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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 712


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 30, 2013 00:02 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 712: Violet
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 30: "Run, Gable!!" "Yeah, I think I will!!"

[Insert text: What in the world...?!]
[Box: Winding back the clock just a little... / 30 minutes before Caesar's handover // Dresrosa]
Violet: Before me, all men may as well be standing stark naked. // From the moment I met you, I already knew everything about you...... // I had heard you had a weakness for women... / But I must say, I never expected you to be this pathetic.
Sanji: *cough* // *pant*... *pant*...
Violet: Your collar is a mess, your tie less than straight...your shirt all covered in blood. / Hardly any way to present yourself.
Sanji: ...............!!

Violet: What a failure of a man you are..."Black Leg Sanji". / Did you really think you had somehow captured my heart? / Ahaha... How amusing.
People: Gahahahahah! What a pathetic worm! / He fell for our Ane-san's seductive charms and walked right into her trap!!
[Box: Donquixote Family / (♣Trebol Army) / Assassin / Violet]
Sanji: ...*pant*... You're lying to me... / Violet-chan...*pant*...*pant*...
People: ?! // Oi, what're you dreaming up now, idiot?! You realise everything back there was just an act?!
Sanji: I know you have a beautiful heart inside...... // Yet you let twisted villains tempt you into a place you don't really want to be......
Violet: After all this, you're still spouting such nonsense?

Violet: Snap out of your romantic stupor already!!!
Sanji: !!!
People: Aaahhh!! So brutal!! Yet beautiful!! // What a perfect kick, Ane-san!! // You disappoint me......

Violet: Even as you suppress your hatred for me... // I can see you are searching for any chance to escape... / Did you honestly believe you could fool me with your honeyed words? // ......... // Ahahahah... Lies won't work on me, I'm afraid. / I consumed the Giro Giro no Mi... // ...and became a Seeing Woman. // Capable of seeing through anything and everything... // Men are all the same. Liars, the lot of them. / Now, it's time for you to show me the inside... // ...of your head filled with lies...
People: Here it comes!! That pose!!
Violet: Why have Trafalgar Law and Straw Hat Luffy formed an alliance? / What objective do your people have on Dresrosa besides your visit to Green Bit? // What is your strategy... What are you plotting? No need to speak a word... / The answers will all be written clear as mud on the inside of your head! Once I know the truth, your crewmates will be as good as done for...!

Violet: Peeping Mind!!! // Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!
People: ?!! // Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh...What's the matter?!! // Ane-san!!!
Violet: ...H...How indecent!!!
People: Indecent~~~~~~?!!
Violet: Never before have I seen a head so filled with...with pink!!!
People: Ehhhh?!!
Violet: Where is your strategy?! Your precious objective?! / How are these thoughts going through your mind in this situation?!! ......!!!
Sanji: ......!! That's because...
Violet: ?!!

Sanji: ......Your eyes in that moment......
Flashback!Violet: There's a man I'd like you to kill.
Sanji: ...held nothing but truth...!!!
Violet: ?!!
Sanji: ......I don't care if a million other men would condemn you...... // I WILL NEVER DOUBT... // ...A WOMAN'S TEARS!!!!
People: What crazy nonsense are you blabbering, you half-dead idiot?!! // Ane-san!! If this pervert isn't going to be any help to us, let's just get rid of him!!

People: The head of Black Leg Sanji, member of the Straw Hat Pirates... / ....worth a bounty of 77 million Beli... // ...IS OURS FOR THE TAKING~~~!!!
Violet: Hierro Lágrima... // Mekujira!!!
[TN: "Hot Iron Tears: Eye Whales"]
People: ?!! // A - Ane-san?!! What are you doing~~~~?!!

Sanji: Violet-chan... / I knew it... You don't really want to be working with these guys at all...
Violet: ...Don't worry about me...!! Just run, quickly...Black Leg!!
Sanji: ?!
Violet: Our people have been tracking your crew's every move.
Sanji: Eh?!
Violet: To think that you would place such trust in me, an enemy... // You really are a failure of a man...!! / But thank you for what you said... It made me happy...
Sanji: I don't know what your deal is, but you don't want to work for Doflamingo, right?! ......!! // You don't need to stay here!! Come with us, you can leave this island on our ship!!
Violet: There's something I want you to see, Black Leg.
Sanji: !
Violet: From the moment you brought Caesar to this island...you and your crew have been caught in his trap.
Sanji: Trap?!
Violet: Take a look inside my head. // This is a memory from this morning on Dresrosa...

