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Bleach 550

Blazing Bullets

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 29, 2013 03:16 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Nakk Le Vaar faces up against Mayuri!! But then...?!]
Askin: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... // Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... // Nope, no good! // Dealing with you is just gonna take way too much time. // I'd better not bother.

Mayuri: Take too much time...? // What do you mean by that, exactly?
Askin: I mean if I was gonna make you die... // I reckon I'd have to try out way too many different tactics. // Sorry, but... / I'm just awful with that kind of finicky stuff. / I like to get things over with in a flash, y'know? / You can go fight with someone else. // Well then, later! // ...You not gonna come after me?
Mayuri: Why should I? / Feel free to go wherever you like.

Mayuri: I could use some time myself to analyse your reiatsu. // Or perhaps this is inconvenient? // Were you perhaps deliberately trying to provoke me... // ...into stepping into your territory?
Askin: ...You're a scary one. // I'm glad I didn't show you my ability out of hand.
Mayuri: ! // ...This reiatsu is... / Soi-Fon, perhaps?
Someone: It seems so, yes! / She appears to have defeated an enemy without her Bankai!
Askin: Ah, well, that figures...

Askin: The Captains who have had their Bankais stolen... / ...will surely devise ways of fighting effectively even without those Bankais before long. // It's just as His Majesty predicted. // ...I'm sure a smart guy like you... / ...understands what I'm saying, right? // Everything's going just as expected. // Which means even with your new skills... / people have no hope of victory.
[Bleach 550]

[Blazing Bullets]
[Side text: The ice collapses...]

Shinigami: Im... / Impossible... / You... // You were torn to pieces just now by Captain Hitsugaya's ice...!
BazzB: Sure I was. / My cloak, anyway. // See? / My precious Sternritter uniform is ruined.

[no text just killing intent]

[no text just action]

SoiFon: ...So, you still have some life left in you. // Filthy monster...
BG9: Life? // I had none to begin with.
SoiFon: A mechanical doll, eh? // I daresay Kurotsuchi would love to take a look at you.

SoiFon: !
BG9: "Eternal Shunkou"... // I must thank you for the valuable data. / However, // I am also quite disappointed. // If this is the best you can do, I will have no need of the Bankai I stole from you.

Oomaeda: C... // Captaaaaain!!
SoiFon: Did you honestly think... // would be able to take my life so easily?! // Think again!

SoiFon: !!!
BG9: As I have said... // Your Eternal Shunkou... // ...has already been processed as valuable data.
SoiFon: Ugh...!

BazzB: You were saying something about my "feeble flames" just now, weren't you? / Well, let me tell you something interesting. // All the Sternritter who were burned by your Captain-Commander' flames... / ...are still alive. / Myself included.
Hitsugaya: !
BazzB: I don't mean he failed to hit us. / No, we were all burned by those flames head-on. // So why do you think we're still standing, huh?

BazzB: Your Captain-Commander's flames... / ...were stopped in their tracks by the sheer power of mine!
Hitsugaya: !!

BazzB: ...It's a pity you don't have your Bankai right now, really. // I would've liked to show you... // I can annihilate your Bankai's ice with a single finger.

Hitsugaya: !
BazzB: That ain't gonna reach me.
Hitsugaya: Time to retreat, Matsumoto! We need to regroup!! / I'll slow him down with a woven ice wall!
Rangiku: Right!
BazzB: A wall of ice made of intricately interwoven strands, huh? / You're a thinker, I'll give you that. // But there's something you need to learn. / No matter what you do with that ice of yours... // One finger is all it takes.

BazzB: Burner Finger... // One!
[Insert text: A flaming pillar of despair!!]

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