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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 714

Lucy and Ucy

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 14, 2013 19:44 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 714: Lucy and Ucy
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 32: At the Port, The Crew He Abandoned

[INsert text: Things look bad here, too!!]
[Box: Just offshore from Dresrosa...]
Chopper/Brook: Get away from the Sunny!!
Jola: Ohohohoh!
[Box: The Thousand Sunny]
Jola: Silence, peasants!!! // Who are you calling a Mermaid Princess?!!!
Chopper/Brook: Nobody said that!!!
[Box: Donquixote Family / (♣Trebol Army) / Jola]

Jola: Hand over Momonosuke to me at once!! / Why is he suddenly here, when moments ago there was nothing but an eel?!!
Nami: ...............!!
Jola: My orders from the young master are to "kidnap Momonosuke"... / ...and "seize the ship"!!!
Nami: This doesn't look good...!! If she goes too wild with that ability of hers...!!
Chopper: The Sunny might not even be able to function as a ship any more!!
Momonosuke: ..................
Nami: We have to get her to focus her attacks towards us... Away from the ship!!

Jola: You two!! Hurry and seize Momonosuke from these people!! // Honestly, this is such a drag!
Minions: Ahh... Yes, ma'am!! / Jola-sama, ma'am!!
Jola: Ahh, what a drag... Ahhh, my very soul is swaying to and fro!! / Ohohohoho~~~~~!! // The impressions are welling up within me!! My heart is ready to burst forth!!
Chopper: Oh, no!! She's going to do that again!!
Brook: After she found her way into the mens' chambers... / ...the lockers and beds ended up in a terrible state!! // Franky-san will be furious, but more to the point, can it even be changed back?!!

Jola: Ahhhh, the images of beauty and liberation are about to explode!!!
People: Hey - stop!!! // Don't do that on the ship!! Look, we're over here!! / If you're going to aim for something, aim for us!!
Jola: The world must be filled with freedom!! // Do you not agree~~~~~?!!
People: Uwaaahhh~~~!!! // Oh, she's gone and done it now!!! This is terrible!!!
Nami: Aaahhhhh!!
Chopper: Oh, no~~~~!!!

People: ...............!!
Jola: Ohohohoh......
People: It's all over... It's not even a ship any more...
Jola: Mmmmmm~~~~~! / This is true beauty!!! // Yes, with this, the Straw Hat Pirates... // ...have no means of escaping from Dresrosa!! // Ohohohoh!! As if I would fall for your pitiful pleas!!
Nami: !!!
Jola: Ohohohohoh!! // Ohohohohoh!
Momonosuke: ......!!

[Box: Dresrosa // The Corrida Colosseum]
Ricky: I require no treatment!! / I will return home at once!!
Guard: Mr. Ricky, I'm afraid we really can't allow that!! / Particularly for a guest such as yourself... // It is our duty to ensure that all competitors' wounds are properly treated!
Ricky: You have us slaughter one another in front of an audience, and then you speak of treatment?!
Guard: You're still bleeding from your head... Remove your mask so I can treat you!!
Ricky: Do not touch my mask!! Open the exit!!
Guard: Hold him down!! He's badly wounded!!
Ricky: !
Rebecca: .........

Ricky: !! // ...............!!
Rebecca: These wounds are awful...... / You really should allow them to treat you......
Ricky: ......!! Out of my way!! / I can walk by myself...!!
Guard: ...Ah... // Go right down that way...and take the stairs to the basement!!
Ricky: ...............!! // (Rebecca...!! // I'm so sorry......!!)
Rebecca: ...............?

[Box: Inside the Colosseum... The Donquixote Family Waiting Room]
Bellamy: "Straw Hat" is...participating in the tournament right now, Diamante.
Diamante: Feel free to wait until his match is over.
Bellamy: Why does Joker want me to kill him...?
Diamante: I guess Doffy is pretty soft... Giving you another chance like this... / ...after you failed to achieve victory in the tournament. Think yourself lucky, Bellamy. // Assassination is a simple enough task. / Just make sure you take care of him before the tournament is over.
Flashback!Luffy: Hey, Bellamy!!! Don't give up!!!
Diamante: Do this, and you'll officially be granted... / ...a top position in the Family...!!

