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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

One Piece 710

To Green Bit

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 8, 2013 21:37 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 710: To Green Bit

[Insert text: With the B Block battle over...]
Bellamy: I guess I haven't...changed a bit... / I feel so humiliated...
Luffy: ...............!! / You have changed, Bellamy.
Medics: Out of the way, people!
Bellamy: Hahah... You're the one that's changed. // Your Haki is beyond anything I could have imagined......!! And on top of that... / had the nerve to cheer for me......
Luffy: Huh? Did I?
Bellamy: .................. // My torn to pieces......!!! // Straw Hat......!!!
Bartolomeo: ?! // (Huh...?! "Straw Hat"......?!!)

[Box: 45 minutes before the agreed time... // Caesar Handover Team]
People: Aaaaaaaaaghhhhhhh~~~~~!!! // It appeared~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! / So much for a strong iron bridge~~~~!!

Robin: I must admit, I expected these Fighting Fish to
Law: Looks like a fish to me.
Usopp: Like hell that thing is a fish!
Caesar: It's no different from a sea monster!! / A beast!!!
Law: Don't worry. These guys will take care of the Fighting Fish.
Usopp: How about you take care of them, Shichibukai?!!!
Law: No...I'm afraid I can't fight right now.
Usopp: Here it comes!!!
People: !!
Usopp: Hissatsu: Midoriboshi!! // There's one on the other side too!! // Two of them at once!! We'll be crushed~~~~~!!!
Robin: Mille Fleur: Gigantesco Mano......!!

Usopp: Dokuro Exploding Grass!!!
Fish: !!! // ?!!
Robin: Spank!!!
Law: See? No problem.
Usopp: Oh, shut up!!

Usopp: How many of those things do you think there are?!!! // There's a whole swarm of 'em!!! // Let's make a run for it!! There's too many to fight, we'd never get through them all!!!
Law: Mister Nose!! // Release Caesar's restraints!! / He can fight for us too!!
Caesar: Whaaaat?!!
Usopp: If we release him, he'll just fly away and leave us!!
Law: No, I don't think he'll do anything rash......
Caesar: Aghhhh!! My heart!! // You're going to meet a sticky end one of these days!! // The nerve of you, using a genius like myself like a common underling......!!! // Gastille!!!
Fish: !!!

Usopp: Ahhh!! Now that's an attack!! This guy doesn't have a 300 million bounty for nothing!!
Law: Now run!!!
Usopp: Seriously, could you not do a little fighting youself?!!!
Law: My ability takes a hefty toll on my stamina the more I use it...!! // I need to stay at my best in preparation for the way back. / You get it?! // We have to save every ounce of strength we can!!! // This is Doflamingo we're dealing with...!!!
Caesar: !!! // (Law, you madman... Are you really going to go up against Joker?!)

Usopp: Guys, this is bad!! // ...............!! // The bridge is broken!!! / I can't even see the shore ahead through the mist!! // There's a Fighting Fish coming at us head-on!!! // We can't let them destroy this bridge any further!! // Hm?!
Fish: ?!! // ...............!!
Law: ?!
Usopp: ?
Robin: It stopped...

People: ?! // ..................
Someone: A~~~~nd pull~~~~~~!! // Now that's a nice catch! / Today's the big fight!! / A Fighting Fish stew will give us just the strength we need~~~~~!! // Yeah~~~~!! // Pull 'er in~~~~!!
Robin: Who is that...?
Law: Residents of the island...?!
Usopp: Wasn't it meant to be uninhabited?!
Caesar: Gastane~~~~~~~~t!! Shurororo!! / *pant*... *pant*...
Usopp: Hey, you people over there! Who are you~~~~?! / We're trying to cross this bridge!!
People: ?!! // ? // (Humans!! // Quick, run!!)

Law: ?
Caesar: Curse you, Law, you're going to pay for this!!
Law: Just take us to the island.
Caesar: What do you take me for?!! Do you have any idea... / much gas energy it takes to make three whole people float?!! I'm an important hostage, you realise that?!! // *pant*... *pant*... / ......Made it...... / *pant*... *pant*...
Robin: The sea is filled with the remains of ships that fell foul of the Fighting Fish... // It doesn't look like anyone is here just yet.
Law: Looks like the trail those people left dragging the fish ends here... // What in the world was that all about...?!!
Usopp: ......At any rate...

