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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Bleach 535

Everything But the Rain op.8 - Defenders

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 28, 2013 18:06 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Aizen's machinations eat away at Masaki's soul!! Who reaches out a helping hand...?!]
Masaki: (I'm falling... // Falling down into a tranquil hole... // It's quiet, dark, and lonely... // Yet for some reason I don't feel afraid. // I feel certain that someone is reaching out to me from down below... // Who's there...?)

Bleach 535
[Side text: Falling in silence...!!]

Everything But the Rain op.8
Urahara: That girl's symptoms... // ...are similar to those I have been researching... / ...for about one hundred years.
Ryuuken: A hundred...?!
Isshin: I guess you're a little older than you look, then. // Who the heck are you?
Urahara: ...My name is Urahara Kisuke.

Urahara: I was exiled from Soul Society.
Isshin: Urahara Kisuke...! / You're...
Ryuuken: Who you are isn't what matters right now!! // You can save Masaki, can't you?! / Hurry up and turn her back to normal!!

Urahara: ........................ // ...I did not say I can change her back to normal.
Ryuuken: What......?
Urahara: I'll make this simple. // That girl... / ...Masaki-san... // ...will never be normal again.
Ryuuken/Isshin: !!
Urahara: ...Bring Masaki-san here, please. // These symptoms... / ...are known as "Hollowification".

Urahara: It is an experimental process... / ...in which the soul of a Hollow is injected into another soul, and then the border between these souls is destroyed, causing the target to evolve into a soul of a higher level. // It was developed for the purpose of making a Shinigami soul stronger. // However, controlling the process was beyond our abilities. // What you see here is the result of using this uncontrollable procedure on the soul of a Quincy, which is not what it was developed for.
Ryuuken: Uncontrollable...?! // But then... Doesn't that mean you can't save Masaki after all...?!
Urahara: Not exactly. / I cannot change her back to how she was before... // But I can save her life.

Urahara: When the symptoms of Hollowfication progress, the soul in question enters a state in which the original soul and the Hollow soul are intermingled, resulting in a mindless monster. // And ultimately... / ...it destroys not only the border between its component souls... // ...but also the border between itself and the outside world. / In other words, it destroys itself, regardless of its own will. // I call this phenomenon "soul suicide".
Ryuuken/Isshin: ........................
Urahara: In the course of my research over the past century... // I have discovered a method of preventing this "soul suicide".

Urahara: That method... // ...is to inject something directly opposed to the Hollowfication process into the affected soul. // The "border destruction" that is so key to the Hollowfication process is brought about by destabilising the soul's internal balance. // In other words... / ...it is possible to reverse this process by inserting an "opposing entity" to restore balance from the other side.
Isshin: ...I don't get what you're saying.
Urahara: Allow me to provide an example. / I created a vaccine using Quincy arrows and human souls... // ...and injected that vaccine into the souls of a number of Hollowified Shinigami.

Urahara: This vaccine... // ...had a 100% success rate of preventing these Shinigami souls from committing "soul suicide". // However, the only thing this process will prevent is the "soul suicide" itself. // In order to save her life... / ...prevent her Hollowification... / ...and allow her to continue living as a human... / We would need a still greater power. // A powerful opposing force that could stay by her side for her entire life... / ...suppressing her Hollowification... // ...until the day she dies.
Ryuuken: NO!!!

Ryuuken: There must... / There has to be another way...
Urahara: ...Very sharp. / I see you understand already. // I can appreciate that you may find this difficult to accept. / However... // This choice does not rest with you. // The one who must choose...

Urahara: ...is you. / Shiba Isshin. // I have here... // ...a special gigai that I created myself. // It is created from a human soul... // ...and has the power to provide the soul within with a fully human body. // In other words, if you enter this gigai... / ...you can become a being both Shinigami and human. // The entity most opposed to a Quincy is a Shinigami. // The entity most opposed to a Hollow is a human.

Urahara: ...You must see now, yes? // By using this gigai, you yourself... // ...can become the opposing entity she needs. // This is... // ...the choice I offer you. // However... / From your own perspective, it is a choice that holds a number of overwhelming disadvantages. // While you wear this gigai... / You will not only be unable to use your powers as a Shinigami... // ...but most likely unable to even see Hollows at all. // And it is likely that once you enter this gigai...

Urahara: ...You will never be able to return to being a Shinigami.
Ryuuken: (A "number of" disadvantages...?! // This idea holds nothing but disadvantages for him! // There's no way he will accept such an offer. // It's ridiculous.........!)
Urahara: In order to use this gigai as a vaccine against this girl's Hollowification... // I will need to use spiritual threads to link it to both her own soul and the Hollow within her. // These threads are a direct link between souls. / An extremely powerful force. // While these threads remain connected, you will not be able to leave this gigai. // This will continue... // ...until her soul and the Hollow within her are released from those threads' grasp. // In other words...

Isshin: All right! / I'll do it!
Urahara: Excuse me?
Isshin: I said I'll do it! Come on then, hurry up! / Your explanations take forever! // You don't need to make it all so complicated! // I've just gotta give up being a Shinigami and protect her for the rest of her life, right?! / Of course I'll do it!

Urahara: ...You have no regrets to hold you back?
Isshin: Well, of course I do! / Tons of 'em! // But what does that matter?! // If I let the girl who saved my life die... / ...because of some stupid regrets... // ...I'd have to laugh in my own face!
Urahara: ...I see. // Then please, step this way.

Urahara: I will begin the procedure.

Isshin: ...Hey. // I'm here to protect you.
[Insert text: A reunion of souls!!]

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