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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

One Piece 704

Lucy and the Kyros Statue

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 10, 2013 22:08 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 704: Lucy and the Kyros Statue
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 24: Workers' Uprising Suppressed

[Insert text: Trouble in the waiting room!!]
People: Oi!! The hell's up with this runt?!! // He just took out Spartan~~~!!! // You've gotta be kidding me!! This is... // of the Colosseum's biggest stars we're talking about here!! // Are you sure he didn't just fall over be himself...? // What, and crack a hole in the floor?!!
Luffy: Now then... Where should I be going...?
Guard: Are you the one responsible for this ruckus?!!
Luffy: !
Guard: Get out of here at once!! You're disqualified!!!
Luffy: Ehhhh?!

Guard: There's no place here for ruffians who start a brawl before it's time for- / Ahhh!!
Luffy: Hm?
Sai: Oi, oi, oi... // Give it a rest, ya dumb brute!! // It's the big guy there that started it!! If you're gonna disqualify someone, it oughtta be him!!!
Boo: Not that he's conscious any more!
[Box: Top: / Don Chinjao // Right: / Sai // Left: / Boo // Kano Country / Gang / Chinjao Family]

People: Whoaaaa!! It's Sai and Boo from the Kano Country!! // Even Don Chinjao himself is here!! // That guy's a living legend!!
Luffy: Thanks, that was a real help!
Boo: No need for thanks!!
Sai: Hahah! // Seriously... Ain't no need for thanks... // No point trying to thank us............ / Don't thank us, you got that......? // Don't you... // ...EVEN TRY TO THINK ABOUT THANKING US, YOU BASTARD~~~!!!
Boo: There's no need to go that far, bro~~~!!!
Luffy: Aahhhhh!!
Boo: Sorry about him! He can get a bit carried away sometimes, you know?
Luffy: .........
Sai: Don't you ever thank us again!!! / Fuck you!!!
Luffy: There sure are all sorts of people here...
Kerry: Dagama!!! You better not be colluding with the other strong fighters in your block!!!

People: Just look at all these major players from countries around the world... // It's like this is an all-out battle of nations for the right to that Devil Fruit!!
Bobby: The battlefield is a place for each man to fight for himself!! // Scheme as you may, at the end of the day only one person from each block... / ...will make it through to the next round...!!!
Kerry: Conspiracies and bribes? Hah!!
[Box: Top: (Younger Brother) / Bobby Funk / Bottom: (Older Brother) / Kerry Funk]
[Box: Assassins from a Neighbouring Country / The Funk Brothers]
Dagama: What empty nonsense are you spouting?!!! You're here on behalf of your nation too, I'll wager! / The Mera Mera no Mi is worth significantly more than your everyday weapons, as I'm sure you're aware!! // The country that obtains it will have a significant advantage in both diplomacy and war!!
[Box: Military Advisor of the Prodence Kingdom / Dagama]
[Box: King of the Prodence Kingdom / "The Fighting King" / Elizabero II]
Dagama: Just take a look at the lineup of fighters around you!!

Dagama: Look, over there we have the Class-A war criminal of the Dias Sea Battle... / Slayman the Beheader!!! // Former bounty hunters and culprits of the Government Bombing Incident... / Abdora and Jet!!! // The Phony Massacre Adventurer... / "Dominator" Ohlombus!! // Recommended by the Donquixote Family themselves... / ...we have the brutal pirate with over a hundred-million bounty, "Bellamy the Hyena"!!! // Though you can't see them from here, I have it on good word that the Pirate Noble Cavendish... // ...and the crazy rookie from a year ago, Bartolomeo, are here as well!! // A cast of characters like this, and you expect there to be no plotting and scheming?! Hell, you should take note yourselves!!!
Kerry: .........

