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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

One Piece 717

The Forgotten Ones of Dresrosa

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 13, 2013 16:54 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 717: The Forgotten Ones of Dresrosa
[Insert text: A fierce battle!! The colosseum is white-hot with excitement!!]
Announcer: It looks like all these famed warriors... / ...were overcome by the sheer spectacle of these two clashing monsters... // ...and collapsed where they stood, their positions in the tournament forfeit! // What in the world did we just witness?!!
Chinjao: Hyahohoh... So you command the Sovereign Haki, eh...? / Do you dream of becoming a King, boy...?
Luffy: ......... // I'm gonna be the Pirate King!!!

Chinjao: Worthless prattle!! In the oceans that stretch out before you... /'ll run into any number of men with kingly potential. // Only one can emerge victorious...!! / A still greater height that even these conquering Kings must bitterly struggle to reach... // THAT is the Pirate King!!!
Luffy: Ahh!!
Chinjao: ...Who taught you to use that Haki?
Luffy: Rayleigh!!
Chinjao: ! / .........That man still lives, eh?

Chinjao: How detestable!!!
Luffy: !!
Chinjao: I have no desire to recall those days long past!!!
Luffy: ?! // Nghh!!
Announcer: Eh?!!
Chinjao: Answer me, Straw Hat!! Though I try to forget!! // It appears before my eyes!! Just beyond my reach!!! // My treasure!!! / ...Ahh... // What greater torment can there be?!!
Announcer: What is going on here?!! This legendary pirate... // ...has started crying~~~~~~~?!!
Chinjao: Nguoooohhhhhh!!
Luffy: ? // ?

Boo: .........*pant*... *pant*... // ...... // Gramps...!! Wasn't he going to... / my you get through to the final, big bro......?!
Sai: ...I'm still not strong enough... Once Gramps gets like that... / There's nobody in the world can stop him...!!
Chinjao: Chinjao the Drill... / That's what they used to call me, yet now none call me by that name. // Tell me, boy!! Tell me what Garp did to me!!!
Luffy: I don't know!! Make up your mind already, are you angry or are you crying?!!!
People: Go Lucy!! Go Lucy!!
Kin'emon: (Luffy-dono...)
Sanji: (..................)

Kin'emon: Sanji-dono. I must go to this House of Toys as quickly as possible, for to rescue my comrade Kanjuurou.
Sanji: I want to help you out there, believe me, but hang on a second. // This looks like an emergency situation here. / Just look at all those Marines surrounding the Colosseum!! // It looks like pirates and other criminals are openly taking part in this tournament. / These Marines must be planning to capture them as soon as they emerge.
Kin'emon: Well, it is true that criminals should be imprisoned.
Sanji: You're travelling with a pirate crew yourself, remember?!! // I've got to let Luffy know about the situation out here somehow... / But the contenders' entrance is sealed up tight...!! // (..................)
Marines: Nobody has emerged yet, sir...

Bastille: Hundreds of contenders have already been eliminated in the A Block and B Block melees, haven't they?!!! // Why isn't a single one of them coming out?!!!
Marines: It is quite strange...
[Box: Marine HQ Vice Admiral / Sharkslicer Bastille]
Marines: Vice-Admiral Maynard should have infiltrated the tournament as a participant, / but we can't seem to get in contact with him...
Bastille: That rash young idiot... // If I'm guessing right, there's something strange going on inside that Colosseum...

Bastille: (..................)
OneLeg: Here in Dresrosa... // Ever since Doflamingo ascended to the throne ten years ago... // There are two strict laws that have been upheld absolutely...!! // The first: At the strike of midnight each day, it's lights-out for the entire country. After that time, nobody is permitted to walk around outside.
Franky: Whaaaaaat?! Even for grown-ups?!
OneLeg: Humans must return to their own homes... / ...and toys must return to the House of Toys. / Past midnight, nobody must leave these homes under any circumstances...!!
Franky: But then you can't even go out drinking!
OneLeg: There wouldn't be any bars open anyway.

OneLeg: And this is the second law... / Toys must never enter human homes... // ...and humans must never enter the House of Toys.
Franky: Whaaaaaaat?! I thought humans and toys seemed to get along pretty well here... / Why would a thing like that be so strictly forbidden...?! // Hmmmmmm......... // Well, I guess it makes a certain amount of sense. // I can see how the barrier between "man-made creations" and "living beings" could be a pretty big deal.
OneLeg: ..................
Franky: But hang on a minute!! I've got used to seeing them everywhere since we arrived here... / ...but what even are you toys in the first place?? // You have free will... / Your own personalities, even... // What kind of Vegapunk-level scientist is responsible for creating such advanced technology?!!
OneLeg: ..................

