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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 707

B Block

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 28, 2013 18:07 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 707: B Block
Announcer: It's the first round for B Block!! A battle royale of 138 contenders!!!
People: That guy's playing dirty!! // He's formed his own team!!
Announcer: And it looks like down in the ring... // ...we have a group plotting a group offensive!! // But this is a valid strategy, folks!! It doesn't break any rules!! // It looks like the brains behind this fiendish plan is a contender from the Prodence Kingdom... // Military Advisor Dagama!!!
Dagama: ...............!! // (Gamahahahah!! The Prodence Kingdom will obtain the Mera Mera no Mi without fail! / Our mighty King, Elizabello II, is a natural weapon of mass destruction!!)

Dagama: (The sheer power of a single punch unleashed from the impeccable body he has possessed from birth... // ...was enough to open a hole in the walls of an enemy fortress, in an incident that left the world speechless!! // But this remarkable strength comes with one severe disadvantage!! In order to unleash a single punch... // ...our King requires a full hour of concentration and warming-up......!!! // This "family treasure" can only be unleashed once in a single battle!!!)
[Text: King of the Prodence Kingdom / "The Fighting King" / Elizabello II]
Dagama: (But as long as it connects, his King Punch holds enough force to down even one of the pirate Yonkou!!! The timing with which this punch is unleashed will decide the outcome of battle!!!)

Dagama: Your Majesty!! Are you ready?
Elizabello: Ready and waiting!! / Huh! Huh! // I can strike whenever you give the word, Dagama!!
Dagama: Understood!! // Protect the King with your lives... // ...and reduce the number of enemies in the ring!!!
Soldiers: Nguoooohhhhhhh~~~~~!!
Bellamy: Are you sure about this, Lepanto?! / Should a Captain of the Dresrosa military be lending his strength to the military of another nation?!!
Lepanto: Hahah... Money is what makes the world go round, Bellamy!!

Lepanto: I'm not one for big dreams. / I'd rather...
[Text: Captain of the Dresrosa Military // Tank Lepanto]
Lepanto: ...pick up the cash that falls at my feet!!
Bellamy: Hahah! // Your words pain me.
Lepanto: Hnghhh... // Ngahhhhh~~~~!!!
People: !!!

People: Aaaghh!! Oh crap, we're gonna fall!!
Bellamy: Spring... // Deathknock!!!
Lepanto: Nghh!!!
Bellamy: Hahah...!
People: Aaahh!
Announcer: That's three fighters out of the arena and disqualified!!
People: !!
Announcer: And of course, in the waters surrounding the arena...

People: Aaaaaghhhhhh!!
Announcer: We have a school of this Colosseum's famous~~~~!!
People: Go get 'em~~~~~!!
Announcer: "Little Fighting Fish"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Aaaarghhhhhh!! // Aaaahhhhhhhh~~~~~!!
Announcer: It's hell within the ring and hell outside the ring!!! // There's no chance of leaving this arena unscathed!! / This is...the Corrida Colosseum!!!

Abdullah: DULLAHHHHHHH~~~~~~~!!!
People: !!! // Abdullah!!
Jet: Oi, you've all got your backs to me!! Shihahahah!!!
People: Guahhhh!!! // Of all the...sneaky...!!!
Jet: Mmmmmm~~~~~~~!! // Nihihihihi~!!
Abdullah: Gotta love that sound.
[Text: Abdullah // & Jet]

SomeGuy: You stinking fishman......!!! // You got some guts entering yourself in a human tournament, you dumb monster!! // Hey, fishface~~~~~~~!!
Hack: Pitiful...
SomeGuy: Ehhhh?!!
Hack: Ah, wretched puppet who has no words of his own... / If we must speak, let it be with our fists!!
SomeGuy: Ohh?! Sounds good to me!! // ! // Huh...? He ain't moving!!