Dagama: The first round is a Battle Royale!! // Only those who survive to the last will get their chance to fight in the next stage!!! // The A Block battle will begin any moment now!!! / And the B, C and D Blocks will follow soon after!!! // There are a total of 550 fighters gathered here, and of those 550... / ...all but four will be eliminated in the first round!!! // Why, I don't doubt the two of you used a few bribes to make sure you ended up in the same block, right?
Bobby: Pure coincidence.
Luffy: Which block am I in?
Woman: I believe I already told you this when you registered, but... / Number 556 is in C Block.
Dagama: While our objectives may be many and varied... / Whoever gets their hands on the Mera Mera no Mi... // will cause a fair tremor in the world tomorrow!! // So enough quabbling over technicalities and let's all do our best to achieve victory!!!

[Box: Preparation Room]
Luffy: Who-hoooohh~~!! // Can I use any of these?! Anything at all?!
Woman: The only weapons forbidden are projectiles.
Luffy: Armour~~~~!! // Helmets~~~~~!!! // A practically naked statue of some old warrior guy~~~!! // I want that so bad~~! // I'm gonna get all armoured up!! // And I want a helmet even cooler than this old guy's~!♪

Luffy: I really like this... / I look waesome!! // I wish Usopp and the others could see me now...
[Box: Gladiator / Lucy]
People: All the woman attendants are collapsing, one after another!! // What's going on?!
Woman: Th... The Noble......!♡
People: Noble?!
Woman: I can't take it!♡ He's just too...intense...!♡
Cavendish: Ah, this must be the preparation room.
People: ?!! // ...Look, over there... It's Cavendish...!! // The "Pirate Noble"?!! He's alive?!! // Wow, the guy's beautiful!♡
Cavendish: You there, sir!!
Luffy: !
Cavendish: You can't go out dressed like that. There's a weight limit for armour, you know.

Cavendish: Though of course... Armour or no, it will do you no good.
[Box: Captain of the Beautiful Pirates / "White Horse" Cavendish / Bounty: 280,000,000 Beli]
Cavendish: The Mera Mera no Mi will be mine. / Such a beautiful power... It is suitable for me and me alone. // Until today, I have never permitted a Devil Fruit to touch my lips... / ...and indeed, never expended any significant effort whatsoever. // I have got by on talent alone...
Soldier: You're over the weight limit.
Luffy: Ehhhh?!
Cavendish: I just told you that!!! Get over here for a second!!!

Luffy: So that's why everyone's half-naked, huh? / That statue, too...
Cavendish: My dear man, this is a show!! // The audience is longing to see fresh blood flow. // The Colosseum is a place where men's true natures are brought to the fore. / Who wants to see a match dragged out to excruciating lengths by the clash of swords and armour? // No, gladiators must provide the spectacle that the people desire... / ...and it is the blood of the defeated that excites them!! // I saw how you took care of that large man back there. / Who exactly are you?
Luffy: I'm Luffy!! / The man who's going to be Pirate King!
People: !! // ?!! // Huh?!! / L...?!

People: ! // Oh, it's just "Lucy", is it?!!!
Luffy: ! / Oh yeah, that's right! "Lucy"!
People: Don't slur your own name weirdly like that!! // For a second I thought you were Straw Hat Luffy!!! // As if this guy could be Luffy. I've heard the guy's an 8-metre-tall monster!
Cavendish: ......Ahah. You know, if you really were Straw Hat Luffy... // I would have killed you here and now.
Luffy: ?!
Cavendish: It was three years ago now that I first entered the New World... // My debut as a "Beautiful Rookie" with a bounty exceeding 200 million Beli... / ...set the world aflutter with excitement. // I appeared in each day's newspaper without fail... / ...and all my gorgeous Wanted poster portraits were stolen away by the adoring ladies.

