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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 713


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 8, 2013 18:37 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 713: Usoland
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 31: Run, Run, Run From The Stronger Pirate Scotch

[Insert text: The major players assemble!!]
Caesar: Joker!! Hurry up and deal with this miserable- // Eughh!!
Law: I can't let you have this man...not now!!! // You haven't kept a single word of your side of the bargain!!!
Doflamingo: .........
Law: Doflamingo... Our deal is officially null and void!!
Caesar: Aghhhhh!! What the hell are you saying?!! After we've come all this way!!

Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffu!!! Is that how you greet your boss after more than ten years of avoiding all contact?! // Just leave him here, Law!!! Caesar is a valued subordinate of mine!!
Caesar: ......Jo......
Marines: Isshou-san... That man with Law is Caesar Clown.
Caesar: Joker~~~~~!!
Fujitora: ...I see...... / The scientist behind that poison-gas accident... // But even so... / If he's a subordinate of our Shichibukai friend... // We'll have to let him go with a pardon.
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu!! So it's you, eh...? // I've heard all about you, Fujitora. Specially appointed as a Marine Admiral through the World Conscription system. / I hear both you and Ryokugyuu are full-on monsters with power to spare!
[TN: "Ryokugyuu" = "Green Cow/Bull", so presumably another new Admiral.]
Fujitora: I'm honoured you think so highly of me.
Doflamingo: Hmph!! What a tepid old fool...!!

Fujitora: As a relative newcomer to the Marine ranks, I must admit... I find it difficult to understand your actions. / Though definitive proof has yet to emerge... // I have reliable sources informing me that you are not entirely following... / ...the rules that come with your Shichibukai position. // I believe I heard that man call you "Joker" just now.
Caesar: !!
Fujitora: Tell me, is that some kind of...nickname?
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu!! If you want to investigate my business, I'd advise you... / ...to make sure you have your affairs in order before confronting me with empty accusations!!
Fujitora: .........
Doflamingo: Fuffu... So? How have the Marines decided... // ...to deal with our friend Law here?
Law: .........
Fujitora: ...With regard to the reports of your association with the Straw Hat Pirates... / If, as the article claims, you have formed an "alliance", this is a breach of contract!! // However, if the Straw Hats have become your subordinates... This would not be a transgression!!
Law: !!

Fujitora: So tell me, Law-san...which is it? // Depending on your answer, my mission here may become the apprehension of both yourself and your Straw Hat allies.
Caesar: Hold on! What the hell kind of condition is that?! // There's no way of determining the truth; he can just lie!!
Law: (This isn't going the way I intended at all... I've wound up on completely the wrong side of this confrontation. // And if I let this mess spill over into Dresrosa... / ...it will only make the situation worse.) // ......... // There is no subordination between myself and the Straw Hats!!! // (I'll have to buy some time.) // The reports are correct - this is an alliance!!!
Caesar: ?!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu!! What an awkward man you are.

Fujitora: Then your position must be revoked. // I just hope that ends up being the only big news that gets reported today...
Law: ?! // ?!! // ......... // You've gotta be kidding... // A meteor?!!
Doflamingo: Well, shit... This is no joke!
Marines: Run for it~~~~~~!! // There's a meteor heading straight for us!!!

[no text just desperate struggle]

People: !!!

People: *pant*... *pant*... *pant*...!!
Caesar: *pant*... *pant*...!!!
People: ......Ahh!! // What's this?! What happened?! / What did those guys do in that instant...?!!

People: The ground they're standing on is unharmed!!! // ...............!!
Doflamingo: The hell has the Fleet Admiral been teaching you idiots?!! You filthy mutt!!!
Law: ......At this point, I don't think it's even an issue whether he can see or not...
Fujitora: Much obliged. This was just a little...warm-up.

[Box: Dresrosa, Franky's Team]
Sanji: A "flower field"?! / What is this, a picnic?!!
Franky: Sure, Sanji. How about you tell me where you've been slacking off this whole time?
Sanji: I was falling in love!
Franky: Oh? Well, that sounds like fun. / Meanwhile, I've nearly tracked down the location of the factory.
Sanji: Seriously?!
Franky: Yeah, but it doesn't look like we're going to be able to destroy it just like that. / This might be a little more complicated than we thought.
Sanji: ?!
SomeGuy: Hey! We don't serve food on credit! / Somebody stop that toy!!
Sanji: We don't have time for this. Doflamingo's...
Franky: Yeah, I just read the newspaper extra. / Looks like we've been played for fools. If Doflamingo gets his hands on Caesar now... / Our whole plan will be down the drain. // Let's at least get one over on him by destroying that factory.

Franky: Anyway, you'd better come along with us!! // To the Flower Field!
Sanji: Seriously, what is that fairytale-sounding destination?! // Oh, there's one more thing - I can't get in contact with Nami-san!
Franky: The Sunny...
Sanji: I just hope she's all right...
Franky: Are you still thinking of her as some weakling?! / Don't worry about her. She's got Brook and Monster Chopper to back her up, too!!
Sanji: ...............!!
Franky: Hm? What's wrong?
Sanji: ...............?? // Violet-chan, what's that?
Violet: Oh, that's live from the Colosseum.
Announcer: This mystery gladiator Lucy... / ...is as strong as they come!!
Sanji: (Luffy~~~~!!!)
Someone: That little guy's pretty tough.

