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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

One Piece 711

Adventure in the Land of the Dwarfs

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 16, 2013 01:08 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 711: Adventure in the Land of the Dwarfs
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 29: The Old Woman Gets Blasted Away

[Insert text: Who is doing what?!]
Dwarfs: What's in the bad? // Books... Notepads... Clothes... A Den-Den Mushi...!! // What about inside her clothes? // Investigating that as we speak!! // Make sure you don't leave any weapons! // Point C, nothing to report!
Robin: Mnhhh......!!
Dwarfs: Point A, nothing to report here either! // This is Point B... / Doesn't look like there's anything hidden he-
Robin: Ehh?!!
Dwarfs: Ahhhhh!! She's awake, she's awake!!! / Enter defensive positions!!! // The Big Human is awake!!!

Robin: Oww... // Where in the world am I...?!
Leo: Don't think about trying to escape!! // Stay still and do not move!! // You are a bad Big Human, yes?!
[Box: Tontatta Tribe / (Dwarf) / Warrior Leo]
Robin: (......Dwarfs...!! // Is this their homeland...?!)
Kab: Careful now, everyone...
Someone: Kab-san!
Kab: This Big Human uses the arcane arts!!

Kab: I witnessed it myself... / She made hands bloom like flowers from the ground beneath us!
Flashback!Dwarfs: Aahhh!! Help me! // Kab-sa~~n!
Kab: Before we had any chance to escape...
Flashback!Robin: Was it you who took the Marines' clothes...?!
Kab: She laid eyes on us!!
Flashback!Usopp: Oi, Robin!! // What do you mean, dwarfs-
Flashback!Someone: Tranquiliser Flowers!!!
Flashback!Usopp: Aahhh!!
Flashback!Robin: ?!! // Unhh...
Robin: (They put me to sleep somehow and brought me here... / I wonder if Usopp is all right...? // I should be able to use my ability...but I fear it would only complicate things...)

Robin: Is this place...underneath Green Bit?
Leo: That's right! Deep underground the great forest cultivated by my people! // There is no plant in the world that we cannot grow!! / This is our country - the Tontatta Kingdom!! // There's no point trying to move. / I've tied you down to the ground with my "Nui-Nui" arcane art!!
[TN: "Nui" = "sewing"]
Leo: Nobody who has laid eyes on a Tontatta... / ...can be allowed to leave this place alive!!
Robin: !! // ......Oh dear... // I'm very sorry. I only acted out of curiosity. // I had no intention of harming any of you. I won't tell anyone what I have seen here...
Leo: Filthy lies!! What fool would believe such excuses?!!
Robin: It's true!!
Leo: Huh?!!

Leo: Well, if it's true, that's okay then.
Robin: (?!!)
Leo: Phew, I was worried for a moment. // I really thought you were a bad person...
Robin: (Why is he so trusting...?) // Thank you.
Leo: Here, have your glasses back.
Gancho: Hey!! Leo!! What do you think you're doing?!!
Leo: Tonta-Chief-sama! It turns out she's a good person!
Gancho: Don't be ridiculous!!
Leo: But she said so herself!
Gancho: Ehh?! // Well, that's all right then.
Robin: (...!! Are they all this trusting?!!)
Gancho: My name is Gancho.
[Box: Tontatta Kingdom / Tonta-Chief (King) / Gancho]
Gancho: I'm the Tonta-Chief, the most senior guy in the whole Tontatta Kingdom! // Dear me, it's not every day I get to see a Big Human up so close!

Robin: !! // Oh, no... There's barely any time left until 3 o'clock...
Gancho: Hmm? Is something the matter?
Robin: I have to get in contact with Law... // Gancho-san... Do you have my Baby Den-Den Mushi...?
Dwarf: Oh - we returned it to the wild!!
Robin: Ahh!! // This is a problem... Can you show me to the exit, then?
Leo: Hold it!! If you're a good person, you have to give us some kind of weapon!! That's the rule!! / If you don't give us anything, we'll take all your clothes!!!
Robin: Eh...? But I don't have any weapons...
Leo: Then it can't be helped. // We'll be taking your clothes now.
Robin: ?!

Leo: Take 'em all!!!
Robin: Eh?!!
Flapper: Stop!!! You must wait!!! / *pant* / *pant*
Leo: Flapper!! / What is the problem?!
Flapper: That Big Human is a friend of the Hero!!!
Leo: ......Ehhh?!! Wh... // What exactly is this "Hero"...?!!
Flapper: It turns out the other Big Human we captured... / ...is really a Legendary Hero who came here to help us!!!
Dwarfs: Really~~~~?!! / That's great~~~!! // That's amazing~~~!!
Robin: (Usopp... What kind of lies have you been telling...?)

[Box: Dresrosa, Port Town Acacia]
Wikka: Right!! / I said right!! // Why did you just turn left?!!
Zoro: Oh, shut up, will you?!! I'm in a hurry here too!!!
People: ? // Mama, that guy's talking to himself... // Come here now, don't look him in the eye...
Wikka: I'm in a bigger hurry!! If I don't make it in time...!! // It'll be all your fault!!! // You have to hurry to the Flower Field!!!
Zoro: All right already, now just shut up!!!

