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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

One Piece 708

Colosseum of Rogues

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 11, 2013 18:18 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 708: Colosseum of Rogues
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World Vol 27
Meat Pie Loving Captain Gabull Was The Old Woman's Late Grandson

[Insert text: A legendary past!!]
DonChinjao: To us pirates, Garp in his prime was the very embodiment of a demon...!! // Though decades have passed, the wounds he gave me have never healed...!!!
Cavendish: Is it true?!! Are you......?!
Luffy: Ahh! No, no, I got it wrong. / I'm Lucy!
DonChinjao: I will make you pay for your grandfather's deeds...
Luffy: Take it out on Gramps, not me!!
Cavendish: I knew it! You really are Garp's grandson!
Luffy: Ahh!! No, that's not right!! I'm Lucy!!
Cavendish: If you truly are the real Straw Hat Luffy......!!! // I will strike you down where you stand!!!
DonChinjao: If only I had uncovered the existence of his son, Dragon, sooner......

DonChinjao: ...You would never have been born into this world!!!
Luffy: !! // Uwaahhhhh!!!
People: Hey, what's going on?! // Don Chinjao has gone wild?!! // This is bad!!
Luffy: Hang on a second, old guy!!
Cavendish: Remove that beard and let me see your face!!!
Luffy: Aghhhh!! Stop that!! I don't wanna!!!

People: This is no joking matter!! He may have grown weaker with his age... // ...but that's still a man who once held a bounty of over 500 million Beli!! // !!
Cavendish: Curse you, Don Chinjao!!! // Do not get in my way!! The boy is my prey!!!
People: Cavendish drew his sword!!! // Is that it...?!! One of the most famed blades in the world... "Durandal"?!!!
DonChinjao: Enough!!! / "Butou"!!!
[TN: "Warrior's Head"]
Cavendish: "Biken"...
[TN: "Beautiful Blade"]

Cavendish: "Bluebird"!!!
People: !!! // Whoaaa!! Straight through his head...!! // No, wait!!! Both sides are holding strong!!!
Cavendish: ......!!! // Durandal cannot pierce him?!!
People: A head that can withstand a sword thrust... / ...and the sheer power behind that giant this guy even human?!!!
DonChinjao: Hmph!!
Cavendish: Ahh!

Cavendish: ...It would appear... // This is not an opponent I can defeat while holding back my strength...
DonChinjao: ......Hmph... Insolent twerp...
Luffy: I said stop it, all right?!!!
People: ?!!!

People: Whoaaaaahhh!! He just sent Chinjao flying!!! // Who the heck is that bearded runt?!!!
DonChinjao: My, my...
People: Gahhhhhh~~!! He's not even hurt!!! // Is that legend really true......?! / They say he cracked a continent of ice apart with his head...!! // A continent of ice~~~~~?!
Luffy: I thought I hit him pretty hard, too...
DonChinjao: Hiyahohoh... You both have skill, yes... // But you have much yet to learn......!!
Cavendish: Such strength... There can be no doubt. You truly are Straw Hat......!!
Luffy: Oh, stop that already!! Leave me alone!!

Cavendish: Stealing the popularity of others... Born the grandson of a demon... / You certainly have earned a lot of hatred.
Luffy: As if I asked for any of that!! / And I'm Lucy, anyway!!
DonChinjao: If you must stand in my way, then I will crush you alongside this runt, young knight!!!
Sai: Hold it now, Gramps!!! I think that's enough!!!
DonChinjao: Guooooohhhhhhhh!!!
Cavendish: !!
Boo: If you go wild here, you'll be disqualified!!!
People: Ahhhh!!! // It's Sai and Boo from the Kano Country!!!
DonChinjao: Release me, my grandchildren...!!!
Sai: No! I don't know what's got into you, but you've got to stop!!!
DonChinjao: I have finally uncovered one who bears the accursed blood of Garp!!!
Boo: If you get yourself disqualified here... / ...we won't be able to fulfil our real objective here, Gramps!!