Bartolomeo: I hear you've set your eyes on eliminating that "Lucy", eh, Cavendish?
Cavendish: ! // ......Bartolomeo... Congratulations on your position in the final. / As for "Lucy"... That's none of your business...
Bartolomeo: Oh, but it is... See, I have no intention... // ...of letting you take him out.
Cavendish: .................. // Ahah... I see. You too, eh? // He's a man of the moment, after all... / But he is my prey.
Bartolomeo: Hehahah... / My motivation runs deeper than yours...!!

Announcer: Contenders are dropping left and right like flies!!! // It's an all-out battle here in C Block~~~!! // But even among all these fearsome clashing warriors... // ...there's one huge warrior who is literally standing head and shoulders above the rest!!
People: He's huge~~~~~!!
Announcer: A member of the "new generation" of warriors from the Giant Country of Elbaf!!
Hajrudin: You ever seen a giant with a Logia power?
Announcer: The ultimate pirate mercenary!! His name...
Someone: Uwahhh!!
Announcer: HAJRUDIN~~~~~~~~~!!!!
Hajrudin: When I get my hands on that Mera Mera no Mi... / Then you'll get your chance!!

Hajrudin: I'm gonna become the king of all giants!!!
Someone: Uaggghhhhhhh!!
Announcer: Each punch of his fist is like a crash of thunder!!!
Someone: Aaaaghhhhh!!
Announcer: Can anyone stand in this giant's way?!!! // Meanwhile, with no regard for the many powerful warriors all around... // ...one fighting bull is charging wildly through the arena!!! // After fighting valiantly against many death-row prisoners in this very Colosseum...

Announcer: ...this murderous bull has famously sent a full 21 men on a one-way journey to hell!!! // This Reaper of the Colosseum is known as... / ...the "Brutal Bull"!!! // And for some reason, one man is now riding atop this deadly beast as though they were old friends~~~~~~!!
People: Aaaahhhh~~~!! // Wahahahahah! // What is that guy doing?!
Announcer: Like a shooting star, he appeared among us, and earned himself instant popularity with his jolly strength!! // It's LUCY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Yeahhhhh~~~!!
BrutalBull: Moooooo~~~~!!!
Announcer: Even I've taken a shine to this guy!! Gyahahah! // Gats-san, please keep your commentating impartial!!
People: Lucy~~~~!♡

Cavendish: So even while hiding your name, you steal the spotlight...? Straw Hat...!!
Rebecca: .................. // Ahahah. // What a funny man...
Luffy: Nyahahah!! Go get 'em, Ucy~~!!!
[TN: The name is a pun on "ushi" (cow/bull) and "Lucy"]
Luffy: Take 'em all out~~~!! // Shishishi!
BrutalBull: Mooo!!
Luffy: !!! // Hmm?
Hajrudin: !
BrutalBull: Hrnngh? Hrrnnngh?
Announcer: Ahh!!
People: Oh, crap!! He just picked a fight with Hajrudin!!!

Hajrudin: You dare to face me?!!
Luffy: !!! // Uh-oh!! Run for it, Ucy!! // Ucy!!
BrutalBull: Moooooooo~~~!!!
Luffy: !!!
BrutalBull: Mrnphh!!
Luffy: Guehhh!!
People: Aaahhhh!! // Bull...!!
Hajrudin: Hmph...
People: Bull~~~~~!! // Lucy~~~!!

People: ...............!!
Announcer: Oh, my......!! // It was over all too quickly...
Rebecca: (..................)
Announcer: The difference in strength was just too great...!! In the face of this rookie from Elbaf... // The Reaper of the Colosseum, and his rider, the mysterious gladiator Lucy...
Hajrudin: Haaaahhhhhh~~~~~~!!!
Announcer: ...simply didn't stand a... // Hmm?!
Luffy: ..................
Announcer: ......!!

People: ?!!

People: ?!!
Announcer: ...............!!! // Whooooooaaaahhhhhhh...!! // The giant is down~~~~~~~!!!
[Insert text: You show them, Luff...er, Lucy!!]

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