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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

One Piece 724

Law's Plan

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 13, 2013 02:00 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 724: Law's Plan

[Insert text: Go Sanji!!]
Sanji: Diable Jambe...
Doflamingo: You must be "Black Leg"... // ...of the Straw Hats, right?
Sanji: Premiere Hachis!!!
Doflamingo: Fufufufufu!!!
Sanji: !!!

Doflamingo: Goshikiito!!!
[TN: "Five-Coloured Thread"]
Sanji: Uaghh!!
People: ...............!!!
Brook: Sanji-san!!
Nami: Sanji-kun~~~~~~~~!!
Sanji: ......!!!
Doflamingo: Let's see you protect your crewmates!!!
People: ?!!
People: Here he comes~~~~!! // Go away~~~~~~!!!
Doflamingo: Fufufuffufu!!!

Doflamingo: !
Sanji: Poêle à Frire... // Spectre!!!
Doflamingo: !! // Ooh...!! That's powerful! Not half bad!

Sanji: Ughh!!! // Huh?! // What the?! My body won't move!!
Brook: What's this?! Sanji-san appears to have stopped in midair?!
Jola: Ohoho! He cannot move a muscle!! This is the young master's ability!! / The poor man is like a fly in a spider's web!! // All he can do is wait for death!!!
People: !!!
Nami: Sanji-kun, run for it~~~!!
Chopper: Sanji~~~~~!!
Sanji: !!!

Sanji: !!!
Doflamingo: Over...
Nami: A whip?!
Sanji: Don't do anything!! Just run!!! // Use the Coup De Burst to get out of here~~~~!!!
Nami: But we can't...!!
Law: Shambles!!

Law: Room!!
Doflamingo: ...HIITO!!!
[TN: English "overheat", except all his attack names end in "ito" (thread)]
Sanji: ...............!! // ......!!! // ?!
Caesar: Hm?

Doflamingo: ?!! // What~?! // Law...! // ...............!! // That little brat...
[Box: Dresrosa]
People: Aaaaghh!! // What the...?! What happened?!

People: It's Tra-dude!! Sanji is safe!!
Sanji: Law!!
Law: Sorry... This was my fault!! // Now to jump to the ship!!
Brook: Tra-dude-san!!
Nami: Sanji-kun!!
Caesar: Gyahhh!! // Nguahh!!! Curses!! Not this ship again~~~~~!!!
Jola: Caesar!!
Caesar: Jola, is that you?! Help me out!!
Jola: I have been taken captive too!
Doflamingo: I was careless!!

Chopper: Doflamingo is still coming for us!!
Law: Mister Black Leg! What's the status on the factory?!
Sanji: We've discovered its location, but Franky thinks destroying it is going to be more difficult than we thought. / *pant*
Momonosuke: Where is my father?! And what of Kanjuurou?! / Sangorou~!!
Sanji: The samurai is in the factory too. If things go to plan, we should be able to save him.
Law: But we still need more time...?!!
Caesar: Hey!! Is that heart you've got mine?! / You just brought that from below decks, didn't you?!
Law: No, this is mine. // I had your heart on me all along.
Caesar: !! // Dammit!! It was with you after all?!! / Ahh!
Law: For the moment, you lot can take this idiot... / ...and head for "Zou" right away!!
Caesar: !!

Nami: For Zou?!!
Law: That's right. I already gave you a Vivre Card for the next island, yes?
Brook: The next island? But what about Luffy-san and the others?!
Law: Once the factory is destroyed, we'll have no more business on this island. / We'll come straight after you once that's dealt with.
Nami: No, I'm not having this!! We're waiting here!! We can't leave without our Captain! / We're the Straw Hat Pirates, remember?!
People: Ahh! // ?!!!

People: A battleship is flying this way~~~~~~~~!!! // What the~~~~~??! // And Doflamingo is coming from the other side~~~~!!!
Law: Stay if you wish, but don't let him get his hands on Caesar.

Marine: FIRE!!!
People: Aaaaahhhh~~~~~~~~~~~!! // !!!
Chopper: Something's falling from the sky~~~~~~!!!
People: Meteors~~~~~~?!!
Law: Room!!

Nami: Tra-dude-kun, the Eyebrow-Hat Pirates are ready to set sail!!!
Law: Then get moving!!
Sanji: Oi, Law!!
Law: ?!
Sanji: I understand that we have to get Caesar out of here. / So I don't mind going on ahead. However!
Law: .........
Sanji: I hope you remember that Dresrosa is just one part of the plan! / Our common interest is to take down the Yonkou, Kaidou!!! // Are you sure you're not getting... // ...a little too preoccupied with Doflamingo?!
Law: !
Nami/Chopper: Meteors, meteors~~~~~~!!!
Law: "Tact"!!
People: !!!

Marines: Isshou-san!! There's a hole in the hull!!!
Fujitora: Ah, how careless of me. Looks like Law-san was right below us...... / *munch munch*
Marines: Is this really the time to be eating...?!
Fujitora: Let's move on ahead of them to Dresrosa.
Marines: Eh?!
Fujitora: I sense the field of battle... is about to shift... Give the orders to change course.
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu!!
Brook: It's that whip from just now!!
Caesar: Joker!! Help me~~~~~!!!
Doflamingo: OVERHIITO!!!
People: !!!

Law: Listen carefully. Find a route that doesn't pass under any clouds!! / Doflamingo is a Threadman who ate the "Ito Ito no Mi". // He travels through the air by using threads to suspend himself from the clouds. / He can't follow you where there are no clouds to support him!!
Sanji: Threads...!! So that's his trick!
Chopper: Coup de Burst, ready to fire~~~~~!!!
Law: Doflamingo!! Take a look at this!!
Doflamingo: !!
Jola: Aahhhhh!! // Law!! What do you think you are doing?!! // Young master, do not worry about me!!!
Doflamingo: ........................!!

Law: Why are you so intent... // ...on allowing half of the Straw Hat Pirates to escape......?!! // The other half of the crew is still on Dresrosa...!! / If I use them as hostages, the others will bring Caesar back soon enough!
Law: Weren't you just saying how countless men have paid a heavy price... / ...for underestimating what that crew is capable of?
Doflamingo: !
Law: I'm sorry to say this, but my alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates ends here!
Doflamingo: What~?!

Law: Ever since I first proposed this alliance... / I've been intending to simply use them as a tool to further my goal of destroying the Smile production process. / That was my plan all along!! // Even if I don't succeed in taking you out in the battle ahead...
Doflamingo: .........
Law: Without your precious Smile... // You'll be eliminated by Kaidou soon enough!
Doflamingo: ......I see... You're prepared to die if you can take me down with you...!!!
Law: I'd like to stick around to see the chaos that ensues once you're dead and gone... // But to me, the most important thing is to set right what happened thirteen years ago!!! Joker!!!
[Insert text: This grudge runs deep!!]

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