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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 702

Corrida Colosseum

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 25, 2013 20:30 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 702: Corrida Colosseum
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 23: "Workers, Take Up Your Weapons!! Captain Gable, Child of Revolution, Has Returned To Us!!!"

[Insert text: A formidable old guy...!!]
People: ...............!!

People: Who the heck...is that guy...?!
Sanji: A Fruit user......
Zoro: But what kind of ability is this?
OldGuy: So sorry for the trouble. / You can send your compensation requests to this address...
Owner: I...see... / ...Huh?! Ehhh?!! // C...Could you be...?!
OldGuy: I'll be going now...
Luffy: You're really strong, old guy!! // Who the heck are you?!!
OldGuy: !

OldGuy: ...Heheh...I think... // It might be best for the both of us... // ...if I don't answer that question.
Luffy: ?
Sanji: ......
Someone: Hey! Why don't you watch where you're going?!!
OldGuy: Ah... / So sorry about that... // You're not hurt, are you...?
Sanji: "Best for the both of us"...?! / ...What kind of infamous name does that imply...?
Luffy: .........
Zoro: Whoever he might be... He's no ordinary guy, that's for sure.

People: My bag's disappeared!! // Ahh!! Where's my watch?!!
Sanji: !
People: I've lost my wallet!
Robot: Oh, no! What's happened to my outfit?!!
People: To think, in broad daylight... / Must've taken advantage of the commotion!!
Sanji: ...?! You mean the old guy from just now? / Has he been stealing people's stuff?
Zoro: ! / Hmm?! // There's one missing!!
Kin'emon: What seems to be the problem?
Zoro: One of my swords is gone!!! // It's Shuusui!! I had it right here!!!
Kin'emon: What?!! That treasure of the Wano Country?!!
Puppet: Looks like it's everyone's unlucky day! / The fairies are working their mischief!
Zoro: "Fairies"?! What is that, the name of some kind of pickpocketing group around here?!
Puppet: Fairies are fairies, my dear man... You'd do best to give up on what they've taken.

Puppet: Since times long past, this island has been protected by invisible fairy guardians... / When they work their mischief, we must turn a blind eye...
Zoro: ?!! / Don't give me that crap!!!
Kin'emon: I quite agree!!! That sword is a national treasure!!!
Zoro: Ehh?! It's mine, idiot.
Kin'emon: It does not belong to you!! // At some time in the near future, I must challenge you to a duel, for to recover Shuusui and return it to my homeland!!
Zoro: Hmph. Go ahead and try. I'll beat you fair and square!! // !! // Looks like our "fairy" friends...got a little too greedy!!

Zoro: You're not getting away!!!
People: Ahh! // Aaaahhh!
Luffy: Hey, Zoro - where are you going?!
Sanji: Hold it, hold it!! We don't have time for you to be getting lost on your own!!!
Luffy: This seems like fun!! Shishishi!!!
Franky: Wait, Luffy!!!
Kin'emon: Have you uncovered the villain?!! I will surrender the treasure of the Wano Country to no-one!!!
Luffy: Hey, let me go!! We should follow them too!!
Franky: I just came up with an excellent idea!! // ...I get it, all right. Hanging around with this lot, I've got to take the lead or we'll never get anything done.
Luffy: !
Franky: You just leave it to old Aniki!!

Franky: Just so we're clear... We know you're one of Doflamingo's men.
SomeGuy: Aaaaghhhh!!
Franky: But that's not going to scare us off, so I'd suggest you cooperate.
SomeGuy: L...Look, I told you already!! I remember a mission where we chased around a few of those "samurai", sure... // ...but I don't know how they got captured or where they are now...!! / And I've never heard of this "Smile" thing you're on about...!
Franky: It doesn't ring any bells at all?!
SomeGuy: Not a one...!! And neither does that factory you mentioned!! Who the heck are you guys...?!
Luffy: So, what... Even his own men don't know?

Franky: Then tell us where we can find someone who will know!! // Maybe you're just too low down on the chain of authority.
SomeGuy: I don't know where anyone is today, things are way too busy!! / Even I've been summoned to the Colosseum...!! // Look around you - everyone in the country is heading there! // Yeah, that's right...!! If you want my superiors, try the Corrida Colosseum!!
Franky/Luffy: ?
SomeGuy: Today's a super-big event!! / All the big shots in the Family should be there...!! // I don't know why, but the young master... / ...has prepared an incredible prize at the Colosseum today!! // I was shocked when I saw it, I tell you!!! Anyone would want it!!
Luffy: You don't mean...!! / The tasty meat Mingo was talking about?!!
Franky: All he said was that he has something you'd want.

[Box: Dresrosa, Corrida Colosseum]
Kids: Owww!! // They're here!! The Lightning Soldiers are here!!
Announcement: Ladies, gentlemen and toys!! Welcome to the Colosseum!!
Kids: Oww, that hurts!! / We want to see too!!! // Let us in!!
Soldier: This is not for children to watch!!! / People will be killed here...!! Go home!!
Kids: Aaaghhh!!
Announcement: Today's event is no mere event... // It is an incident!!!

Announcement: Our King has prepared for us today a shocking prize... // ...that will amaze and astound you all!!! // Two years ago... A certain man lost his life at the Battle of Marineford!! // I speak, of course, of Ace, Second Division Commander of the legendary Whitebeard Pirates, and son of the Pirate King himself!!! / A man whose fist was said to pierce through battleships with its flames, burn cities to the ground and leave hellfire in his wake!! // That man's formidable power has once more been born into this world in the form of a Devil's Fruit!!! / Behold!!! // This forbidden fruit will go to the victor of today's battle!!!

Announcement: One of the ultimate Logia Devil's Fruits...
People: Ahhhhh...
Announcement: The Mera Mera no Mi!!!
People: Whoaaaaaaa~~!! // Oh, yeahhhh!!
Announcement: Today, our King has seen fit to invite to our Colosseum... // ...a variety of mighty warriors from across the New World!! // But we will not hand over this ultimate prize so easily!!! / Those warriors who seek to take it from us... / ...will face a far greater challenge than our usual gladiators!!! // Their opponents will be...!!! // From the Donquixote Family...!!!
People: ?! // Aaahhhh~!♡

Announcement: Señor Pink!!!
People: Aaaahhhhh~~!♡
Announcement: Dellinger!!!
People: Whoaahh!!!
Announcement: Lao G!!!
People: Ahhhhhhh!!
Announcement: Machvise!!!
People: Vise~~~~!♡

Announcement: And the Hero of our Colosseum himself~~~~~~!!! // Miste~~~~~~~~~r DIAMANTE!!!!
People: Diamante-sama~~~~!♡ // Diamante~~~!!! // Start the tournament already!! // Let us see them fight~~~~~!!!
Franky: Is it the real thing?!
SomeGuy: The young master wouldn't lie about a thing like this!!
Luffy: ......!! Ace's... // ...Mera Mera no Mi?!!
[Insert text: Doflamingo's trap closes in...!!]

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