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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 720

The Imprisoned Gladiators

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 11, 2013 19:42 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 720: The Imprisoned Gladiators
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 37: "Release The Workers And The Old Woman!!"

[Insert text: The qualifying matches continue at the Colosseum!!]
Announcer: The Corrida Colosseum Battle Royale!! // So far, three contenders have earned the right to challenge the Donquixote Family! // The victor of A Block, from the Blackbeard Pirates... // Champion Jesus Burgess!!! // From B Block, it's the Captain of the Barto Club Pirates... // Bartolomeo the Cannibal!!! // And from C Block!! It's the one and only... // Gladiator Lucy~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // There's just one place in the finals left up for grabs!! / And I'm afraid I have some bad news!! / As the ring has suffered severe damage... // The D Block battle will be starting 15 minutes later than expected!!!
People: Hurry up and fix it~~!!

Announcer: Just a little longer, D Block~~!!
People: Bring out a replacement ring~~!
Cavendish: Straw Hat~~~~!!
Luffy: !
Cavendish: There's nowhere left for you to run!!
Luffy: Cabbage!!
Cavendish: Durandal!!
Luffy: !!! // Hahhh!!!

Bartolomeo: !
People: Cavendish is going wild again!!
Bartolomeo: Why, that little...!!
SomeDudes: What's going on? // I heard him saying "Straw Hat" again... // "Straw Hat"? You mean, the Straw Hat? / The pirate who failed to save his brother at the Ultimate War?
Bartolomeo: !
SomeDude: Ahahahah! Failed to save him?! Even I could've pulled off that much!! // Dnguehhh!!! Wh-What're you doing?!!! // Stop!! Stop this!! I am a noble of the Doerena Kingdom, you know!!!
[TN: "Doerena" is a play on "doeree na", a phrase roughly meaning "what total bigshots"]
SomeDude: Guehh!! Stooop!! You're gonna crush me!!
Bartolomeo: Who the hell d'you think you were just badmouthing...?!!

Bartolomeo: ...Now listen up. Straw Hat Luffy-senpai...
SomeDude: Aahhh!
Bartolomeo: ...is an esteemed man who's gonna bear this whole age of piracy on his shoulders one day!!! / He's the future Pirate King, you got that?!!! // I saw him with my own eyes, more than two years ago...
Cavendish: Release my blade!
Luffy: Like heck I will!!
Bartolomeo: In Loguetown, in East Blue!! // He was knelt there, on the same legendary execution platform where Roger died... // ...about to lose his life, and that's when he shouted out...!!
Flashback!Luffy: I'm the man... // ...who's gonna be Pirate King!!!!
Flashback!Bartolomeo: ?!!
Bartolomeo: In that very same instant!! The heavens sent down a bolt of lightning... // ...and spared that remarkable man's life!! I witnessed a miracle that day!!!

Bartolomeo: Ever since then, I've been following all the news articles I can find about the Straw Hat Pirates...!! // Alabasta... Enies Lobby... Impel Down!! // And that fated battle of Marinford!!! / It sent massive shivers down my spine!! At the time, I was just a small-time underworld boss... / ...ruling over a measly 150 local towns. But Luffy-senpai inspired me!!
Flashback!Minion: I've brought one of your enemies' fingers, Boss!
Flashback!Bartolomeo: Throw it away!
Bartolomeo: He gave me the ambition to set out to sea...!!! // ...Now, what were you saying again, eh? Were you bigging your own pathetic self up... / ...and looking down on Luffy-senpai like you were better than him?! Eh......?!!
SomeDude: Aaaghh!! Aghhh! // Wait - I - !
Bartolomeo: The hell d'you think you're good for, you measly little worm~~~~?!!!
SomeDude: Ngyaaaaahhhhhh~~~~!!!
People: Bartolomeo's going wild as well~~~~!!!
Cavendish: Get your hands off my sword already!!!
Luffy: Why do I have to fight you?! I'm tired right now!!

People: Ngh! // !!! // Hey!! Somebody stop these guys!!! // We can't get close! It's too dangerous!
Bartolomeo: ......... // (I...It's true, I can't get close... After all this time, I can't do it... I'm way too nervous to face him~~~!) // (That scar underneath his eye... He's the real deal!! Hot damn, he's so cool! ...Huh? Damn, I can't see straight through all these tears... // Damn that filthy Cabbage-bastard!! I wanna slaughter him and protect my hero so bad, but......) // H...Hey, you! / Caben... Cabetch...!! // (It's no good... I can't speak straight!!!)
Sai: Oi, Straw Hat!!
Luffy: ?!

Sai: Listen up!! Our old Gramps here has got a few words to say to you!!!
Chinjao: ........................!!!
Boo: Hang in there, Grandpa!!
Luffy: Ehhhhh?!! // Can't we give that a rest now?!! I won, didn't I?!!
Chinjao: *pant*... *pant*... / You have it wrong... // (I can no longer even resent Garp... How can I express this gratitude?)
People: !!
Chinjao: Allow me to offer...my words of thanks...!!!
People: Aaaaaaghhhhhh!!

Luffy: Aghhhhh!!
Cavendish: Hey!! Wait!!
Chinjao: Wait for me, please! Grandson of Garp...!
Bartolomeo: Oh, wow!! He just ran so close to me!! H-Hey... Wait...!!
Cavendish: Scoundrel!!! Do not flee from a duel!!
Bartolomeo: O...O...Oh man, what'm I gonna do, what'm I gonna do?! I wanna talk to him, but I dunno whatta do!!
Chinjao: (As thanks for restoring my head... / Allow me to grant you command... // ...of my grandson's Happou Armada......!!!)
Luffy: What is all this?!! // Is there nowhere I can just relax for a bit?!!
Rebecca: This way, Lucy!
Luffy: Hm?!