Usopp: This sure is a seriously wild forest~~~~!!!
[Box: Uninhabited Island North of Dresrosa / Green Bit]
Caesar: O~~~~~i!!! Joker~~~~~~!! / It's me!!! Hurry up and get me out of here~~~~!!!
Usopp: Th... This is Green Bit... / What's up with all these giant plants......?
Law: The southeastern beach where we're making the handover is that way. / At 3 PM, we're leaving you there.
Caesar: ...............!!

Usopp: Ahh......!! Look over there, on the opposite coast!! // Isn't that a Marine battleship...?!!!
Caesar: ?!
Law: (.........)
Usopp: It's stuck right into the island!!! // This is way beyond just running aground!! // How did it end up like that?!
Robin: ......... // The damage to the plant life looks very recent......
Usopp: ?! // Huh......?!
Robin: It seems safe to assume that ship only just arrived...

Robin: The body of the ship isn't as heavily damaged as I expected, either.
Usopp: So what, it came here through that swarm of Fighting Fish...?!
Robin: It can only be a matter of time before the Marine soldiers find us here.
Caesar: !!! / Ehhhhh~~~?!! Have they caught wind of our deal somehow?! / This is news to me!!!
Usopp: Shhhhhhh!!! You idiot scientist, not so loud!!!
Caesar: You do realise there's a bounty on my head?!!! / With my boss, Joker, no longer a Shichibukai, there's nothing to protect me from the law!! // You can't just abandon me handcuffed on an island with Marines, I'd be...! / ...............!!!
Law: .........
Caesar: No, wait - Joker himself is just an ordinary pirate now, too!!!
Robin: ......You have quite the sly look on your face.
Law: ...Mere coincidence. / How would I be able to summon Marines here? / .........
Flashback!Law: Once I leave this island, I'm planning to head for "Green Bit"...

Caesar: We can't carry out this deal here!! Cancel it at once!!!
Law: The Marines are an enemy to me as well, you know. / I've formed an alliance with the Straw Hats, after all... // There are just fifteen minutes to go. I'm counting on your sniping and intelligence skills.
Caesar: You'd better not have set me up, Law!!!
Law: Do what you can to back me up...!! We don't know who could be lurking in this place. / If you spot anything amiss in the forest, let me know immediately.
Robin: Very well.
Usopp: Hold on, hold on!! Dealing with Marines wasn't part of the plan!!
[Box: 14 minutes before the agreed time... The forest of Green Bit]
Usopp: (R...Robin!! This forest is dangerous! / Wait up! Don't stray too far from me!!)
Robin: Ahaha... That's a very gallant thing to say, Usopp.
Usopp: (Aghhh!! You're talking too loud!! / Seriously, please don't leave me behind!!)

Usopp: Could you go a little slowe- / Uergh!
Robin: .........
Usopp: (...........................)
Marines: Who goes there?!! Is that the Straw Hat Pirates?!!
Usopp: (Aghhh!! They know it's us!! // Hm?)
Someone: I'm no Straw Hat!! / I'm Leo!!
Marines: ?! // Where are you...?! Who are you?! Show yourself......!!
Usopp: (It's the Marines!! ...But who are they talking to?!)
Robin: (It certainly seems like they knew we were coming here.)
Someone: Are you good people? Or are you bad people?
Marines: ! / We are Marine soldiers. Our duty is to protect the people. Of course we are good people!!
Someone: Then give us those weapons, please!!
Marines: ?!

Marines: We cannot surrender our weapons!! // We have a mission to complete!! // Now show yourselves!!! // Aghhhhhh!!
Usopp: Huh...? What's going on?!
Marines: Uaghhhh!! // Arghhh!!
Robin: They're too fast, I can't see...
Marines: Uaghhhhhh!! // Dammitall~~~~!! // They took all our clothes!! // What the heck is this forest?!!

Robin: Mille Fleur... // Campo De Flores!!!
People: Aaaaahhh!! // Ahh! / Kab-san!!
Robin: I got one!!
People: Aahhh!! Help me! // Kab-sa~~n!
Usopp: Huh?? Robin!! What are you...?!!
Robin: I think... // ...they're dwarfs!!!
Usopp: Ehhhh?!!
[Insert text: What's going on?!]

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#1. by bmjy1000 (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 9, 2013
Cnet, are you tired? I ask because on Usopp's Dokuro Bakuhatsu So you used Dokuro Exploding Grass.
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