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Translations: Bleach 639 by cnet128 , Gintama 555 (2) , One Piece 796 by cnet128

Bleach 553

Frozen Cross

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 19, 2013 21:37 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Thanks to Urahara's plan, something is happening to Cang Du...!!]
CangDu: What's this...?! // What just happened...? // !

CangDu: ...The Medallion is still functioning perfectly. / So why is your Bankai beginning to shift back to its original owner? // What did you just do?
Hitsugaya: ...Who knows?

Hitsugaya: Maybe Hyourinmaru... // ...just felt like coming back home.
[Bleach 553]
[Frozen Cross]
[Side text: All things must return to their rightful place.]

BG9: Even after your Captain is defeated, you have the will to resist? // I was hoping to recover some data before she perished completely, but if we must...
Oomaeda: ...Captain...

Oomaeda: Take this. // It should allow you to use your Bankai again... // Though the explanation was pretty complicated and I didn't really get it...
BG9: What are you muttering about? / After a close-proximity explosion, the sensitivity of my auditory sensors is automatically reduced. // I would appreciate it if you could speak a little louder. // .........What...?

BG9: My connection is becoming weaker... // What did you do...?
Soifon: My Hollowfied Bankai... / interfering with your body's natural functions...
Oomaeda: ! // Captain!! / You were listening to the...?!
Soifon: You fool... / How could that man's irritating voice... / ...not disturb my slumber...? // ......Bankai. // Jakuhou Raikouben.

BG9: What...?! // Why do you possess that Bankai...?!
Soifon: ...Why indeed? // Maybe feeling its force for yourself... / ...will help you to analyse it. // ...Here goes. // Get a good footing, Oomaeda.
Oomaeda: Yessir!!!

[no text just kaboom]

CangDu: ...Do not underestimate me. // Do you expect that since obtaining these Bankai... / ...we did not perform training to effectively control them?

[no text just charge]

CangDu: !
Hitsugaya: Don't push that Bankai too hard... // You can't honestly expect it to attack itself, can you?

CangDu: You're doing it again. / Stop talking about your Bankai as if it has a mind of its own.

CangDu: I'm not a believer in pantheism.
Hitsugaya: You think Bankai don't have minds of their own? // Can this guy be serious?
Hyourinmaru: Yes... // It would appear he is.
Hitsugaya: ...It's been a while since I've heard your voice... // Welcome back.

Hitsugaya: Hyourinmaru.

CangDu: ! // (My wings... // ...have disappeared completely.........)
Hitsugaya: ...I was just thinking there was something blocking my view... // But come to think of it, he was saying something about "temporary Hollowfication"...
CangDu: Ugh...!
Hitsugaya: Ah well, nothing for it. / I'll just fight like this for the moment.
CangDu: Shejing Zhua!!!
[TN: "Mighty Snake Claw"]

Hitsugaya: The cross-shaped flower... // Hyourinmaru's emblem.

Hitsugaya: Sorry I couldn't make it... // ...a five-pointed cross for you.
[Insert text: A flowering gravestone of ice is manifested here.]

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#1. by bmjy1000 (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 22, 2013
Best translation ever!
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