Luffy: Oh, it's you! Uhhh...
Rebecca: It's Rebecca. You certainly have a lot of enemies! Follow me.
Luffy: Oh, well, thanks!
Blackbeard: Zehahahah! Well, that goes for Shiryuu just the same, right?
Luffy: !!
Burgess: Yeah, but I don't think I've got it in me... / ...to trust that "Aokiji"!!
Luffy: .........
Burgess: Oh, hang on a minute, Captain. // Straw Hat's here.
Blackbeard: ?! // Hmmmmm~~~~~~~?! // ...............!! / What, are you right there~~~~~? // Straw Ha~~~~t...!!
Rebecca: ?

Flashback!Blackbeard: You sure you want to be hanging around here? It won't be long before it begins... / Your big brother's public execution! ...Zehahahah!!!
Luffy: ......... // Is that you, Blackbeard?!!
Blackbeard: Sure it's me. It's been a while... Zehahahah! / I hear you're fighting in the tournament... "Lucy". // But it's my man Burgess here... / ...who's gonna be taking that Mera Mera no Mi!! / It'll be almost like Ace has joined my crew... What a happy turn of events~~~~!! // I invited him to join a while back, you know, but he turned me down!
Luffy: ...!! I'm never going to let... // ...you of all people get your hands on Ace's power!!!
Burgess: Wiiiiiihahahahah!!
Rebecca: Is that pirate someone you know?
Luffy: Yeah, sort of. / I can't let him win this tournament...!!

Rebecca: ?
Luffy: Old lady, haven't you got any more samples?!
OldLady: You're just eating samples, you're not planning to buy anything, are you?!
Rebecca: Hey...! // I'm awfully sorry about this! / Which do you want, Lucy?
Luffy: Ehhh?! You're gonna buy one for me?!
OldLady: Oh, Rebecca, is he a friend of yours? // Come again!
Rebecca: I'm very sorry, I don't have much money on me...!!
Luffy: No, thanks a ton for the food, Rebecca!! / Where are we, anyway?
Rebecca: This is the lodgings where the Colosseum gladiators like myself stay. / Though some people call it the "Prison Lodge"...

Rebecca: It's not somewhere the guest contenders usually come... // So you should be safe here until your next match.
Luffy: Oh, nice! That's helpful!
Rebecca: Your match back there was pretty amazing. I was shocked by how strong you were!
[Text: Rebecca / Corrida Colosseum Gladiator]
Luffy: Well, yeah. / Man, this Colosseum Lunch is really good!! / Aren't you hungry too?!
Rebecca: !!
Flashback!Rebecca: Mother...! // I'm really hungry...
Rebecca: I don't...really get hungry...!!
Luffy: Hm? That's weird. You're like a samurai, huh?

Luffy: Ahh!
Prisoners: Hahah!! I've got 'im!! // Rebecca, now's your chance!! Do it!!
Luffy: What the heck?!
Prisoners: That's what you brought him here for, right?!!
Luffy: Eh?? Hey, what is this?!! Rebecca!! / Ahhh, you're gonna make me drop my lunch!!
Rebecca: ...............!!!

Luffy: .........
Prisoners: Aghhh!! // !! // Uerghh!
Rebecca: ! // Hahhhh!!! // !

Rebecca: !!! // Ahh...!
Luffy: .........
Rebecca: *pant*... *pant*...
Luffy: Mmmm...
Rebecca: ...Nghh...!!!

Prisoners: Rebecca got...captured?! // How could someone move faster than her...?!!
Rebecca: ......!! Do with me as you wish...... / I will take my punishment......!!
Luffy: ......... / I'm not gonna do anything... / ...to someone who bought me lunch...!!
Rebecca: I just tried to kill you!!
Luffy: That's fine. I'm not dead, am I? Anyway, you didn't really want to...
Prisoners: Owwww... Aw, jeez... Forgiving you so easily like that... / That just drives home the gap in strength even further, huh, Rebecca...?
Rebecca: ..................
Luffy: !
Prisoners: So much for wiping out as many powerful fighters as we can here... / ...to give ourselves a little bit of a fighting chance...

Luffy: Huh...? Mummies?
Prisoners: We're no mummies!!! // We're the Imprisoned Gladiators. // Rebecca's one of us too... All we can do is keep on fighting... / Until one day we die in the ring, as a spectacle to be watched...!!
Luffy: ?!
Prisoners: That's what we get for defying the Doflamingo Family a little!
Rebecca: ..................
Prisoners: The King says we'll be set free if we can win a thousand matches...... // But no matter how tough a guy is, if he has to fight for his life a hundred times, he'll die sooner or later. / Some try to escape, but they all get shot dead.
Luffy: !
Prisoners: There's nowhere for us to run...!! // Ten years ago...before Doflamingo became King... / The gladiator battles here weren't fights to the death back then... // With him in charge, this country has become a stark contrast of bright lights and deep shadows.

Rebecca: I have to win this tournament... / No matter what it takes... // And use the power of the Mera Mera no Mi...to take down Doflamingo!! // Today...!! "Mr Soldier" and his army are going to challenge Doflamingo... // ...to try and set us free...!!! // He means to destroy this country...in exchange for his own life!!
Flashback!OneLeg: It's all right!! // Soldiers like me are brave!! / I'll always be by your side!!
Rebecca: But I'm going to do it before he can!!!
Luffy: .........
Rebecca: I can't take it any more, just being protected all the time!!! / This time, I want to be able to protect him!!!
[Insert text: Amidst tears, the dark secrets of Dresrosa burst forth...!!]

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