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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 705

Maynard the Pursuer

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 16, 2013 20:31 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 705: Maynard the Pursuer
Caribou's Snickerings in the New world
Vol 25: Making an Example

[Insert text: The Champion is here!!]
People: Burgess!! // Burgess!!!
[Box: scene-1 "Corrida Colosseum"]
People: The Blackbeard Pirates, huh...?! // That's some outrageous strength all right......!!
Franky: I was expecting Luffy to be able to win a tournament like this without any trouble, but... // Looks like things might not be so easy... I just hope his identity doesn't get out... // ...Anyway. I'd better get down to business...
OneLeg: Say what?! Hold it, hold it! I'm going with you!!
Franky: Like I said, you'd just be in the way!!

Franky: I don't need help from anyone who doesn't know where that factory is!! / I'm gonna find some higher-up from the Doflamingo Family, beat him up... / ...and get him to tell me where I can -
OneLeg: Hold it, hold it, hold it!!
Franky: What is it now?!!!
OneLeg: Let's take this somewhere else!! / We can't talk about such taboo matters in public!!
Franky: ? // What's your deal, anyway...?
[Box: In the audience seating]
Marine: "Pirate Mercenary" Hayreddin... // ...and even Gambia the Missionary...?!
DenDenMushi: That's right...the lot of them!
Marine: We'll certainly be needing reinforcements, then. // This is far beyond expectations...
DenDenMushi: Burgess took me by surprise, too...

[Box: A corner of the Colosseum waiting room]
DenDenMushi: I'll check with Isshou-san at once.
Maynard: Good.
Gambia: Hey, you there, Mister!
Maynard: ?!
Gambia: You aren't communicating with the outside there, are you now? // Pretty suspicious if you ask me~~~~! Hahah!
Maynard: .........
Gambia: Listing off all those classy names like that...!! / Hahah!! What is that memo, anyway~~~?!!
DenDenMushi: ...Is something wrong?
Gambia: You wouldn't happen to be...
Maynard: ......... // I'll call back in ten minutes...
Gambia: Talking to yourself?
[Box: Member of the Bartolomeo Pirates / Gambia the Missionary / Bounty: 67,000,000 Beli]

[Box: Toilet/Waste Disposal Area]
Gambia: !!!
Maynard: Sorry about that. Nothing to worry about...
DenDenMushi: ..................
Maynard: Oh, yeah... About Gambia the Missionary.
[Box: Entrant #0429 / Capman / (Marine HQ Vice-Admiral / Maynard the Pursuer)]
Maynard: That underling of Bartolomeo's I just mentioned. / You can strike him off the list. Must've been my imagination.

Announcer: Next up is B Block!!! // Bring in the fighters~~~~~~~~!!!
Fujitora: .................. // Time to make our move, I think. // Some of those names sounded awful familiar...
Marine: How should we allocate the troops, sir...? / Here, please take your coat...
Fujitora: Let's see now... I think three battleships ought to do it. // Gather me those, then for the moment... / We'll head for...what was it called again...?
Marine: Ah, you mean Green Bit, sir?
Fujitora: That's the one... Let's head there.

Fujitora: And while you're at it, let's see... // Make sure we have plenty of medical staff. Wouldn't want anyone getting injured...
[Box: Marine HQ Admiral / Fujitora / (Isshou)]
Fujitora: And I'd like you to find out the number of people in the audience... / The population of this town... The population of this country......
Marine: Sir... Is all this really necessary?
Fujitora: ......... // ......... / Tell me, soldier, before we start counting our enemies... // ...wouldn't you say counting the people who need our protection comes first...?
Marine: !!!

[Box: scene-2 "Caesar Handover Team"]
Man: Green Bit, eh...?
[Box: A cafe in the north-east]
Man: Wouldn't recommend going there, myself...
Caesar: .........
Man: Are you researchers, then? Or explorers? // Because you should know, unless you're ready to put your lives on the line... / You should stay away from that place.
Robin: The bridge looks stable enough to me...?

Man: Oh yeah, it's a proper iron bridge all right. // But look, you see the entrance? // I'm sure you can tell, but no-one actually uses the thing... // Thing about Green Bit is, in the waters around the island... / ...there lives a school of dangerous Fighting Fish. // Before they showed up, I hear people did used to visit the island... / But that was 200 whole years ago now...
Caesar: Shuroro... Tell me, what exactly are these "Fighting Fish"?
Man: They're a nasty breed, with big horns. Take a ship near 'em, and, well... / It'll be upside-down before you know it!! // That's why the bridge was reinforced with iron, actually, but still...it's no use.
Usopp: No use...?! Come on!! You're not saying these fish can destroy an iron bridge?!

Man: Only people who can tell you that are those who've tried to cross it. / And I don't know anyone who's made it back...
Usopp: Ehhh?!! // Oi, Tra-dude!! / Find a different place for the handover!! Now!!
Caesar: I quite agree!! You'd have to be a fool to abandon me in a place like that!!
Law: Not a chance. / Don't complain when we've come this far.
Usopp: !!
Law: More importantly, what I am worried about is the state of this country. / Considering their King just abandoned his throne... How come it seems so peaceful...?!! // This is far outside my expectations already...!!
Usopp: And you're going ahead with this?!!! // Hm? // What're you doing, Robi... / ?!

