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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 722

Royal Blood

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 29, 2013 03:16 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 722: Royal Blood
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 39: "Consume the Factory! Get Rid of the Workplace!!"

[Insert text: Hatred descends upon the girl from all sides...]
People: BOOOOOOOOO~~~!!! // Just die already, Rebecca~~~~~!! // Filthy-blooded whore!! // Today's your execution day!!! // You're the shame of Dresrosa~~~~!!! // Make her pay for the villages her grandfather burned!! Set her on fire, see how she likes it!!
Luffy: So what if she's his granddaughter?!!
Prisoners: !
Luffy: What's any of that got to do with her?!!

Luffy: You can't blame a kid for what their granddad did!!!
Prisoners: .........Yeah. You're absolutely right......
People: Wow... With a cute face like yours... / You're a bigger heel than Bartolomeo from B Block, huh~~~? // If we take this girl's head off her shoulders... / ...The people here might praise us as heroes! // Damn right!!
Rebecca: ..................
Cavendish: ......... // That's quite enough!!!
People: ?! // !! Huh?! At the arena entrance... Is that......?!!

Cavendish: What a bloodthirsty crowd!! Have you no manners?!!
Horse: Neeeiiighhh~~~!!! // *snort* *snort*
[Text: Pirate / White Horse Cavendish]
Cavendish: You should all be ashamed!!!
Announcer: It's the Captain of the Beautiful Pirates, "White Horse Cavendish"~~~~~~~!!
Rebecca: !!
People: Aaaaaahhhhh~~~!! Cavendish-samaaaa~~~~~~~!!!♡

People: How beautiful...ahhhhh... // Hey! Hang in there!!
Announcer: The women in the stands are fainting one after another~~~~~!! / The stunning good looks that earned him fame around the world three years ago have not faded one bit!!!
People: Cavendish-sama, take out that brat of a girl~~~!! // Take out Rebecca~~~~~~!!
Cavendish: Silence, all of you!!!
People: ?!!
Rebecca: .........
Cavendish: I know not what ill will you hold towards this girl... / But even in her youth, she has the courage to stand in this ring and risk her own life in battle!! // You commoners who cower in the safety of the stands have no right to mock her!!!
People: !!!
Cavendish: If you wish death upon her, then take up arms and come face her yourselves!!!

People: ...............!!!
Cavendish: The cries of those with no resolve are no more than background noise! / I have entered this tournament for my own reasons, but in truth I detest such events! // The lives of warriors are not a frivolous spectacle!!!
People: !!!
Rebecca: .........
Cavendish: Thank you, Farule. You may return now.
People: (Why did he bring a horse and a voice amplifier to the arena...?)
Luffy: Hey, that Cabbage guy knows what he's talking about!! / Maybe he's not so bad after all!! // I still don't like him though. // Hm?

People: Cavendish-sama~~~~~~!♡ // What a beautiful guy~~~!♡
Cavendish: !
People: Forget Rebecca, who cares about her anyway~?!! // We're all rooting for you~~~~~!! // Cavendish~~~~~~~!!
Announcer: Just look at the crowd go wild for this man!! // His sheer charisma has turned their storm of wild booing into a host of cheers~~~~~!!!
Cavendish: ......!!!
Someone: Hey...!! I know how you must feel. You didn't say all that to make yourself look good, right? I'm sure those fools' thoughtless cheers just make you more angry... / But you've just gotta accept, that's how audiences are. // They don't care about your morals, all that matters to them is-
Cavendish: I'M SO POPULAR~~~!! THIS IS GREAT!!!
Someone: Oh, for crying out loud!!!
Cavendish: It's been three whole years~!

Rebecca: Um... What you did for me just now...
Cavendish: !
Rebecca: I appreciated it. Thank you...
Cavendish: No need for thanks. I said what I said because their attitude made me angry, that's all. You must have it quite rough...... // Forget I said anything. After all, we're enemies here. // More importantly, you don't think there are any newspaper reporters here by any chance, do you? / I don't know what I'll do if they write articles about my little outburst there! // Oh, what if they try to interview me after the match?! They'll be all "Well, hello there, Mr. Superstar!", and I'll be like "Superstar? Oh, you flatter me!" Ahahahaha...
Rebecca: .........
Announcer: Now!! It looks like all of our contenders have arrived in the ring!! // With one contender resigning in advance, we have a total of 137 fighters here in D Block!! // It's another battle royale of fierce warriors!! // And there's the gong!! The fight is on!!!

Cavendish: Now, then...
People: Cavendish-sama~~~~~~~~~!! // Show us your "beheading", Suleiman!!
Suleiman: .........
People: Orlumbus!!! Take 'em out~~~~~!! // Get yourself killed, Rebecca~~~~~~!!
Rebecca: (You just watch, Mr. Soldier!!)

[Box: Dresrosa - The Flower Field]
People: The Yellow Kab Squad and Pink Bee Squad... // ...have arrived from Green Bit!!
OneLeg: Very good, Leo!!
Leo: The time is almost here, right, Captain?!! / I have brought the legendary heroes!!
OneLeg: This battle has been ten long years coming!! // It is time to recover the honour stolen from our proud King Riku... // And to seize our own freedom once more!!!
People: Yeaaaahhhhhhh~~~~~~~!!!
OneLeg: I will never forget the humiliation we suffered that day... / ...when that man arrived in this land, and through violence and force... // ...stole away everything we held dear!!! // We have spent a full year preparing our strategy!!! // Though our enemy is a Shichibukai pirate, we can still prevail!!!
People: Yeahhhhh~~~~~~!!!
Usopp: (Right! I'd better listen carefully to the strategy... // ...and work out the best time to run away!!)

