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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 723

Operation Switch

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 6, 2013 00:16 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 723: Operation Switch
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 40: Gable the Hero

[Insert text: Cheers fill the Colosseum! But outside its walls...?!]
Announcer: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! // ~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Zoro: .........
Kin'emon: ..................
Zoro: (..................)
Dwarf: ..................
Flashback!Sanji: I was worried about Nami-san before you were!! / And I'm sure Nami-san would rather I come to save her than you!!! // So I'm going!!
Flashback!Zoro: Fine, then!! You go!!
Flashback!Sanji: Kin'emon. This is a map to the House of Toys where your comrade is being held captive.
Flashback!Kin'emon: Ah! You have my gratitude!!
Flashback!Sanji: If you run into Luffy, tell him to contact the Sunny with this!! / We need to get a clear picture of everyone's situation. / I'll head back to the Sunny.

Zoro: ...So, how are we meant to get to Luffy?
Kin'emon: If I knew the answer to that, I would not be standing here doing nothing!! / It seems this structure is sealed tightly on all sides... // And we must refrain from suspicious activity. I was almost arrested just now.
Zoro: Right, then. Let's slice this wall down!!
Kin'emon: That would be extremely suspicious!!
Zoro: Then...I'll do it quietly.
Kin'emon: What difference would that make?!
Bartolomeo: (Whoaaaa~~~~~~~~!!!) // ...............!! // (That's Zoro-senpai, the "Pirate Hunter"~~~~~!!! The man of legend, said to have cut down a hundred men at Whiskey Peak, and conquered an entire island of soldiers at Enies Lobby...! // Master of the Santouryuu style!!! The man who supports the Straw Hat Pirates as Luffy-senpai's right-hand man, and who the whole world (well, mostly me) insists must be the prime candidate for the crew's First Mate position!!! He's super-hyper-mega-cool~~~~~~~~!!! What's this? My tears won't stop flowing...!)

[Box: Dresrosa Royal Palace]
Baby5: Gladius...... // Have you calmed down a little?
Gladius: Baby 5... / Just how far do you think...
Baby5: .........
Gladius: ...that woman's betrayal has twisted our plans out of shape?! // Violet was supposed to capture Black Leg Sanji... // ...and extract all of our enemies' plans from his head. // We could then nip their plans in the bud... / ...and eliminate their crew members one by one...!! // But look how things have turned out now!! She's eliminated her own subordinates and gone on the run?!
Baby5: Ahhhhh!! Calm down!! Are you planning on exploding here?!!

Gladius: People who can't keep to plans and schedules... // ...make me so angry I could die!!!
[Box: Donquixote Family / (Pica Army♠) / Gladius]
Gladius: That woman has betrayed us... No...
Baby5: ..................
Gladius: Betrayed the young master...! I cannot allow her to live. // I thought there was something strange about Violet ever since last night... / After all, just think about it. With the power of her eyes, she should have been able to find the Straw Hats' ship yesterday.
Baby5: ?!

[Box: Northeastern Dresrosa, near the Green Bit area]
Sanji: Ohhh, you know you shouldn't be here, Violet-cha~~~~~n!♡ / You should be waiting at the port like I asked! / Eheheh!♡
Violet: The port is swarming with Marine soldiers.
Sanji: ?!
Violet: You should contact your crew and change your meeting point, too.
Sanji: Marines... I see...
Violet: There are a total of four battleships... / Which means at least 3000 Marine troops are in the country right now.
Sanji: ...You gathered this information yourself in such a short time?

Violet: My "all-seeing eyes" allow me to see a birds-eye view of anywhere within a 4000-kilometre radius. / I can see anything that happens within this country without moving at all. // So you don't need to worry about me. / My pursuers won't be able to capture me.
Sanji: ...Then you're planning to stay behind here?!
Violet: ...No. You don't have to worry. // From now on, I'll... // Ah!!
Sanji: What's wrong?!!
Violet: It's terrible!! A bolt of lightning just struck your ship!!
Sanji: Lightning?!! // Hm? Actually, lightning makes me think of......

[Box: The waters near Dresrosa - en route to Green Bit]
Nami: Now then, what shall we do with this "thing"?
Momonosuke: Boney!! I got in a blow on her myself!!
Brook: Indeed! Your form was quite excellent!
Nami: It seems a bit excessive to toss her overboard...
Chopper: Yeah, she is a Fruit user, after all...
Brook: And I certainly don't want to see her panties!!
Momonosuke: E...Excellent form, you say...?!
Jola: ...Wh... Who are you calling... Miss Universe?!!!
People: ..................

Nami: For the moment, let's just hurry and meet up with Tra-dude.
Chopper: But what do you think he means about taking Caesar with us?!
Brook: It does seem strange. Since Doflamingo has abandoned his Shichibukai position, / it is our duty to return Caesar to him...
Jola: ...Y...You people...really don't know anything, do you...? / What a bunch of fools... Ohohohoh... // Did you honestly...expect the young master to take his deal with you brats seriously...?!!! / He hasn't abandoned his Shichibukai position at all......!!!
Nami: ?!! / What's that supposed to mean?!!!
Momonosuke: Hahhh!! Explain yourself, foul woman!! / *smack!!*
Jola: That hurts, you little brat~~~~!!!
People: Ahhh...!!
Jola: You fools have walked straight into our trap!! // By now, Violet will have uncovered all of your little plans, and all your companions... / ...will have been captured already!!
People: Ehhh?!!