Sanji: Franky, I don't want to shock you, but it looks like Luffy's-
Franky: ......... / Oh, yeah... He should be taking part in the tournament about now.
Sanji: What have you got him mixed up in?!! / You were meant to keep him OUT of trouble!!
Franky: Like you're one to talk.
Violet: Ah... "Black Leg", I think I have to leave...
Sanji: ?
Violet: Some subordinates are coming this way! // ...You're looking for a secret factory, yes...? This map will lead you there. / Outwardly, it's referred to as the "House of Toys". That's the factory you're looking for.
Sanji: You can't do that...! If you help me out any further...
Violet: You're a strange one, Black Leg... It makes no difference. I don't doubt the higher-ups are already aware of my betrayal...
Sanji: Violet-chan...!! // The western port!! Promise you'll meet me there!!
Violet: !
Sanji: Hide yourself there until I arrive!! That's where I'm meeting up with my crew! // I swear... I will get you safely off this island!!!

Violet: ......You really are... / ...a hopeless man...
Sanji: Eh?!
Kin'emon: Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Hopeless!!
Sanji: Whoargh!! Where the hell did you just come from?!! / Ah - Violet-chan~~~!♡
Kin'emon: First...could you defeat them for me?
Sanji: !
People: !!!
Sanji: Couldn't you take care of these weaklings yourself?!!
Kin'emon: They were holding Kanjuurou hostage. / I could not lay a finger on them. / *pant*... *pant*... // Now - I need you to accompany me, Sanji-dono!! To a place called the House of Toys! // It seems this is where my comrade Kanjuurou is being held!! Though I know not where it is!!!

[Box: Back on Green Bit // Deep below the forest // The Tontatta Kingdom]
Robin: (That must be Law fighting...)
Dwarfs: What is all this shaking~~~~?!!
Usopp: Aghhhhh~!! / Ohhhhh cruel fate! I don't want to die in a place like this~~!
Dwarfs: Eh?! The Hero is scared!!
Usopp: J... / Just kidding... In truth, this quaking is the power of my very own Haki!!
Dwarfs: Your Haki?!! You mean the technique you used on Fishman Island... / ...to defeat fifty thousand evildoers?!! You really are a Hero!!

Dwarfs: Such power, it shakes the very kingdom!! // Please, keep eating!! Have as much as you like!! // This meat is from Fighting Fish - they're like goldfish, but much bigger!
Usopp: This really is tasty! Tastes a bit like sea monster meat. // (So it really must have been these guys who captured those Fighting Fish back then... // Just how strong are they?! Do dwarfs all have superhuman strength?!)
Leo: They're so big, it would take our whole kingdom months to eat all the meat! // I guess you can eat much more since you're a Big Human, Usoland!
Usopp: Oh, this is nothing. Luffyland could eat a whole fish in one bite!! He's a member of my battle squad, the Usolanders.
Robin: (What is this "Usoland"?)
Usopp: (Look over there. Don't you recognise it?)
Robin: ! // ...............?! // That's...the same face from the picture book we saw on Jaya...

Robin: Is that statue... Montblanc Norland?!
Leo: Indeed! So you know of him as well, yes?! // He's a Big Human who studies plants. He visited our country four hundred years ago! / Back then, our ancestors were in trouble thanks to some nasty Big Humans causing trouble on the island... // But Montblanc appeared to lead our ancestors to victory in battle! He's the legendary hero of the Tontatta!!
Dwarf: When Usoland identified him by name, and explained that he was Montblanc's descendant... / I was so moved!!!
Flashback!Usopp: Look at my head if you do not believe me!! // This chestnut shape is the sign of my lineage!!!
Dwarfs: It's true~~~~~!!!
Robin: (You're a very bad person...)
Usopp: (But thanks to me, we're both safe, right? / Let's just eat up, get us some souvenirs, then head on home!)
Gancho: Yet truly, I cannot help but feel that this is fate!!

Leo: Fate indeed!! To think that after four hundred years, on the very day that we have sworn to mount our final battle against Doflamingo... / The legendary hero would once more appear before us to lend us his strength!!
Usopp: Hm?
Dwarfs: Usoland!! Once you have finished your meal, let us take the underground path to the Flower Field!! // The Captains of our Riku Royal Army and all of our comrades await us... / ...on Dresrosa, where we will face our final great battle!!!
Usopp: Hm?
Dwarfs: We would be honoured to have you stand at our head and lead the charge!! // Today, we will destroy the Donquixote Family!!! // With Usoland by our side, how can we lose?!!!
Usopp: Hmm??
Dwarfs: U-so-land!! // U-so-land!!
[Insert text: Ohhhh dear~~~~~~!!

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