Hack: Yonsenmai-gawara Seiken!!!
[TN: "4-Thousand Tile Punch"]
SomeGuy: Guohh!!!
Hack: Just as my friend Jimbei... / ...is a shining hope for us all!!! // So I believe that there can be a path to friendship in the exchange of fists!!! / Thus I will continue to fight!!!
[Text: Fishman Karate Master / Fishman Jujutsu / "100-Dan Hack"]
People: Owwwwwwwwww!! Dammitall!! That bastard!!
Dagama: What are you all playing at?!! That lanky man doesn't even have any weapons!!!
People: It doesn't matter if he's unarmed, tall and lanky, or anything!! / Those legs of his... // ...are like whips of iron!!!

Bluegiri: Hyu~~~~ee. / Honestly, you people.
[Text: Ashinaga (Longleg) Tribe / Jaokun-Do Martial Artist / Bluegiri]
Bluegiri: Come over here, a little closer!! / It's no fun when you're so far away...!!!
Dagama: He's just an Ashinaga, isn't he?!! / Then aim for those giant legs of his!!!
People: It's no use!! We can't get close...!! // Those movements... It's impossible to tell where his legs will come flying from next...!!
Bluegiri: Hyu...hyu...hyu...

Bluegiri: Hyaaaaaoh~!!
People: Guwahhhhh~~~!! // *pant* *pant* / Oi...!! // ! // There's a gladiator I don't recognise over there...!!! // That guy... He seems pretty strong, but do you know who he is......?! // ...............?! // I've been fighting as a gladiator here for a long time now, but I've never seen a guy like that!!

People: All Colosseum gladiators are trained to fight using a sword and shield...!! // But that guy's just using a sword. / What does he think he is, a samurai from the Wano Country...?!! // Let's test him out! // OK! // ?!!
Ricky: Too slow...
People: Eh...?!
[Text: (Former) Gladiator / Ricky]

People: Did you see that just now...? / That gladiator with the skull cape... // ......... // He's seriously strong, but... I don't remember seeing him here before. // ...Actually, now you mention it... / I have a feeling I have seen this before... A long time ago... A gladiator who fought like that, without a shield... // What was his name, again...? // Look at that guy...!! // What is he doing...?!! Does he want to get killed?! // Why isn't anyone attacking him?!! // A guy like that ought to get defeated and be done with it!!
Bartolomeo: .................. // Hehahah...

[Box: Participants' Observation Area]
Cavendish: He loves to look down on others so much, it's like he's taking a bite out of them... // So they call him "Bartolomeo the Cannibal". / ...Another of those unsavoury latecomers I despise.
[TN: There's a Japanese expression "hito wo kutta", literally "eating other people", which means to act arrogantly. That's where the "Cannibal" connection seems to come from.]
Luffy: There sure are all sorts of people here. It's getting pretty fun! Shishishi!! / Hey, what was your name again?
Cavendish: It's Cavendish.
Luffy: Right. What are you doing, Cabbage?
Cavendish: Just checking over my Wanted posters of the Terrible Generation. / I'll have to get some new copies soon! These are so covered in knife marks, I can barely see the faces!
Luffy: Do you really need those? You could just forgive them.
Cavendish: No, I can't do that. I will kill them. // In a tournament with a prize of this calibre... / I thought at least one of them might show up... // But of course, it's entirely possible to conceal one's face here - like Burgess just now. // If one of them is here, it may be easier to wait for them to win a place in the later rounds.
DonChinjao: Ah, this must be the observation area... What an excellent view of the proceedings.
Cavendish: !
Luffy: Hm?

DonChinjao: Ahhhh... By the by, how is Garp-san doing lately......? // Straw Hat Luffy-kun......!!
Cavendish: ?!!
Luffy: Huh? ......Are you a friend of my granddad's, old guy?
Cavendish: Eh?!! / ...............!!!
Luffy: Ah!!!
DonChinjao: A long time ago, I was almost killed by Garp-san, you see...... // I decided I would hold a grudge right down to his grandsons' generation.
Luffy: Huh?!!
[Insert text: Things have taken a turn for the dangerous?!]

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