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Bleach 546

The Last 9 Days

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 20, 2013 22:30 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Kyouraku speaks of a parting with Ichigo. What can he mean...?!]
Keigo: H...... // Hold on, hold on, hold on... // You almost got me there~~~! / Trying to catch us off guard by acting all scary, are ya~~~~?! // You sure are an awful joker, Mr. Captain man~~~~! // You sure are rocking that look, though!
Shunsui: ...I'm sorry. // I did not come here to joke.

Keigo: If you're not joking around, how can you come out with something like that so lightly? // ...Don't act like it's got nothing to do with you... // You people have got him mixed up in something again, haven't you?!
Tatsuki: Keigo, I don't think -
Shunsui: ...You are quite correct. // It is just as you imagine. // Right now, Ichigo-kun... / ...is with us, working to protect Soul Society.

Mizuiro: ...That's fine with us. / That's the kind of guy Ichigo is... // ...and that's why we're all such good friends with him. // But... // ...Why does that mean we have to talk about parting ways with him?
Shunsui: ...Right now, Ichigo-kun has gone to a place that is quite exceptional, even within Soul Society. // Believe me, / I have every faith that he will return safely. / What worries me, though... // ...is the question... // ...of what manner of power he will have obtained when he does return.
Mizuiro: ...Why is that a problem?
Shunsui: Depending on the nature of his new power, it's possible that it could have unwanted effects on the human world. / If that does happen...

Shunsui: We will not be able to permit him to return to this world.
Keigo: Don't you just go deciding things like that on your own!! // Ichigo went off to Soul Society to help you guys, didn't he?! // And now you're just going to lock him up there because you've decided it's what's best for us?!
Shunsui: ...If it comes to that... / Then yes.
Keigo: Why, you...
Mizuiro: But this is just... / ...one possibility, right?

Mizuiro: How likely is it... // ...that this possibility you're proposing... / ...will actually happen...?
Shunsui: One in ten thousand... / ...or even less. // We really are... / ...only talking about a remote possibility. / At this stage.
Tatsuki: If it's that unlikely, why would you come all this way to...
Shunsui: Because no matter how slight the possibility... // Could I honestly say I had fulfilled my duty to Ichigo-kun... // ...if I kept his friends in the dark?

Shunsui: Which is why... // Here, these are for you!
Keigo: ...Uh, what are they?
Shunsui: These are called Soul Tickets. / In the unlikely event... / ...that Ichigo-kun isn't able to come back from Soul Society, these will let you go and find him instead. // They allow you to freely travel between this world and Soul Society.
Tatsuki: Um, wouldn't it be better... / ...if you gave these to...
Shunsui: Don't worry. // I've already sent a few to Ichigo-kun's family as well.

Shunsui: ...Don't get yourself so down. // It's not like this is going to happen straight away. / It's something to worry about if and when it comes. // Once Ichigo-kun gets back from his little trip... / I'll tell him to come back here as soon as he can. // Until the big battle begins, he can get some well-earned rest in his own world. / All right?

Chad: Are you tired out, Inoue? // Do you want to call it a day?
Orihime: No, no... // I'm fine! // I was just thinking... / It's pretty peaceful here, huh?
Chad: Peaceful? / We're training in preparation for a war...
Orihime: Well, yes, I know that...

Orihime: But even so... / It's like, even though we're human, we can just spend time here in Hueco Mundo like it's normal now... / Helping out all the Arrancar people... // Doing our best to help the Shinigami protect their home... / It's just... / ...kind of nice, don't you think? // I kind of wish... / ...things could stay like this forever. // All of us together... / Helping each other out... // Trying to do what's best for everyone's worlds... // And one day we look back... // ...and realise the start of the war just never came...

[no text just the start of the war]

[no text just bad things happening]

Akon: What the...? // What just happened...?! // What am I looking at...?!

People: All the sensors are showing unusual readings!! // What the heck is going on?!!
Akon: I can't believe it... // Can this... / Can something like this really happen...?!! // Seireitei just......... // ...disappeared............!!!
Juchabach: ...Invasion... // ...complete. // Uryuu. // Do you know the Kaiser Gesang?

Ishida: ...Yes. // The sealed King of the Quincy... / Over 900 years, he shall recover his heartbeat... / Over 90 years, he shall recover his intellect... / And over nine years, he shall recover his power.
Juchabach: The song does not end there. // The sealed King of the Quincy... / Over 900 years, he shall recover his heartbeat. / Over 90 years, he shall recover his intellect. / Over nine years, he shall recover his power. // And over nine days, he shall recover the world.
[Bottom text: From next issue until Issue 40, Bleach will take a break so that the author can collect data. More details on page 276!]

Juchabach: Let us go forth... // Uryuu. / Haschwalth. // These nine days will be the end of this world.
[Bleach 546]
[The Last 9 Days]
[Side text: They attack...!!]

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