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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 543


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 29, 2013 18:35 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: The Wandenreich. With all his military forces assembled, what is Juchabach planning...?!]
Juchabach: My Sternritter. // I have some news to tell you. // Come.

Bleach 543
[Insert text: Uryuu, clad in robes of white...]

People: What's this...?! // Who is that man...?! // Why is he standing up there with His Majesty...?
Juchabach: Ishida Uryuu. / The final Quincy to survive in this world. // I hereby...

Juchabach: ...appoint this man... // ...as my own successor.

People: What the...? // What did His Majesty just say...? // His own successor...?! // That suspicious man we've never seen before...?! // Why......?!
BazzB: Hold on a minute, Your Majesty!! // !

BazzB: Jugo...!
Juchabach: I will accept no objections. / And you need not worry. // In the battles ahead, all of you here... // ...will most certainly have the opportunity to witness this man's power for yourselves. // That is all.

BazzB: The hell is going on?! // I don't get what His Majesty is thinking at all!! // Who the hell is that guy?! / Is somebody going to give a proper explanation already?!!

Mask: An explanation...?
[Text: Sternritter / S / Mask De Masculine]
BG9: That is something I fear only His Majesty could provide...
[Text: Sternritter / K / BG9]
[Text: Sternritter / I / Cang Du]
CangDu: ...............
BazzB: Ugh!!
[Text: Sternritter / H / Bazz-B]
BazzB: He expects us to just accept this...?!

BazzB: You're in the way! // I told you, I don't need any of that right now!
Mask: Hey! // Where are you going, Bazz-B?!!
BazzB: To see His Majesty! // I can't just let this slide without saying anything!
Mask: Wha... // Stop at once, you fool! // Do you honestly believe His Majesty would forgive such an act?! / Bazz-B!!
BazzB: !

BazzB: ......Jugo...
[Text: Sternritter / B / Jugram Haschwalth]

Haschwalth: ...Where are you going, Bazz-B?
BazzB: ...Let me ask you right back. Haven't you got anything to say about this bullshit? // 'Cause me, I always thought... // ...if His Majesty was gonna have a successor, it would be you for sure. // I doubt any of the Ritter would've been able to complain if His Majesty had appointed you his successor. // So how come you're so calm about this?!
Haschwalth: ...His Majesty's will is all that matters. // It is not my place to dispute his decision.
BazzB: ...Tch. / What a goddamn coward. // I'm disappointed in you.

BazzB: In that case, I guess you won't mind if I take that position from you!! // If you've got no problem with some dude coming out of nowhere and taking what ought to be yours... // ...then I'll go and take it for myself!!
Haschwalth: ...Calm yourself, Bazz-B.
BazzB: Ehhh?! // I ain't the one who's not thinking straight here! / You're the one who needs to get a grip!!

People: !!
NakkLeVaar: Well, whaddaya know. // You really are pretty calm.

NakkLeVaar: You didn't go charging in head-first. // A calm decision. / Very calm indeed~~~~!
[Text: Sternritter / D / Askin Nakk Le Vaar]
BazzB: Nakk Le Vaar... / The hell are you playing at...?
NakkLeVaar: Just helping you out. / It's not good to fight. // His Majesty does not approve of conflict. And besides... // We should also consider the eyes of onlookers.
SomeGuy: Geh... / Heh... / Heh...

NakkLeVaar: I would advise you both... / ...to let this matter lie. // There is nothing pleasant about such petty fighting. // For you in particular... / ...it will be nothing but a poison. // Would you not agree... / Hmm? // Future Emperor.

Juchabach: ......With this... // ...the ceremony is complete. / Your powers will soon begin to awaken. // Allow me to bestow upon you a "Schritt". // To you... // ...I grant the letter "A", the same as I bear myself.

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