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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 716

Don Chinjao

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 9, 2013 14:03 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 716: Don Chinjao
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 34: "We Will Now Make An Example of Reformation Army Captain Gable's Grandmother!!"

[Insert text: A massive melee!!!]
Announcer: This man's offensive doesn't know where to stop!!! It seems he's totally lost it!! // But this assassin from Mogaro, Kerry Funk, is seriously strong~~~~!! All who oppose him are getting swatted away like paper!!!
Sai: Boo!!
Chinjao: Sai...!! Let that brat feel the same pain he inflicted on Boo!!
Sai: ...............!!!
Announcer: This C Block battle is white hot!! // The fierce fighting is reaching a climax!!
SomeGuy: ......!!

SomeGuy: What the heck did I just see?! / Two humans...became one!!
Flashback!Kerry: Hurry up and put me on!! Bobby!! // Jake Jake!! // Two-Man Coat!!
Flashback!Boo: Ehh?!
Flashback!Kerry: Though he was born with this remarkably strong body... / ...Bobby's personality has always been too weak to make good use of it!! // But if I "enrobe" him and take over his personality myself...

Flashback!Kerry: My fighting talents and brutality... // ...together with his body... // ...combine to reach their full potential!! // I ate the Jake Jake no Mi to become a Jacketman!! / Be it human, beast or monster, I can control anything that wears me!!
Flashback!Boo: ?! // Uaaaghh!!
SomeGuy: After they combined like that...it was all over in an instant!

Kerry: Hm? // Hey - have you learned your lesson yet?!! Us two brothers... / ...have made a name for ourselves as master assassins by combining our strength! // While you, a pathetic big brother from the Kano Country...can't even protect your own little brother!!!
Sai: My brother... // ...needed to train harder.
Kerry: You're a harsh one... // Rarararanbou!!! Rararararararararahhh!!! / Ain't the kenpo from the Kano Country supposed to be hot stuff?!!
Sai: From the moment we entered the school of Hasshouken... // ...we left our brotherly compassion behind.

Sai: However... // As leader of the Happou Armada...
Kerry: !!!!

Sai: I will make you pay for harming my subordinate!!!
Announcer: ...............!! // S...S...S...S...!! // So strong~~~~~!!! The power of Hasshouken!!! // Sai shows the enemy how he earned his position as leader!! // The monster Kerry, who nobody else could handle, goes down in seconds~~~~!!!

Chinjao: It's time to pay!!! Straw Hat Luffy...!!! // Your grandfather stole from me... / ...a great fortune of wealth!!! // He stole my strength, and even my youthful reminiscences...!!!
Luffy: I keep telling you... / I don't know about any of that, so tell it to my Gramps, not me!!!
Chinjao: Such an easy fate as death would be too good for the likes of Garp!! / I want him to live...and feel the pain of loss!!!
Jean: Dededede... // Your grandfather...is Garp?! Looks like you really are the real deal.

Luffy: Just give me my helmet back already!!
Jean: !
Luffy: Ahh!
Jean: Take it from me, if you can...!! // That's if you can even come near me!! // Gihaiou!!!
[TN: No clue what this technique name is supposed to actually mean, but it may be a play on Jean's nickname, "Oihagi" ("Highwayman"/"Bandit"). O-I-HA-GI flipped on its head makes GI-HA-I-O(u).]
Luffy: !
Jean: I've been able to make an awful lot of cash these past two years thanks to you!
Luffy: Hm?!
Jean: I've personally eliminated many tens of the prisoners... // ...you released from the Great Gaol Impel Down back then!! Dededede!!

Jean: My ultimate goal is to take care of every last one of your little "jailbreak group"!! // Starting with you, I'll take out "Thousand-Ryo Clown" Buggy, "Knight of the Sea" Jimbei, Sir Crocodile... // ..."Okama Queen" Ivankov, and Shiryuu of the Rain!! / That'll be sure to make me a name for myself!!
Luffy: I wonder how Iva-chan's doing these days~!
Jean: Though it was never announced to the world, a number of dangerous prisoners even escaped from the top-secret Level Six!!! // And I've tracked down their locations!!
Luffy: ......!! From Level Six...?!! // Some prisoners escaped from there......?!
Jean: ......Hngh!! // Ughh...!! Why aren't my attacks hitting you?!!!

Luffy: Hm?
Jean: Eh...
Chinjao: .........
Luffy: I'll be taking that helmet.
Jean: Ah...
Chinjao: Stop throwing things at me, runt!!!
Jean: Urghhh!!! // ........................!!!

Jean: !!!
Announcer: And he's out of the arena!!! This tournament is over for Highwayman Jean!! // It's a one-hit KO~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // The legendary pirate Don Chinjao lands a terrifying headbutt!! He's as strong as he ever was~~~~~~!!!
Chinjao: Hmph.

Announcer: Meanwhile in another corner of the arena!!! We have a fierce showdown where neither challenger is giving an inch!!
People: Aaahhh~~!♡ // Ideo~~~!! // Sai~~~~~!!!
Announcer: It seems they're evenly-matched!!! On one side, we have the man who inherited Don Chinjao's old position... / 13th Leader of the Happou Armada, Sai!! // On the other, we have the man who conquered the esteemed Central Fighting Tournament... / ...and stands even now as insurmountable Champion...the fighter Ideo!!

Announcer: Could this be the battle that decides the ultimate fighter in this entire tournmament?! // The two mighty warriors face off!!!
Sai: *pant*
Ideo: *pant*
People: Sai~~~~~~!! // Ideo~~~~~~!!!
Announcer: Is this going to be... // ...the decisive attack?!!
Chinjao: ...There you are, Straw Hat!! Give it up!!!
Luffy: ! // All right, if you want a fight, I'll give you one! I don't know about your grudge or whatever... / ...but either way, I can't win this tournament without taking you down!!!

Luffy: Outta my way!!!
Sai: Urnghh!!!
Chinjao: Move it!!!
Ideo: Nguohhh!!!

People: !!!

People: ?!!!
Someone: It's Sovereign Haki against Sovereign Haki...
People: ...............?!!
Announcer: Th...This C-Block battle...... // ...is down to two contenders~~~~~!!!

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