Zoro: ...............!!
Flashback!Wikka: Owwwwww... This is bad, really bad!! // *cough* // Oh, I'm such a clumsy fool!! At this rate, I'll be seen by a human!! // I have to run, or the humans will... // Ahh!
[Box: Tontatta Tribe / (Dwarf) / Reconnaissance Squad / Wikka]
Flashback!Zoro: ......? ......??
Flashback!Wikka: Waahhh! Waahhh! I'm such a clumsy fool~~! / I'm clumsy, and stupid, and dumb! I knew this would happen one day!
Flashback!Zoro: ......Is this what those "fairies" really are?! // Some kind of toy?
Flashback!Wikka: I'm not a toy! I'm Wikka, from the Tontatta Tribe!! // Please don't tell anyone you saw me!!

Flashback!Wikka: Aaaaaaahh!!
Flashback!Zoro: What is it now?!!
Flashback!Wikka: I can't walk... / It looks like I sprained my foot... / Oh, I'm such a fool, such a fool!
Flashback!Zoro: Just how strong are you?! // The ground is cracking open!!
Flashback!Wikka: You have to help me!! Please, you have to take me to my Captain!! / It is sort of your fault that this happened, after all...
Flashback!Zoro: It's your fault for stealing my sword!!!
Flashback!Wikka: We are the "Green Overseers" of this land! The Big Humans of this country... / ...refer to us as "fairies" and give us all sorts of nice things!! // I'm in a big hurry!! I'm from the Reconnaissance Squad!! / I have to report the location of the Donquixote Family to my Captain!! // This is our big chance!! I saw the Donquixote Family... / ...leaving to attack the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates!!
Flashback!Zoro: ?!

Flashback!Wikka: Aaaahhh, I'm such a fool!! / Why am I telling you all of this?!!
Flashback!Zoro: Hey, what did you just say?!! / I'm one of those Straw Hats, you know!!
Flashback!Wikka: Aaahh, I'm such a fool!! Such a clumsy fool!!
Flashback!Zoro: Stop destroying stuff!! / Ugh, why did they have to go after them?!! / I've gotta get back to the Sunny!!
Flashback!Wikka: Wait~~~~~!!! // First, you have to take me to the Flower Field!! / If you do, I'll lead you straight to the coast!!
Flashback!Zoro: Forget it. I'm heading straight to the coast!!
Flashback!Wikka: But you're going the opposite way! You don't know your way around here, do you?!!
Flashback!Zoro: (!!!) // .........

Zoro: ...So you're saying... / Doflamingo's cronies have been watching our every move this whole time?! / *pant*... *pant*...
Wikka: That's right! And we were watching them watch you!
Zoro: You guys have something against Doflamingo as well?!
Wikka: That's righ...Ah! / I mean, that's a secret!!
Zoro: Ugh...!! It's not just the ship that's in danger...it's everyone!! // Without a Den-Den Mushi, I can't even let them know... / Are we nearly at this "Flower Field" yet?!!
Wikka: Head up those stairs!! // I said up the stairs! Are you even listening?! / A... // Are you a stupid fool?!
Zoro: Shaddup!!!
[Box: Dresrosa, Corrida Colosseum]
Announcer: We're onto C Block, and you won't believe all the tough nuts in this selection!! // They're entering the arena one after another!! The battle will soon begin!!!

Announcer: Are these three the sure favourites to win?!!
Rebecca: ..................
Announcer: From the Kano Country... // ..................
Rebecca: .................. // (.........)
Girl: Wait up, Mister Monkey~~~!
Rebecca: ! // (..................) // Haha...

Franky: What do you mean, a "flower field"?!!
Rebecca: !
OneLeg: Be quiet and keep moving!! I can explain when we arrive!! // And don't let the guards find us!
Franky: You're a soldier, aren't you?
Rebecca: Mr. Soldier!!
Franky: ?! // Hm?
OneLeg: Rebecca......
Rebecca: .........
OneLeg: .................. / ...I saw the list in the Colosseum.
Rebecca: (..................)
OneLeg: ...So you really did enter yourself... / I tried to stop you.
Rebecca: I...I'm going to do it, okay?!! I'm going to win, Mr. Soldier!!

Rebecca: And then... And then...!! // We can live together, can't we?!!!
OneLeg: ...............!! // ......!! This tournament isn't going to be won by a crying warrior!! / Come on... Let's hurry on ahead!!
Rebecca: ......!!
Franky: Huh?! Are you sure?! That girl's crying!
OneLeg: That is why I must hurry!! / Even a mere toy...... // ...can have things he wants to protect...!!!
Franky: ?!
OneLeg: Even if no tears can fall... // ...from these cold, tin eyes...
Franky: ..................

[Box: Green Bit, South-Eastern Beach]
Law: ..................
[Box: Time remaining until Caesar's handover...]
DenDenMushi: Brrrrrrrring!
Law: !
[Box: ...Just two minutes!!]
DenDenMushi: *ka-chunk!!* / Oi, Law!! This is Sanji!!
Law: Mister Black Leg... Have you found the factory?
DenDenMushi: Forget about that!! You've gotta listen!! Get out of there, as quick as you can...!!!
Law: ......? What are you talking about...? / The handover is about to begin.
DenDenMushi: ...............!! // Doflamingo hasn't left the Shichibukai at all!!!
Law: ?!! / ...............?
DenDenMushi: There's no point handing over Caesar, the deal has already been broken!! // This whole thing is a trap!!!
Law: ?!! ...I don't understand... What exactly...
DenDenMushi: Explanations can wait!!! You have to get yourself off that island!!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu!!!
Fujitora: All units to the South-Eastern beach.
DenDenMushi: Hurry!!!
Law: You idiot... It's already too late...
[Insert text: A sudden crisis!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 31.]

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