Law: (!)
Caesar: Urkk!!
Usopp: What the heck...?!!
Law: CP-0...!! // What are they doing here...?
Usopp: Huh...?! "CP"...?!
[Text: The World's Most Powerful Intelligence Agency / Cipher Pol "Aigis" Zero]
Usopp: A... Are they, like...connected to CP9......?!
Robin: They're the most elite level of that agency...
Usopp: ?!
Robin: When they take action, nothing good can come of it.
Law: ......True enough...

[Box: scene-3 "Zoro and the Fairy"]
Zoro: Hyaaaaghh!! // I'VE GOT YOU NOW!!! // You're gonna give me back my-
Someone: Aaaahhhhhhhh~~~!!
Zoro: Ungh- / ?!! // Eh...?! // Urghhh!

Zoro: ! // Oh, crap~~~~~!! // Ungffh!!
Fairy: O...Owwwwwie!! Oh, this is bad, so bad!!
Zoro: *cough*...
Fairy: I'm such a clumsy fool!! Now this human will see me!!
Zoro: ?!
Fairy: I've got to get away... // Or the human- / Ahh!
Zoro: ......? ......??
[Box: scene-4 "Kin'emon On His Own"]
Kin'emon: Who exactly are you people?!! // I am a mere old man passing by!! Nothing more!!

People: You can't fool us...!! / That hat... You've got a topknot, right?!!!
Kin'emon: ...............!!
People: You're a samurai...!! / "Foxfire Kin'emon", if I'm not very much mistaken!! // We saw images of you in the footage from Punk Hazard... / As a samurai, it was inevitable that you would come back here...!! // Isn't that right? Now, surrender yourself... // If you value the life of your friend Kanjuurou, that is!!!
Kin'emon: !!
[Box: scene-5 "Sanji in Love"]
Someone: Target identified...!! // ......... // Hm?

Someone: ?!!
Sanji: Hnghhaaahh!!!
Violet: Well, I never...! / Just how strong are you?!
Sanji: Aw, c'mon, spotting a sniper on the ground eight metres away and taking him out... / ...isn't exactly hard, you know~~~~~!♡ // You've got me now~~~~~~~!!!
[Box: Dear Nami-san and Robin-chan... How is the weather where you are? // As for me, I have been swept away in a hurricane called Love...!!]
Violet: My hero~~~!♡♡
[Box: Yes, I have fallen deeply in love~~~~!!]

[Box: scene-6 "Sunny Protection Team"]
Momonosuke: No, no, no!! // You can't drink the whole thing!! // Now, listen. A poison taster's job... / ...is to make sure that there is no poison in his lord's food and drink... / ...by tasting just a small amount! // Understood?
Chopper: Yessir~~!
Momonosuke: Now try again! // Bring me my tea, Choppaemon!
Chopper: Yessir~~~!
[Banner: Retainer: Choppaemon]
Chopper: I will bring it at once, my lord!!
[Banner: Maidservant: Onami]
Nami: How are you feeling, my lord?
Momonosuke: Quite at ease, quite at ease. I am entirely satisfied.
Nami: That is good to hear, my lord!♡

Brook: I too am entirely satisfied!! Yohoho!♡
Nami: !
Brook: Eughlbrmphgnrhh!!! / N...Nami-san, that was quite painful!! // W...Were you not providing some sort of pillow party?!
Nami: Like hell I was!!!
Chopper: We're playing Shogun and Servants!
Brook: Shogun and Servants...?!
Chopper: It's Momo, you see... Whenever we leave him alone... / He gets this serious look on his face, like he's thinking about something painful... // He won't tell us what it is, but... / We think something's left a scar on his young heart...
Brook: ...I see... So that's how it is...
Momonosuke: Hey, "Bone-kichi"!! // Provide some entertainment to lighten the mood!
Brook: Out of the question. I take orders from Luffy-san and only-
Chopper: Just do it!!!

Brook: Ohhh no~!♪ // Ohhh no~!♪ // Bu~~~ry him and bu~~~ry him~~♪ / But he just keeps coming back~~~♪ Vitality~~~~~CORPSE!!!♪ / C'MON!!
[BubbleSFX: CRASH!!]
Brook: Eh?
[BubbleSFX: thud-thud-thud clash!!]
Voice: Ohhhh, no...
[BubbleSFX: rustle rustle! tap tap!!]
People: ?!
Nami: Huh?! What?! There shouldn't be anyone on this ship but us...right?!
Brook: Indeed there should not! What is all this?! / I'm scared~~~~! This is creepy~~~~~! // It's coming from the mens' quarters...!!
[BubbleSFX: CRASH!! / CLASH!]
Voice: Ohhhh, no, no, no...
[BubbleSFX: rustle, rustle]
Voice: No, no, no...
Chopper: Whose voice is that...??
Brook: There's someone in there~~~~~~!!!

[Box: scene-1 "Corrida Colosseum"]
Announcer: B-Block Entrant "Capman"~~~~!! / Has anyone seen Capman~~~~?! // We're also missing "Bartolomeo"!
Guard: ! // Ah... // You're..."Bartolomeo", right?! / The B Block match is about to start! // Oh, and...have you seen an entrant called Capman anywhere?
Bartolomeo: .................. / Not that I recall.
[Insert text: Up-and-coming rookie Bartolomeo!! A dangerous contender!!]

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