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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

One Piece 719

Open Chinjao

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 31, 2013 18:26 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 719

One Piece
Chapter 719: Open Chinjao
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 36: The Captain Lives! Enter Gable!!!

[Insert text: Crush the legend!!]
Chinjao: Hnnnghh!! // ...............!! // *pant* // Hiyahohoh... You're not half bad.
Luffy: *pant* // I'm not gonna lose to the likes of you!!

Crowd: Go Lucy!! Go Lucy!! // Show him what you've really got, Chinjao~~~~~!!!
Announcer: What a showdown this has turned out to be!!! // These two contenders are moving so fast, I can't even tell what's happening any more!! / But their fighting spirit comes across all too clearly!! What we are witnessing right now... // ...is without a doubt one of the fiercest battles... // ...this colosseum has ever seen!!!
Chinjao: But still not good enough.
Luffy: !
Chinjao: You youngsters who have been glorified as the "Terrible Generation" and let that praise go to your heads... // ...have no hope of conquering that ocean with which we did battle!!! // With Whitebeard gone, this new age will amount to nothing......!!!

Chinjao: The only man who I can see achieving much in the years to come... / ...is Teach, the pirate known as Blackbeard.
Luffy: Blackbeard~?!!
Chinjao: If fighting on equal footing with me now, when my fangs have been dulled, is the extent of your ability, what can you hope to achieve? // You should give up on being a pirate!!!
Luffy: ?!
Chinjao: If a man of Rayleigh's calibre sees fit to choose this runt as the standard-bearer for the new age, he too must have been dulled by age!! / In that war two years ago, when the Marines eliminated Ace, the boy who bore the devil's blood... // ...they plucked the last budding shoot of of evil that could have risen up against them!! A wise move indeed!!! // Do you think you can defeat the Marine Admirals and the Yonkou?!! // Do you honestly believe you can surpass Roger?! Don't make me laugh!!!

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...!!
Chinjao: !
Luffy: Rocket!!!
Chinjao: !!
Announcer: Lucy...has launched himself into the air~~~~~!!!
Chinjao: ......... // Come at me, boy. I'll give you a baptism by fire!!!
Announcer: That's one incredible jump!!
Chinjao: I'll meet your offensive with a single blow... / ...imbued with all my body and soul, all my thirty years of hatred for Garp!!! Come at me, Straw Hat Luffy!!!
Flashback!Marines: What the heck is this ice?!!

Flashback!Marines: There's something wrong with the ice here, I'm telling you! // No matter how must be blast it with fire of strike it with axes, it doesn't leave a scratch!! // Even though we can see all that pirate treasure right below our feet...! // ?!
Flashback!Chinjao: This great landmass is known as the "Jewel Glacier"...and there is only one way to cleave it asunder. // One must strike it in one single point with a blow of tremendous force!!! // Kiryuu Kirikugi!!!
[TN: "Drill Dragon Drill Spike"]
Flashback!Marines: Uwaaaghhhh!! // !!!
Flashback!Chinjao: OPE~~~~~~N CHINJAO!!!

Flashback!Chinjao: I hope you enjoyed that, you lot! / Hiyahohohohoh!!
[Box: Pirate Fleet "The Happou Armada" / Twelfth Leader / Chinjao the Drill / (Thirty Years Ago)]
Flashback!Chinjao: Men!! Tie up these petty treasure thieves... / ...and toss them out to sea!!
Flashback!Pirate: Yes, Boss!!
Flashback!Marines: Aaaghh!!
Flashback!Chinjao: Hiyahohoh!! What a glorious sight!! / In this chamber of ice lies my lifetime's achievements!! // The joys and sorrows of my past... My hopes and ambitions for the future!! // All the treasures my clan has amassed over hundreds of years!! / All stored securely in this chamber, my "drill head" the only key!!! // No other can hope to enter!!

Flashback!Garp: Oi, Chinjao. Today's the day I'm going to finally crack that head of yours in two. / I've prepared myself by smashing eight mountains to pieces with my bare fists!!
Flashback!Chinjao: Hiyahohoh!! And all your efforts will be for naught!! / For there is nothing in this world more sturdy than my head!!
Flashback!Garp: I hope you're ready, Chinjao~~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Chinjao: Ready to break all the bones in that fist you prize so dearly!!! / Garp~~~~~~~!!!

