / Oh, yes! Come to think of it, in this morning's newspaper... // Owww!! // Oh dear, my strings are in a tangle!! / Somebody help~~!!
Luffy: Are these guys...toys...??
[Box: Last but not least, all visitors to this country...]
ToySoldier: Hey, you - you there - could you help me, please~~?!!
[Box: ...are stunned and amazed...]

[Box: ...by the sight of living toys... // ...going about their business alongside the human residents.]
Luffy: ......?! // ..................
[Banner: Factory Destruction & Samurai Rescue Team]

Someone: Ahhhhh!! A man has just been stabbed!!
Zoro: ?!!
ToySoldier: Oh, not again...
Zoro: ......What do you mean, "again"? // Is there a violent criminal at large?
ToySoldier: No, no... It's just, the women of this country are very passionate lovers, you see. / When a man is unfaithful, they tend to become awfully jealous... // ...and, well, people get stabbed.
Zoro: That's pretty scary!!!
ToySoldier: The more beautiful they are, the sharper they stab! It's true!
[Box: This is the land of love, passion and toys... // And this is the port town of Acacia.]
Luffy: Mmmmm~!! There are living toys and stuff, but never mind that!! First, let's eat!!!

Kin'emon: This is no time for us to be sitting around and enjoying the sights!!
Franky: Calm down, calm down... It's true that we haven't got forever... / But it's better to gather information than to just rush in blindly.
Sanji: Still, don't you think it's a little strange? // The king of this country abandoned his throne just yesterday, right? // I was expecting the place to be in more of a panic.
Zoro: Maybe they haven't heard?
Franky: Don't be ridiculous!!
Luffy: Why don't we try asking? / Hey, old guy-
Sanji: Hold it!! // Your face was on the front page of this morning's newspaper, remember?!!

Waiter: Sorry to keep you waiting!! Or not, whichever the case may be!!
Luffy: Ooh, the food's finally here~~!!
People: Dress Shrimp Paella!! // Rose Squid Ink Pasta!! // Fairy Pumpkin Gazpacho!! // They all look super tasty~~~~!!!
Sanji: Hm? What's a "Fairy Pumpkin"?
Waiter: Ah, well~~~~! In this country, there is still a widespread belief in fairy tales... / Or not, whichever the case may be! / It is said that fairies may be sighted here... / Or not, whichever the case may be!!
Sanji: Fairies? Real fairies?
Waiter: Indeed, indeed, these curious tales have been told for many hundreds of years! / You would do well to take care, dear travellers!! // Or not, whichever you might prefer...
Sanji: I think you're the "curious" ones...

Franky: What's all that noise over there? A roulette?
RouletteGuy: Ah, how unlucky!!
Zoro: Looks like a few good-for-nothings are cheating that blind old man... / ...out of all his money.
Luffy: ?
BlindMan: Right! This time it's gotta be white!!
RouletteGuy: We'll see, we'll see~~~~~!!
BlindMan: Where did it land? Can you check for me?
RouletteGuy: Too bad!! It's stopped on Black 29!!
BlindMan: This time it'll be white for sure!
RouletteGuy: Black 15!!
BlindMan: All right then, this time I'll go black!!
RouletteGuy: Unlucky~~!! It was white!!
Someone: (Man, what awful guys... They're bringing shame to Donquixote's name...)
BlindMan: I guess luck's just not on my side today!! Thank you all the asme!
RouletteGuys: A~nd we'll be taking this cash~~!! // So what'll it be? Want to quit now? // This is easy money without Buffalo around...!
BlindMan: ...No, I'll have one more try!! I'll bet everything I've got!!

RouletteGuy: Well said!! I think I like you, old man!! / Then we'll stake all our cash on the opposite colour!!! // Whoever wins this next spin takes the lot!!! Let's make this a real man's contest!!!
BlindMan: R...Really?! All of it?! / Then I'll bet...white!!
RouletteGuy: In that case, we'll take black!!!
BlindMan: Come on~~~!! Come on, white~~!!
RouletteGuy: A~~~nd which is it?!!
BlindMan: Where did it land?!
RouletteGuy: (......!!) // Toooooooo bad for you, old man~~~~!! / Looks like it landed on bla-
Luffy: It's white!!!
RouletteGuy: ?! // Ehhhhh?!! Who the hell are you?!!
Luffy: Well, look. It is white. / Good for you, old guy!! You won!!
RouletteGuy: Take a closer look, you blind fool!! It's black!!! / Now don't intrude where you're not wanted!!!

People: Who is that guy?!! Doesn't he know who he's talking to?!
Sanji: And there he goes again...
OldMan: I...Is it true? Did I really win? / I don't know who you are, but thank you kindly!
Luffy: Nah, don't bother. I just said what I saw. / Guess you were lucky! // By the way, old guy, you look pretty strong-
RouletteGuy: I'll teach you to meddle in our business, you brat!!! // If we say it's black, then it's damn well black!!! / This old fart can't see a thing anyway, so what difference does it make?!!! // It's time you got out of our sight~~~~!!!
OldMan: Now, that's not very nice!! Move aside a moment, lad, would you? // I'll just send these fellows on a short trip to hell......!!!
RouletteGuy: Eh?! // Unn... // Unghhh!! // ?!! // Too...Too heavy......!! // It's gonna crush-

People: ?!!
Sanji: Ehhhhh?! What is that guy?!!! What did he just do?!!
Luffy: That's a big hole!
OldMan: .................. // Blindness can be a blessing, you know. For in this world... // ...there are any number of filthy sights that would better remain unseen...
[Insert text: Just who is this guy?!]

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