Cavendish: "The Pirate Noble, White Horse Cavendish!!" // "What a star!!" / "Oh, do you mean me?" "But of course!♡" "Ahahaha...!♡" / But what do you think happened a year later?!!! // That "Ultimate War" with Whitebeard stole the whole world's attention away...!!! // A bunch of latecoming rookies moved into the spotlight... // ...making a name for themselves as the "Terrible Generation"...!! / Oh, they sailed about as if they owned this ocean!!! // And suddenly, the newspapers wouldn't give me the time of day!!! / That's why I'm going to kill them all!!! All those latecoming rookies who stole my spotlight!!!
Luffy: I think that's called a misplaced grudge...
Cavendish: And the first step will be... / obtain the Mera Mera no Mi in this tournament!! // Once I have its power... // Not even you will be able to ignore me any more!!
Guard: Yes, that's acceptable.

Luffy: Go figure... I ended up dressed like this old guy after all.
Someone: ......... / Are you interested in that man?
Luffy: ?!
People: Ahhh!! Is she a fighter in the tournament too? A lady gladiator!♡ // Heheheh!♡ She doesn't look too tough... But a cutie's always welcome!♡
Luffy: Who're you?
Rebecca: Rebecca. A gladiator. // And I thank you for what you did just now. / I never liked that Spartan. // The man in that statue is a legend. // The strongest gladiator ever to fight in the Corrida Colosseum... "Kyros". // It's said that he fought in three thousand battles and won them all, without a single defeat. And among all those battles... / He was only struck by an opponent's attack on a single occasion.
Luffy: Wow! He was that strong?!
Rebecca: They say his last battle here was twenty years ago now.

Rebecca: And yet... // Not a single person in this country... / ...actually knows him!!
[Box: Corrida Colosseum Gladiator / Rebecca]
Luffy: Huh??
Rebecca: Not the older folk of this country, not the gladiators of the colosseum. / There isn't a single person who has actually met him.
Luffy: ???
Rebecca: That's why this is the most mysterious statue in all of Dresrosa. / Was Kyros the Gladiator a real man, or just some kind of fantasy...? // When was this statue forged, and why...?

Rebecca: The only information we have right now is the words carved on this plate. // Though nobody knows the man, nobody has come forward to suggest that this statue be removed. / That in itself is a mystery.
Luffy: Huh... I don't really get it, but... // I do like this statue!! It's really manly!!
Rebecca: ......... // ...I like it, too.
People: Hey there, mighty warrior Rebecca-chan!♡ // Looking forward to seeing how you fare today, "Undefeated Woman"!! // Bet you liked that spectacle just now~~~! / That old bully of yours Spartan got what was coming to him, eh~~?!! // Ah, don't tease the poor girl!
Rebecca: .........
People: Gyahahah!! Well, it's true, ain't it?!!
Luffy: What are they on about?
Rebecca: Don't mind them......

Rebecca: Today, I'm going to... / ...put an end to all of this...!!! // I'll obtain the Mera Mera ability... / ...and defeat Doflamingo myself!!
Luffy: Eh?!! / Defeat Mingo...?!
Rebecca: Say...what Block are you in?
Luffy: C.
Rebecca: Oh, good! I'm in Block D. // I hope to see you alive at the end of the first round. // Lucy.
Luffy: .........
Announcer: WE HAVE A WINNER~~~~~~~!!!
People: What?! Already?! // Who is that guy?! He was strong as a monster!!!
Announcer: It was all over in next to no time!!!
Luffy: .........
Announcer: The victor of the A Block battle is the Masked Man... "Mister Store"!!!

Announcer: But what's this?!! // The masked man is removing his mask!!!
People: ?!!
Announcer: Well, this is a surprise!!! The face under the mask is one we all know well~~~~!!! // And it goes a long way towards explaining his monstrous strength~~~~~!!! // A stormy start to the tournament!!! An unexpected participant!!! / The victory of the A Block Battle Royale... // a member of the crew of the infamous Yonkou Blackbeard!! // Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates' Number One Ship, Je~~~~~~sus Burgess~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Burgess: Wiiiiiihahahah~~~~!!!
People: B...Burgess~~~~~~~~~?!! // What the hell is the likes of him doing here~~~~~?!!
Luffy: Ahh!! // The "Champion" guy!!!
[Insert text: An unexpected rival!!]

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