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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 709

King Punch!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 19, 2013 22:26 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 709: King Punch!!
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World Vol 28
"Please, Gable, You Must Run, You Mustn't Fight Any More"

[Insert text: Bartolomeo...what are you?!!]
Hack: !!!
Announcer: ......!!! Hack is defeated~~~~~!!!
People: Aaaahhhhh!!
Luffy: ......?? // What just happened?
Announcer: Fishman Karate master "100-Dan Hack" is down!!! // After I was rooting for him too, the spineless bastard!!!
Someone: Gatz-san, keep the commentary fair!!
Announcer: Who will emerge victorious?!! It's still anyone's game!!
Luffy: ...............!!
Announcer: B Block is down to 24 contenders!!!

Bartolomeo: Maybe it's about time to finish this up...!!
Bellamy: Someone's getting a little cheeky over there...
Dagama: Gamahahahah! ......At this stage, no-one is unhurt!! It's about time... // Hey, Blue Giri?!!
BlueGiri: Hyaohhh!!!
Someone: !!!

Announcer: The big players are getting taken out one by one!! / Mystery gladiator Ricky, too, has lost his chance at fame!! // That Blue Giri is strong!!!
BlueGiri: What did you expect to slice with that toothless sword?! // Old man!
Ricky: ............*pant*...*pant*... // ...It seems I cannot fight...the effects of age... // ............!! // (Curse these hateful cheers......!!! // And curse you... Doflamingo...!!!)
People: Thanks to Dagama's strategy, the number of fighters has really plummeted! // Once he gives the word, we can break formation!! // From here on out, it's time to find the real winner from among ourselv-

BlueGiri: Hyaohh!!!
People: Aaaghhhh!!! // !!! // Don't break the formation!! How did he get behind us?!!
Dagama: Chouwaghh~~~~~~!!!
People: Urghhh!! // Eurghh?!! // ......!! Dagama, why you...!!!
Dagama: Excellent work, my simple-minded dogs!! / Don't worry, you'll get your rewards later!!
People: ...............!!
BlueGiri: I was assigned the job of clearing up the dogs, y'see...
People: Blue Giri?!

Dagama: Hmph!! Warriors who can't use their own heads will end up nothing more than pawns on the battlefield!! // Go get them, Longleg man!!
BlueGiri: Hyaohhh!!!
People: You played us for fools, Dagama~~~~!!
Dagama: (And now you've turned your back on me, it's your turn to fall... // Blue Giri!!!) // Bbwgghiiiiihhhhh~~~~~~!!!
BlueGiri: Hyaohhhh~~~~!!!

Dagama: Guohhhh!!! Curse you... You betrayed me...!!! // Blue Gi... // Aaaaaghhhhhh!!!
Announcer: And even strategist Dagama is out of the running~~~~~~!!!
Dagama: Aaaaaaghhhhhhhh!
BlueGiri: What amazes me is that anyone in the world... / ...was fool enough to trust a shifty old geezer like you!!!
People: Nice going, Longleg man~~~~~~!!! // Blue Giri~~~~~~~!!♡
Announcer: But meanwhile~~~~!!
People: Noooooooo~~~~~~!!!

Announcer: Our hero Bellamy is on his last legs~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Bellamy-sama~~~!!!
[BubbleSFX: drip... drip...]
Announcer: And his opponent is... Oh, not that guy again~~~~~!!!
Bellamy: What the hell kind of ability... // ...does this guy have......?!!!
Bartolomeo: Hehahahah!
Luffy: Bellamy...
People: It's just like what happened to Hack!! Bellamy attacked him, but somehow got damaged himself!! // That Bartolomeo is really pissing me off!!
Luffy: .................. // Hey, Bellamy~~~!!! Don't give up~~~!!!

