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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 706

I Won't Laugh

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 21, 2013 00:02 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 706: I Won't Laugh
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 26: The Old Woman Left Behind And A Single Photograph

[Insert text: This man is...?!!]
Announcer: Here comes our late arrival, another fighter from the B Block!! // It's a man who, in the space of a single year, has made a name for himself like a speeding comet, and reached the New World!! // A crazy rookie whose cruelty knows no bounds!!! // The infamous "Pirate Spit-Roasting Broadcast" incident!! / Acts of cannon-fire and arson against innocent civilians!!! // The number-one pirate everyone would like to see vanish from the face of the planet!!!
[Box: Captain of the Barto-Club Pirates / Bartolomeo the Cannibal / Bounty: 150,000,000 Beli]

Announcer: It's the pirate Bartolomeo~~~~~~~!!!
Bartolomeo: All of you can go to hell~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Get outta here~~~~~~~~!!! // YOU go to hell~~~~!!!
Bartolomeo: He~~~hahahah.
People: ?!! // ......Eh?!! Is that...?!! // What the hell do you think you're doing?!!!

People: It's a bomb~~~~~~!!! // Aaaaghhhhh~~~!!! // Outta my way, old man, you're too slow!! // Aaaaaahhhhhh~~!! // This place is packed!! There's nowhere to run!! // Ladies first!! Get out of my way, men!! // I'm not gonna die!! Someone save me!! I've give you all the money you like!! // !!! // ...It's a...ball...
Bartolomeo: How repulsive...
People: ...............!! // BOOOOOOO!!!
Dagama: Well, you've certainly made yourself unpopular. / Boy.
Bartolomeo: Like I'd want that bunch of shitheads on my side.

Announcer: But we still don't have all our contenders just yet!! // There's one B-Block fighter still missing!!! One who couldn't be more different from this Crazylomeo!!! // A man with a deep love and respect for our King Doflamingo...!!! / ...and brought a gift of a gigantic pillar of gold from a far-off land... // ...to show respect and swear fealty!!!
People: Ahhhh...!! Could it be...?!! // Aaaahhhh~~~!♡
Announcer: Ever since them, he has visited many towns that looked down on our Kingdom as a "barbaric land of pirates"... / ...destroying them all and silencing their insolence!! It's the Deadly Bullet of Dresrosa!!!
People: ......?
Announcer: Yes, that man has finally been granted by our King... // ...a chance to prove himself!!!

[Box: Backstage at the Colosseum]
Luffy: .........
People: The medical rooms are that way! / We're short on stretchers, so anyone who can still walk should do so! // Ughhh... What was a guy like that doing here...?!!
Luffy: Everyone sure got beat up... // That Champion guy's pretty strong!
People: Hang in there!! It's over now, you're all right!! // I'm scared!! That monster's...gonna kill me......!!
Bellamy: Oi.
Luffy: !
Bellamy: I ain't blind, you know...
Luffy: Hm?

Bellamy: You can dress up all you like...
[Box: Former Captain of the Bellamy Pirates / Bellamy the Hyena / (User of the Bane Bane no Mi) / Bounty: 195,000,000]
Bellamy: I never forget the face of a man who tarnished my reputation...!!!
Luffy: Ah! I know you!! // You're that guy who was nasty to the old diamond-shaped man... // Malo...
Bellamy: It's Bellamy.
Luffy: That's right! Bellamy!! / What are you doing here?!
Bellamy: Well, it's not like Jaya was my home or anything. // I can come where I like, can't I?

Bellamy: I've looked up to Doflamingo like an idol since I was a kid... / I'm not interested in the Mera Mera no Mi... But I have to win this tournament for my own reasons...!!
Luffy: Then I'll just have to fight you again!!
Bellamy: I'm not the same as I was before, though...!! / Straw Hat... I've been to the islands in the sky.
Luffy: ?!
Bellamy: I may have lost my crew...but the experience turned my world on its head.
Luffy: You went to Skypiea?! / You better not have done anything to the people in the sky!!
Bellamy: ......!! // Who knows, eh? // At any rate, I don't hold any particular grudge against you... / In order to make it over the massive wave that's coming sooner or later... // I'm going to make a place for myself on Doflamingo's ship!! // I won't laugh at you any more.

Announcer: If this man emerges victorious in today's tournament...!! // His efforts will finally bear fruit, and he will be officially granted a position... / ...as one of the top members of the Donquixote Family!!! // Please welcome one of the favourites to win today's tournament!! // Known as "the Hyena", it's the pirate... // BELLAMY~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Bellamy!! // Bellamy!!
Cavendish: (..................) // Well, he's certainly popular. / Hmph. // What block are you in, Lucy?
Luffy: I'm in...

[Box: A selection of the biggest players from each block...]
C Block (Total Members: 139)
Martial Artist / Sai
Gladiator / Lucy
Assassin / Kerry Funk
Bounty Hunter / Jean Ango
Martial Artist / Boo
Boxer / Ideo
Fighting Bull
Former Pirate / Don Chinjao
Giant Warrior / Hajrudin
Assassin / Bobby Funk

D Block (Total Members: 138)
Shaman / Mummy
Adventurer / Orlumbus
Pirate / Cavendish
Gladiator / Meadows
Fighting Lion
Gladiator / Rebecca
Arsonist / Damask
Army Captain / Rolling Logan
Gladiator / Acilia
War Criminal / Suleiman

Announcer: B Block - 138 fighters face off in a battle royale!!! // Fall out of the ring, and you're out of the running!! / Die inside the ring, and you're out of the running!!! // Only one fighter can survive to the end!!! // Here it comes... // That's the starting gong~~~!!!
B Block (Total Members: 138)
Fighting King / Elizabello II
Fighter / Bluegiri
Army Captain / Tank Lepanto
Criminal / Abdullah
Pirate / Bartolomeo
Gladiator / Ricky
Pirate / Bellamy
Military Advisor / Dagama
Fishman Warrior / Hack
Criminal / Jet

Bellamy: Now then, who should I take out first? // ?!
People: Hrrrryaaaaahhhh~~~!!! // ?!!

Lepanto: Shall we start with Bellamy?! / Dagama!!
Dagama: Yes, I think so!! Let's take out the most dangerous opponents before our own numbers get worn down!!
Bellamy: ?!! // What's with these guys? / They're like an army...!!
Bartolomeo: This ain't what I call a battle royale.
Dagama: Feel free to complain about our unfair tactics all you like...once you're dead!! Gamahahahah!! / The last man standing is the victor!! All that matters are results!!
[Insert text: A vicious battle begins!!]

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