Esta: Aaaahhhh!! / Somebody report this toy!!
Franky: !
Esta: This toy is broken!! It's got "Human Disease"!!
Toy: You've got to listen to me. This isn't a disease! Can't you remember, Esta?! It's me!!
Esta: Get away from me!! This is creepy!!
Guy: What's wrong with you all of a sudden?!! You were getting along with us just fine until now...!! // Hey!! Get your hands off her!!
Toy: Aghhhh! // Esta! We were in love, don't you remember?!! // What are you doing with that man~~~~~?!!
Esta: .........
Toy: You've got to remember~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Franky: ...............??
Toy: No...!! Get off me!! Let me go!! // I'm a human being~~~~~~~~!!!

Kid: Ahahah!! Let me ride on you, Wanpoco~~~!!
Wanpoco: No, wan! You're too heavy now, wan!! / Wan-poco!!
Franky: ..................
OneLeg: Maybe you should have a word with him. // Don't worry, friend. This man is a toy like us.
Franky: Well, I guess you could say that...
Wanpoco: Ohhhh!! Wanpoco understands!!
OneLeg: Tell him who you are.
Wanpoco: (I'm the father of that child over there... / ...and the husband of that woman. My name is "Milo", not "Wanpoco".)
Franky: ?!!

Franky: .........Huhh?!
OneLeg: Kid...Do you have a father?
Kid: Huh? No, I don't have a dad.
OneLeg: And you have a husband?
Woman: No, I've never been married. Is that so strange?
Wanpoco: ..................
Franky: ......Hmm?? // Little soldier... What exactly are you trying to show me?! // What's going on here?!!
OneLeg: Don't you see? This country is filled... // ...with those who have "been forgotten"...

OneLeg: And those who have "forgotten"......!!! // All of us toys were originally human beings!!
Franky: Ehhhhhh~~?!!
OneLeg: Ten years ago, thanks to a certain Fruit user who Doflamingo brought to this country... // All of us were transformed into the toys you see now!!
Franky: ...............?! // Hang on...!!! Then you, too...?!!
OneLeg: ......... // Now then, we're almost at the Flower Field. // I'll tell you everything once we arrive!!!

[Box: Green Bit]
Doflamingo: Fufufu!! You sure don't hold back!!
Fujitora: I've always been a simple sort of man.
DenDenMushi: *brrrrring!* *brrrrring!*
Law: !!! // Nghh!! // *pant*... *pant*... Why aren't you answering, Miss Nami?!!
DenDenMushi: *brrrrring!* *brrrrring!*
Law: I know I have the right number!

[Box: Beneath Green Bit: The Tontatta Kingdom]
People: It's Usoland's Haki~~~~~!! // Ahhhh~~! Ahhhh~~!
Leo: These shelves will fall down without something to hold them up...
Granny: Are you sure you've got everything ready, Leo? Where's your packed lunch?
Leo: Granny, there's plenty of food at HQ.
Granny: I see, I see.
Leo: I know, I'll sew down anything that looks like it might fall over! // There! // That should do it!
Granny: Still, this hero certainly seems quite remarkable.
Leo: I know, right?! Usoland is a real hero of legend!!
Granny: By the by, you don't need to worry about me falling over.

Leo: Ah! Usoland, Robiland! // Have you had enough to eat?
Usopp: Oh, yeah, I'm stuffe...Uh, I mean... / I have consumed the nutrition I need for the coming battle!! // Do you not feel the ground shaking beneath you? / That is because I am trembling with anticipation!!
Dwarfs: Whoaaa~~!! You're so amazing~~~!!
Usopp: By the way, Leo... You keep talking about having a final battle... // ...But why exactly do you need to face off against Doflamingo...?
Leo: Eh?

Dwarfs: Ahahahahah!! // Even your sense of humour is heroic!! // The reason why we must do battle is quite obvious. / To rescue our 500 comrades who are being forced to labour in the Dark Factory on Dresrosa!!
Usopp: !! // (Huh...? Did they say..."factory"...?! / The same one Luffy and the others are trying to destroy...?)
Robin: When you say "factory"... You mean the "Smile" factory, yes?
Leo: We do not know what they are being forced to make... // But we must hurry and save our comrades! / For among those being held prisoner... // the obnoxious, selfish, spiteful, capricious and short-tempered princess of the Tontatta... / Princess Manshelly!
Usopp: That sounds like a pretty awful princess...
Leo: Yes, but... // She's still one of us!!!
Usopp: !!

Leo: Norland would never abandon people in need, would he?!!
Usopp: V...Very true!! That is the way of a true hero!! Abandoning those in need?! Out of the question!!!
Dwarf: Leo!! The Donquixote Family members from the palace... // ...are on the move!! We think they're heading for beneath the Colosseum!! // Kab-san's "Yellow Kab" and Bian's "Pink Bee"... // ...are ready to fly whenever!!
Leo: Very good!! Let's go, then!! // To our great battle on Dresrosa!!! // We head for the Dark Factory beneath the Colosseum!!!
[Insert text: Darkness lurks right beneath Luffy's feet?!]

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