BlueGiri: Now, what'll it be, Elizabello...?!! // There's nothing more precarious than a King out in the open... // Everyone's been just dying to take you down.
Elizabello: Hahahah... / Dagama did his job well... // All that remains is to unleash it!!!
People: ?!
Elizabello: That formation wasn't protecting me... It was protecting you!! // There is nothing more dangerous than a lethal blade out in the open......!!! Am I wrong, young man?!
BlueGiri: ?!
People: Something's been bothering me... / That guy's the King of Prodence, right...? // I remember seeing a news article about him... / Something about an enemy fortress crumbling from a single punch...!! // Don't be stupid! He used some kind of weapon, right?! // But if that article was telling the truth...!!!

People: The force of that guy's punch... / ...could blast all the way through the audience seats in front of him!! // Huh?! / ...No way... That couldn't be possible!!
Announcer: There's a real tension in the air...!! // The King who until how has stayed silent in the middle of his defensive formation... // ...is about to make his move!!!
Elizabello: KI~~~~~~~~~~NG!!!
People: Run for it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Announcer: Was that infamous incident really the truth?!
Someone: Elizabello, your head is mine!!

BlueGiri: Outta my way!!! I'll smash the bones in his neck to pieces!!! // Shooting Moon!!!
Bartolomeo: Ughhh... What a stubborn bastard!! // The hell is this?! Get off me!!!
Bellamy: Hahah... Like hell I will!! Don't take the power of springs so ligh- // !!! // ?!!
Bartolomeo: The hell is that?!
BlueGiri: Hyaohhh~~~~~!!
Ricky: (The King of Prodence...!!)

People: !!!

[no text just punch]

Announcer: .................. // ...............!! // N...Now, that's what I call a force to be reckoned with!!! // Surely nobody in the ring can have survived that?!!! // ......!! Bellamy!!! Blue Giri!!!
People: Bellamy-sama~~~~~!!
Announcer: Our favourites for victory are out for the count!!!
Luffy: *cough* *cough*!! / What an amazing punch...!! // I've never seen anything like it...!!
Announcer: ......!! 138 fighters took part in this B Block battle royale!! / But it looks like we have our winner! From the Prodence Kingdom, it's -
People: Hey!! Look over there!!
Announcer: Hmm??
People: There's someone standing!!

People: The only reason the audience seats weren't blown away... / ...is because he blocked the shockwave!!
Elizabello: ?!
Bartolomeo: Hehahahahahah......
Elizabello: ...............?!
Bartolomeo: Ba~~~~~~~~rrier!!
Elizabello: ???
Bartolomeo: Cross your fingers just like so to put up a barrier!! / Even a kid could tell you that, right? // I ate the Bari Bari no Mi... // I'm a "Barrierman".........!!!

Bartolomeo: BARRIER CRUSH!!!
Elizabello: !!!
Announcer: Guahhhhhh~~~!!! The Fighting King... / Elizabello the Second is down and out!!! ......!! // Which means the winner of B Block is...dammitall...!!

Announcer: It's Bartolomeo~~~~~~~!!!
Bartolomeo: Hehahahah!! The lot of you can go to hell~~~~~~!!!
People: Aaaaaaghhhhhhhh~~~!! // Nooooo~~!! Why him, of all people~~~?!!
Bartolomeo: You just wait - I'll get the Mera Mera no Mi to its rightful owner...!!!
Luffy: ...............!! // ...That weird guy won the fight......!!

Franky: ...You mean you're -
OneLeg: Ssshhhh!!! Not so loud!!!
[Box: Inside the Colosseum - Passage to the Audience Seats]
Franky: (You mean you're plotting to destroy that factory too?!)
OneLeg: (Indeed I am...!! My compatriots and I have long been making preparations to put this plan into action!!)
Franky: (Tell me where it is!! I'll take it out straight away!!)
OneLeg: (That won't do at all!! We want to save the people who are working inside the factory!!) // Our plan is a great undertaking that will mean the collapse of this entire country!!
Franky: !!
OneLeg: If you have the guts and the resolve to rise up against Doflamingo... // I'll tell you the whole story of this tragic land of Dresrosa!!!
[Insert text: What now...?!]

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