Guards: You over there!!! What are you playing at?!!!
DonChinjao: !!
Guards: If you are fighting outside of the arena, we'll have to ask you to leave!!!
Cavendish: The overseeing guards...? But it matters not - I must eliminate that boy here and... // Huh?! / Where has he gone?!!
Sai: Gramps!! If it's that kid with the fake beard you're after... / He's in C Block, the same as us...!!
DonChinjao: Mmnhhh...
Boo: If you want to kill him... / You can do it in the arena!!!
Cavendish: I won't let you get away!! // Straw Hat...!! / I will take your life before this bout begins!!
People: What was all that about? // I thought I heard someone say "Straw Hat"... // "Straw Hat"? You mean, as in...

People: The pirate, Straw Hat Luffy?! // Is he here at the Colosseum?! // He couldn't be... // ..................
Luffy: ................. / Well, this is a pain... // After I promised Franky I wouldn't let my identity get out, too... // !
Announcer: And it looks like Tank is down~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: ! // Ah...
Announcer: That's right, folks, Captain of the Dresrosa military... // ...Tank LePanto is out for the count!!! // Taken out by the terrible duo of Abdullah and Jet~~~~~!!!

Jet: There!! Shihahahah!
Someone: Ahh!
People: Could those two play any more dirty...?! // Captain Tank~~~~~!!!
Announcer: Over 100 fighters have already been eliminated... // ...leaving a little more than 30 contestants still standing!!!
Elizabello: Huh! // Huh!
Dagama: We're almost there...! No matter what kind of dangerous rogues remain, as long as we have our King Punch...
Bluegiri: Hyaohh!!
Someone: ......!!
Abdullah: Who's up next?!
Jet: Who wants to shed some blood?!!!

Abdullah/Jet: ?!
Announcer: It looks like someone's attacking the deadly duo!!!
Abdullah/Jet: Aaaaghhhhhhhhhh!!!
Abdullah: Buerghh!
Jet: Uerghh!!
Abdullah: Aaggggghhhhhh...!! // !!! / Hueghhhh!!!
Jet: Oerghhh!!!
Announcer: It's Bellamy~~~!!!

People: Bellamy~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Announcer: Merciless!! Fiendish!! Words I daresay... // ...were made to describe this man!!!
People: Hey, check it out!! That fishman is really strong!!! / This is so exciting!!! // That must be the famous Fishman Karate!! // He's been knocking 'em all out with one hit!!! So cool!!
Announcer: Here's another man who keeps making relentless progress!! / It's the fishman warrior, Hack!!!
Hack: Hahh!!!
Announcer: Meanwhile... // Hmm?
People: Look, over there... What's that guy doing?! // Aaahhhh!!

Luffy: Huh?
Announcer: Oh! My! Word~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Aaaaahhhhh!!! // !!!
Announcer: Just how far does Bartolomeo have to make a mockery of this arena before he's satisfied?!!!
People: Someone make him stop!! // Why hasn't anyone beaten that guy up yet?!!!
Announcer: In front of this packed audience, that loathsome rogue has pulled out his...thing...and started doing his business!!! / This Colosseum has never seen such a crude spectacle!!!
Bartolomeo: Ahhhhh... That feels good...
Announcer: Is nobody going to stop this man~~~~?!!! / Hm?! But wait... It looks like someone will!!
Hack: Some people are taking this battle seriously, boy... // Forgive me, but I will attack you from behind if I must.
Bartolomeo: Eh?!
Hack: Yonsenmai-gawara...!!!
Bartolomeo: Oi...!! Wait, you can't just attack a defenseless -
Announcer: Fishman warrior Hack has stepped up as our hero~~~~!!
People: Go for it~~~!! Take him out, Hack~~~~~!!!

Hack: SEIKEN!!!!
Bartolomeo: Ju~st kidding!
Hack: ?!!!
People: ?!
Announcer: Eh?!
Hack: ...............!!
Announcer: What did he do?!! Instead of Bartolomeo, Hack has collapsed!!! What's going on?!!
People: ?!!
Luffy: What was that?!
Announcer: Bartolomeo... Just what are you~~~~~~~~?!!!
[Insert text: The shameless "cannibal" shows his strength!!]

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