[Box: Green Bit: Law VS Doflamingo and Admiral Fujitora]
Law: Then are you telling me... // You were a Tenryuubito all along, Doflamingo......?!!!
Doflamingo: I "was" one of them, yes. // Not any more.
Law: ?!
Doflamingo: What is the meaning of blood...?! What is the meaning of fate...?! / There are few men who can claim to have lived a life as twisted as mine... Fuffuffu!
Law: ...............!!
Doflamingo: Now, I'd love to sit down with you, have ourselves a drink, and reminisce about old times... / ...but I'm afraid there's no time for that. // First, I'd better take care of those Straw Hats who have infiltrated Dresrosa. / Countless men have underestimated that crew in the past and paid a heavy price.

Doflamingo: ...Something wrong, Fujitora?
Fujitora: ......Perhaps it's nothing...... / It's just that...I heard the sound of thunder from out in the ocean... // How does the sky look right now...?
Doflamingo: Thunder......?!
Fujitora: I was under the impression that even with my eyes closed... / ...I could at least keep track of the state of the skies. / But perhaps my age has finally caught up with me...
Law: (...!! I recall Miss Nami has the ability to manipulate the weather... // The ship must have come for me.)
Caesar: He~~y, Joker~~~~~!! / If you got it back already, then give it here!! / Quick!! // My heart! My heart!!
Doflamingo: .........
Law: I don't recall ever claiming... // ...that heart belonged to Caesar...!!
People: ?!!

Caesar: Whaaaaaat~~~?!! You've been threatening me with that thing all day, haven't you?!! / And look - there's no heart in my chest right now, is there?!!! // ?
Someone: Aaaaghhhhh!! // Hey!! What's wrong?!! Hang in there!!
Doflamingo: ..................
Fujitora: ! / What are you doing?!! That's one of my subordinates screaming!! // Heavenly Yasha...!!
Caesar: Ehhhhh?!! A Marine?!! // Then where's my heart?!!
Law: Room!!
People: ?!!

Fujitora: !
Law: Let's hope that gravity of yours is enough to hold me down, Fujitora. / Else I'm about to get away... // Shambles!
Fujitora: !
Caesar: Aghhh!!!
Doflamingo: !! To think you still had such power left...!!! Law!!!
Caesar: JOKER~~~~!! HELP ME~~~~!!
Fujitora: That man really doesn't know when to give up......

Caesar: Get your filthy hands off me, Law~~~~!!! // And where the hell did you put my heart?!!!
Doflamingo: You're starting to try my patience now, brat!!! // There's nowhere for you to run, remember?!!
People: Can you see Tra-dude anywhere? // Hmmmm... I can't tell, there's too much mist. I can see a weird forest...

Nami: So what's going to happen after we retrieve Caesar, anyway?
Brook: Doflamingo will come after us, I presume. / Wait, huh?! That's scary!!!
People: !!! // Aaaahhhhh!!! // Ehhh?! What now?! What's happening?!!
Chopper: There's something down there in the water!!!
Jola: I...I...It's a school of Fighting Fish~~~~~~~~!!! // We've come too close to the island!!!
Nami: What are those?!!
Jola: A type of murderous fish that can sink entire battleships!!!
Nami/Chopper: EEEEHHHHHHH~~~?!!

Law: *pant*... *pant*... // (Chase me all you like, Doflamingo!!! // It's the ship I can't let him target!! I've gotta lure Doflamingo to the bridge, then send Caesar to the ship from there... // Then if I fight with Doflamingo on the bridge to keep him occupied.. I should be able to buy enough time for the ship to get away!!!)
[Labels: Green Bit // Doflamingo // Caesar / Current Location / Law // Golden Sunny // Caesar // Dresrosa // Golden Sunny / Brook, Nami, Momonosuke, Chopper]
Doflamingo: Is he planning to cross the bridge?! // If he reaches Dresrosa, he'll be completely in my home turf!
StrawHats: Aaahhhhhh~~~!! // Ahhhh!
Doflamingo/Law: !!!

Law: Oh, no...!! / The others!!
Doflamingo: ......Ohhhhhh... So that's what you're planning. // Fuffuffuffu!!!
Law: Wait, Doflamingo!!! // They've got nothing to do with this!!!
Chopper: Huh?!
Nami: What is it now?!!
Chopper: Doflamingo is flying straight at us!!!
Nami: EEEEEHHHHHH?!! // What is this nightmare? Are we all going to die?!!
Momonosuke: Nooooooooooo~~~~~!!!
Jola: Young master~~~~!!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu... You just watch, Law!! / Enjoy the sight of your precious allies dying before your eyes!!!

Doflamingo: !
StrawHats: Tra-dude, help - // Eh...?
Sanji: Hey! // When my crewmates are crying in fear... // ...don't you dare go near them!!!
Doflamingo: !!! // Oh...? Looks like we've got a tough one here.
StrawHats: Sanji~~~~~~~~~!!!

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