Flashback!Garp: Hnnnnghhahhh!!!
Flashback!Chinjao: Nguoooooohhhhhhh!!! // Nguooohhhhhhhh?!! // !!!

Flashback!Pirates: Boss~~~~~~!! // We gotta retreat~~~~~!!! // All ships retreat~~~~~~!! // Boss!!!
Flashback!Chinjao: ...............?
Flashback!Pirates: Boss!! Thank the heavens you're all right~~!!
Flashback!Chinjao: *pant*... *pant*... / OPE~~~~~~N CHINJAO!!! // Kiryuu Kirikugi!!!
Flashback!Pirates: Boss!!
Flashback!Chinjao: OPE~~~~~~N CHINJAO!!! / *pant*
Flashback!Pirates: Boss~~~~~!!

Flashback!Pirates: You've gotta stop doing this, Boss!! // You're gonna kill yourself!!!
Flashback!Chinjao: Open... Chin...jao... // *pant*... *pant*...!! // It will not open......!!! // ...What should I do...?! / That's my treasure down there...!!! / *pant*... // I can see it right before my eyes!!! / Everything I have achieved in my life!! All my wealth and riches~~~~~~!!! // Curse you, Garp!!! I will never forgive you!!! // A curse upon you and all your descendants!!! // I will curse you until the end of time~~~~~~~~!!!

Chinjao: ...............!! // (Thus I was forced to end my life of piracy!!! My power lost, my riches lost, and my spirit broken......!!!)
People: What is that?!
Announcer: Do my eyes deceive me?!! It looks...
Chinjao: (You just wait, Garp... Your precious grandson...)
Announcer: It looks as though Lucy's arm has grown to massive size!!!
Chinjao: (I'll steal his life away from you!!!)

Chinjao: Time to pay, boy!!! Pay for that blow of your grandfather's fist that stole everything from me!!!
Luffy: What, all this is about one little punch?!!! / I've been punched by Gramps so many times I've lost count!!!
Chinjao: I'll smash every last bone in your body into dust!!! // Hasshouken Ougi!!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...!! // Thor......!!
Chinjao: Mukiryuu~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Chinjao: MUKIRIKUGI!!!
[TN: "Hasshouken Ougi: Mukiryuu Mukirikugi" = "Hasshouken Secret Technique: No-Drill-Dragon, No-Drill-Spike"]
Chinjao: ?!!

People: EEEEEEHHHHHHHH~~~~~~!!! / [aside]EEEEEEEHHHHHHHH?!![/aside] // ?!!!

People: EEEEHHHHHH~~~~~~~!!!
Sai: Gramps!!
Boo: Grandfather!!
Announcer: ...............!! // I...It's a ring-out!!

Announcer: What a fighter!! What a man!! Even a legend lies shattered at his feet!!! // The victor of the fierce battle for C Block is the one and only...Gladiator Lucy~~~~!!!
Luffy: All right~~~~~!!! // Nishishishi!!!
Announcer: Who could have predicted he would go this far~~~?!!
People: Lucy~~~!♡

Cavendish: All this cheering for "Lucy"...!! // It only serves to make my blood boil. // Now, return from the arena... I won't let you escape this time, Straw Hat...!!
Bartolomeo: I've told you already...I'm not gonna let you have him. // Cavendish!!
Cavendish: If you stand in my way, I will eliminate you as well, Bartolomeo.
Bartolomeo: Hehahah! Go ahead and try!
Bellamy: (..................)
Burgess: (.................. // "Straw Hat"......??) // ! // Wiiiiiihahahah!!! // So that's what's going on here!!! Now this is getting interesting!!!
[Insert text: Burgess realises the truth?!]

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#1. by mugiwara4343 ()
Posted on Sep 1, 2013
Thanks for the trans ... I think translations for page 19 is missing ... can you check again?
#2. by isrnick ()
Posted on Sep 25, 2013
Yeah Cnet, the translation of the last page of the chapter is missing, could you add it?
Thank you very much, I love your translations.
#3. by cnet128 ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2013
Missing page added >.>
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