[Box: Dresrosa - Acacia]
Dwarf: Zoroland, we're almost there! / Turn left at this corner! // Ah, "left" is the opposite side to where you keep your swords...
Zoro: You think I don't even know left from right?!!
Dwarf: Yes! // The people currently attacking your ship... // ...are a female high-ranking member of the Donquixote Family, Jola, and her subordinates! / Jola is a dangerous opponent who delights in rendering her enemies incapable of fighting in various artistic ways!!
Zoro: How do you know all of this?!!
Dwarf: I've made certain to memorise the known names, faces and abilities... // ...of all the high-ranking Donquixote Family members! // In particular, there are three leading members who were personally responsible for destroying all of Dresrosa's military forces ten years ago... // Their names are Trebol (♣), Diamante (♦) and Pica (♠). // Their faces, I could never forget...!!!

Sanji: Hm? Is that...?!
Kin'emon: Ahh!! Zoro-dono!! Zoro-dono, over here~~~!!
Sanji: How old are you, exactly...?
Dwarf: I'm 27!
Sanji: Not so loud, you idiot!!
Dwarf: Who are those two amicable chums?
Zoro: That's Eyebrowland and Topknotland.
Sanji: Whaaaaat~~?! You're going to save Nami-san~~~~?! / So she really is in danger!! / I was worried when she didn't answer the Den-Den Mushi!! / Right!! I'm going with you!!
Kin'emon: Wait, Sanji-dono. We came here to inform Luffy-dono of the situation, did we not?
Violet: (Black Leg!!)
Sanji: Ahhhhh, my beloved Violet-cha~~~n!♡
Zoro: I hope you get passionately stabbed.
Violet: It looks like your ship has been stolen by Jola from the Family... / ...and is currently heading towards Green Bit!!
Sanji: Huh?!

Box: The waters near Dresrosa - Aboard the Sunny]
Brook: Yohohoho! The wonders of music and the art of the sea!! Yeah~~!!
Jola: Ohohoho! I think I like your style!!
Nami: Stop the boat~~!! Surely you're not planning on sailing to Green Bit?!!
Jola: Ohohoho!! I'm sure Law will be quite surprised when he sees that instead of you people... / ...it's me who's shown up to collect Caesar!!
Chopper: Something's wrong with Brook~~~~~~!! Are you betraying us~~?!

Momonosuke: Boney!! Have you no pride as a swordsman?!!
Brook: I have awakened to the light!! Truly, I am an artist!! / To create works of art is my purpose in life!! Though I am not alive!!
Jola: Don't bother with them, Soul King! Common folk could never understand! / This longing to express oneself, this passion, is beyond their comprehension! // Dying Art!!!
Nami: Nooooo~~!!
Jola: Life is the greatest art of all!!!
Chopper: Somebody help~~~~~~!
Momonosuke: This is not painful... / Urghh...
Brook: How wonderful, Jola-san~~~!
Jola: I am overcome with emotion!! I do believe I have captured the spirit of Dresrosa's great tragedy to perfection!! // In about ten minutes, these people's insufferable cries too will disappear, as they become no more than a piece of this work of art...

Jola: And that will be the end of their lives!!!
Nami: Ehhhhhh~~~~~?!!!
Chopper: Brook~~~~~~~~!!
Momonosuke: Boney~~~~~!!
Brook: Ah, how wonderful this is!!! Please, allow me to accompany it with some music!!
Jola: You would be so kind, Soul King~~~~~?!!
Brook: Ah, but I require my violin, Jola-san. / Please restore my violin and its bow!!
Jola: Very well! Take it away, my brother!!
Chopper: Ahhhhh... I can feel my mind fading away... / I don't want to die...!

Brook: Please observe, Jola-san! / The bow of this violin is actually a modified cane...
Jola: I see, I see... Let's hear your most wonderful music!
Brook: Certainly! I have already made the cut!
Jola: Hm? The "cut"?
Brook: Painting Song... // Hitoyo-giri!!!
Jola: Gyaaaahhhhh!!
Chopper: BROOK~~~~~~!!!
Brook: ......... // I'm sorry, it looks like I don't really understand art after all. // My eyes are empty sockets, you see!!!

[Box: Green Bit - Law VS Doflamingo and Admiral Fujitora]
Doflamingo: Let me tell you a story, Law......... // Long ago, a full 800 years before the present day......
Law: .........
Doflamingo: Twenty kings from twenty countries gathered in the centre of the world...... / ...and they created a single massive organisation. // We know this organisation today as the World Government.
Law: .................. / *pant*
Doflamingo: And those twenty kings, the Founders... // ...each brought their families with them to Mariejoa and made their new homes there. / The Nefertari family of Alabasta was the one exception, so to be perfectly accurate, a total of 19 royal families settled in Mariejoa. // Those families still live there today, looking down on the world with supreme authority. / The descendants of the Founders... The Tenryuubito!!

Doflamingo: In other words, eight hundred years ago, those nineteen countries lost their royal families.
Law: *pant*...... *pant*......
Doflamingo: You understand?
Fujitora: ..................
Doflamingo: Each of those countries had to choose themselves a new King... / ...leading to the creation of new royal families. // If we take my country of Dresrosa as an example...... / The new royal family that was created was the House of Riku. // And the old royal family... / ...which departed the country for the Holy Land of Mariejoa... // ...was the House of Donquixote!!!
Law: ?!!
[Insert text: The underworld mastermind reveals his lineage!!]

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