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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Bleach 536

Everything But the Rain op.9 - June Truth

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 11, 2013 18:18 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Confronting the Hollow within!!]
Isshin: Hey, Hollow! / Now that I'm here, you'd better believe I'm not gonna let you lay a finger on this girl! // What's that look for?! / You think it's dumb that I said "lay a finger" when you're just a head?! // Well, I noticed that after I said it, and I think it's dumb too! // Getsuga... // TENSHOU!!!

Masaki: Ahhhhhhh~~~~!!!

Masaki: You're that Shinigami I met the other day!!
Isshin: Hey - // Hang on -
Masaki: Thank goodness! I was just hoping I could find you again somehow! // You didn't get in any trouble after you went back home, did you?! // Have your wounds been hurting you at all?!
Isshin: H... / Hold on a second... // Could you quit yapping for a second and act a little embarrassed that you're stark naked?!!!
Masaki: Oh, and could you tell me your name, please?!!

Urahara: I have successfully... // ...bound your two souls together. // ...She's going to be all right.

Isshin: ...I see... // Thank goodness...... // Thank goodness.........
Masaki: Eheheh... // I got told off... // Yapping stark naked...
Isshin: That part's over, so snap out of it already, would you? / And you still don't look even a little bit ashamed...
Masaki: Ah... / That hurts... / Ow, that really hurts...
[Bleach 536]

[Everything But The Rain op.9]
["June Truth"]
[Sign: Urahara Store]

Katagiri: Did you... / ...leave Masaki-sama behind? // With that Shinigami?
Ryuuken: ...That's right.

Ryuuken: You can go home and tell my mother... // ...that her son... / ...has no right to protect the way of the Quincy.
Katagiri: I will not.
Ryuuken: ...I said go home.
Katagiri: I will not. / I cannot leave you on your own, young master.
Ryuuken: Katagiri.........!
Katagiri: Ryuuken-sama. // Have you forgotten? / It is my sworn duty to dedicate my entire life... // serving you.

Katagiri: From the day we first set eyes on one another... // life has belonged to you. // So, please... // Please... // not be sad. // If you feel sorrow, Ryuuken-sama... // heart will be torn apart. // If you shed tears -
Ryuuken: Katagiri.

Ryuuken: That's enough. // Let's go home.
Katagiri: ...Of course. // As you wish, young master...!

Isshin: After that... / Shortly after her graduation from high school, it was decided that Masaki would leave the Ishida household. // Her soul was, after all, tainted with a Hollow. / From a Quincy perspective, it was the only correct choice. // From what I hear, it was Ryuuken who made the final decision. // I suppose it must have been his way of forcing himself to let her go. // As for me, / I decided to put to use the one thing I'd learned in the Academy that would be of use to me here - my medical skills - and opened a small clinic.
[Sign: Kurosaki Clinic]
Isshin: There was a lot I had to study, of course... / ...but with Urahara's help, I managed to make it work.

Isshin: Masaki, who was now a university student... // ...often dropped by to tease me about my doctor's getup. // After the incident... // I'd explained the loss of my Shinigami powers to her... / the result of my being exiled from Soul Society. // Of course, / from the first time I gave her this explanation... / ...she had probably already figured out it was a lie. // Lying has never been my strong suit... / ...and she did have a scarily sharp sense for these things. // But to the two of us, a little white lie like that wasn't a big deal... // ...and it didn't even matter whether it was a lie or not. // In fact, when I was with her... / never seemed to matter if I lied about anything. // She would always see through my lies to the truth, and she would always forgive me for telling them.

Isshin: I remember a scene in a movie we saw together... / ...where an old man compared his wife of many years to the sun. // It was a pretty depressing movie, to tell the truth... // ...and I don't remember much about it beyond the sight of Masaki crying her eyes out towards the end... // But that one line always stayed with me. // Masaki... // ...was just like the sun. // Exerting her pull, accepting and shining upon everything, until the whole world seemed to revolve around her. // I was so happy... / ...just spinning in orbit around her. // And then...

Isshin: You were born. // The rest, you know for yourself. // Thanks to Aizen's manipulations, Rukia-chan was sent to the human world, and the two of you met... / The Shinigami powers within you were awakened... // ...and through your training with Urahara, your Zanpakutou was called into being.

Isshin: And then... // Through your battles in Soul Society, the Hollow within you was awakened as well. // When your inner Hollow was unleashed upon the world... / proved that my reiatsu was no longer able to keep it under control. // At that moment... / The bond between my gigai and that Hollow was broken. // For the first time in 20 years... // I was able to regain my powers as a Shinigami. // Ichigo... / The things that have happened since you were born... /'ve experienced for yourself first-hand. // I don't think you need them explained to you now. // However...

Isshin: There is one thing among those experiences... // ...that you still don't know. // Exactly nine years ago... / On the 17th of June... // The day your mother died.

Isshin: I think it's time... // ...for you to hear... // ...the real reason why your mother died.
[Side text: Ichigo's father speaks of another hidden truth...]

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