Sanji: ?!!
Flashback!People: Your Majesty~~~~~!! // Please don't say you're leaving us!! // Doflamingo-sama~~~~~~!! // Please, tell us why!! Why are you stepping down from the throne?!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: The populace is getting pretty noisy... Aren't CP-0 here yet?
Flashback!People: There's a Government ship approaching the port!!! // Cipher Pol "Aegis" Zero!! // Officials working directly under the World Nobles!! // What are they doing here...?
Flashback!CP0Dude: Calm yourselves, people of Dresrosa. / Regarding the worldwide reports that Doflamingo has abandoned both his position as Shichibukai and his throne as King of Dresrosa...

Flashback!CP0Dude: This was a mistake. // The reports are false.
Flashback!People: ?!!
Flashback!Cp0Dude: An extra newspaper edition is set to be released this afternoon at 3 o'clock... / ...to inform the world of this mistake. // Until this time, no mention should be made of this information! It is forbidden to speak of this matter! // You should all go about your lives as usual... // ...as if nothing has happened at all!
Sanji: ...............!! // Huh?!!

Sanji: The hell is this?!! It's like the whole world has been distorted around us......!! / The World Government?! That's way beyond the kind of authority a Shichibukai should be able to wield...!
Violet: I'm...too afraid of that man to run away from him...!! / But there may still be time for your crew to escape!! // You have to contact them, quickly!!
[Box: The present; Green Bit]
DenDenMushi: *zzzzt*... *zzzzt*......
Law: ...............!! // What the hell do I do now?!!
DenDenMushi: *zzzzt*... // *zzzzt*...
Fujitora: So what exactly are you telling me here, Saka-san...? / You're saying even Marine HQ was taken in by these false reports......?
Sakazuki: Yes, and I assure you I'm as irritated by this as you are. / I'm going to go and have a word with the Gorousei of Mariejoa. At any rate, now you know...!!

Robin: I heard your conversation just now! That was Sanji, yes?!
Law: Miss Nico!!
Caesar: Guooohhh!! Why is there half a woman down there?!!
Law: Tell me - where is your main body right now?! Is Mister Nose with you?! If what we just heard is true, the deal is off!
Caesar: Off?! What do you mean, the deal is off?! What happens to my handover, then?!!
Law: Miss Nico!! I need you to get Mister Nose!! We're getting off this island immediately!!
Robin: The thing is...we're actually underground right now!!
Law: Underground?!
Robin: We got mixed up in a spot of trouble... Don't worry, though, we're both safe.
Law: ?!
Robin: We can't promise you any assistance, but if you're going to escape, please go on ahead. // We'll meet you later at the port we agreed on. You have my word.
Law: I see. All right, the- // ?!!

Law: ...............!!
Robin: Good luck!
Law: Same to you!
Caesar: Jo~~~~~~ker~~~~~~~!!!
Fujitora: ?!
[Box: 3:00 PM]
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffuffu...!!!
Caesar: Gehhhh!! M...Marines!! No, wait...is that fine?!
Doflamingo: Well, you've impressed me, I'll give you that!! // I didn't expect to see a Marine Admiral show up here......! // Eh, Law?!!
Fujitora: ..................
Doflamingo: Without my Shichibukai title to protect me, I'm shaking in my boots right now!!
Law: ......!! // You dirty liar!!!

[Box: Meanwhile, on Dresrosa... The Corrida Colosseum]
Cavendish: Straw Hat~~!! When did you get out in the ring?!!
Guards: No interfering with the match, Cavendish!!!
Announcer: All our contenders are assembled!!! The 139 warriors of C Block!!! // It's a battle royale!! Who will come out on top?!! // And there's the gong~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Wheeeeew, I was getting tired of waiting!!! / Time to do this~~~~~~~~~~!!!

[Box: Meanwhile, around the world...]
People: Extra~~~~~~~!! // Extra~~~~~~!! / There's a correction to today's news~~~!! // ?! // Ehhhhhh~~~~~?! // The big news about Doflamingo... // ...was a false alarm~~~?!! // What kind of bullshit is that...?!!
[Box: Green Bit]
Law: So you used the power of the World Government... / ...and fed false information to the entire world... Just for the sake of pulling the wool over the eyes of our tiny alliance?!!
Doflamingo: You know what they say... The bigger the magic trick, the simpler the secret behind it! // Right, Law?!

Doflamingo: Your own preconceptions that I would never pull such an outrageous stunt... / ...are what blinded you to the truth!!
Law: But you're a pirate!!! / Even with Shichibukai privileges, you shouldn't have the authority to organise something like this!!!
Fujitora: .........
Law: There's hardly anybody in the world who could command that kind of authority...!! / Nobody short of the Tenryuubito themselves!!
Flashback!Vergo: You know nothing of Joker's past... // That ignorance will be your downfall!!!
Law: Don't tell me you're...!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu!!! ......This goes deeper than you think! // Law...!!! At any rate, I've been longing to kill you!!!
Law: !!!
[Insert text: What isn't this man capable of?!!]

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