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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 725

The Undefeated Woman

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 19, 2013 21:38 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 725: The Undefeated Woman
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 41: A Dinosaur Appears

[Insert text: Two major players face off!!]
Law: ..................
Doflamingo: What do you mean to do with Jola?
Law: ............
Doflamingo: I'm sure you know quite well the nature of the Family you're dealing with.
Jola: That's right, Law...! For the young master... // I would gladly lay down my -
Law: ......... // I suggest you run.
Doflamingo: ..................
Law: As far as you can.
Doflamingo: What with Black Leg showing up just now... / It would appear my plans aren't exactly proceeding as intended...... // Your actions here are based on nothing more... // ...than a misguided grudge, Law!!!
Law: This isn't a grudge... I'm here to fulfil the greatest wish of that person. // That's the only reason... // ...I've lived to this day!!!
Doflamingo: !!!

Chopper: Do you think Tra-dude is okay back there~?
Nami: I hope you lot are keeping watch properly!!
Brook: The coast seems clear for now, Nami-sa~n!!
Nami: Good to hear! Keep watching closely!! If he comes flying after us again... // I'll summon a massive gale and blow the clouds clean away!! Then he won't be able to follow us!
Sanji: Anyway, just make sure you look after Robin-chan!! / See you. // Looks like Franky, Usopp and Robin-chan♡ are all together!!
Chopper: Then we've just got to hope Zoro manages to meet up with Luffy.
Sanji: Law's plan is to keep Doflamingo alive so he can wind up clashing with Kaidou of the Yonkou!!
Chopper: .........!!
Sanji: As long as he focuses on running, his life shouldn't be in danger.

Sanji: What's up, Momo?
Momonosuke: .........
Sanji: Why're you going all dragon on us again?
Momonosuke: M... // My body still will not stop shaking...! / That..."flying man"......!! // I have seen him once before, the last time I came here...
Flashback!People: Young master!! He's going to die if you're not careful!!
Flashback!Someone: Urlghh!! *cough* *cough* Urglbhhh!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: These idiots don't get it at all!! // Who's going to be entertained by the sight of you running around unharmed, eh?!
Flashback!Someone: Ngbluahhhh!! Hahhh!! / *pant*...!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: If you can't slice down your enemy, then get sliced down and shed a little blood yourself!!! / Every human being, no matter how civilised he acts... / ...carries a primal cruelty deep down!! A lust for the sight of blood!! / Blood and death!!! // That's the nature of entertainment!!!

Flashback!Doflamingo: So get your acts together!!!
Flashback!Someone: Aaaaghhhhhh!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: You worthless pieces of trash!!!
Flashback!People: !!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: And don't let me see a match like today's ever again.
Flashback!Momonosuke: ..................
Flashback!People: Y... // Yes, young master!!
Flashback!Kanjuurou: Kin'emon!! Momonosuke!!
Flashback!Kin'emon: Ah! Kanjuurou!
Flashback!Kanjuurou: I have found the port... / Let us obtain a vessel for ourselves there. This country is dangerous...
Momonosuke: ......... // When I remember that Kanjuurou has fallen into the hands of that man... / I become terribly worried all over again...!! // Please be all right, Kanjuurou......!!

Momonosuke: Guohhh!! / What manner of face is that?!!
Sanji: Though it depends on why he was after you in the first place... // It's only sensible to take good care of a hostage. / He'll be fine, just fine, don't worry.
Momonosuke: What a wooden tone!! // You are thinking about something completely different, aren't you?!!
Flashback!Violet: A friend has agreed to help me... // ...get away under the protection of the Government. // There's a ship in the harbour to meet me already.
Flashback!Sanji: I see...!! It's a shame that I can't go with you, but as long as you're all right...!
Flashback!Violet: Thanks to you, I feel like I will finally be able to make a new life for myself!
Flashback!Sanji: Oh, you shouldn't!! If you want to thank me, tell it to my cheek!♡
Flashback!Violet: Oh, no!! It looks like your ship is being attacked by Fighting Fish!! // You must go to them, quickly!!
Flashback!Sanji: Fighting Fish?! What the heck?!! // Nnnami-sa~~~~~n!♡ // I'm coming for you~~~~~~~~!!!
Violet: (..................)

People: Ugh!! That filthy Rebecca!! // She's pretty tough again today!!
Violet: .........
People: Why won't she hurry up and die~~?!! // Ahhh!! What the...?! // The screen just blew up!!
Violet: Mr. Horse!
Horse: Yes?
Violet: Take me to the palace!!

[Box: Dresrosa - The Corrida Colosseum]
Kin'emon: Why are you crying...?!!
Zoro: Why do you know Luffy's identity... / ...and my name as well?!!
Bartolomeo: I...I...I owwezbinner massibanner yugaarz!! (I've always been a massive fan of you guys!!)
Zoro: ...?? I don't have a clue what he's saying...
Bartolomeo: W...Wouldya... Wouldya gimme an autograph?!
Zoro: Ehh?!
Bartolomeo: I'll a-go an' find Luffy-senpai for ya, so wouldya gimme an autograph?
Zoro: .........? You'll find him for us?! That would be great!! But hurry, please!!
Bartolomeo: !! ...!! D...!! Den......!! / Den you just wait right there!! I'll bring'im here... / ...if it costs me my life!!
Zoro: There's no need to go that far...

Announcer: Here in the intense battle for D Block... // Men are falling one after another~~~~!!!
Someone: ! // Guahhhhhh!!!

Someone: !!
SomeoneElse: Haaaahhhhhhh!! // Hm? // Guehhh!! // Why, you...!! // Guehhh!!
Rebecca: *pant* // *pant*

Announcer: Ooh, damn that girl~~~!! She certainly is tough!! // It's Rebecca's favourite tactic, the "Waterside Blade Dance"!!! // With the Fighting Fish-filled waters to her back... / ...she uses astounding speed to use her attackers' strength against them and hurl them into the waves!! // That's right!! In all her matches up until this point... / Without ever directly harming a single opponent!!
[Box: The Imprisoned Gladiators' Cells]
Announcer: And without ever letting them land a blow on her!! / She has won every match through ring-outs alone!!
Luffy: Ooh, is she an Observation Haki user~~~~~?!!
Prisoners: Haki?
Announcer: The Undefeated Woman!!!
Luffy: You're pretty good, Rebecca!!! Keep it up!!!

Announcer: Truly, this woman's style of battle is deeply not-not-beautiful!! // In truth, I can't help but find myself not not liking it!! // But will it be enough in this tournament?! The powerful warriors who have gathered from countries far and wide...
People: Aaaaghhhh!!
Announcer: ...have a huge variety of different fighting styles!! She will have to deal with more than just ordinary swordsmen!!
Logan: Lessee now... Shall I break them bones of yours for you?!! // Uhihihihih!!
[Text: Southern Kingdom of Majiatsuka / Military Captain / Rolling Logan]
Logan: Little unpopular girlie~~~~~~~~!!!

[Box: Inside the Colosseum - Underground Medical Waiting Room]
Sai: Whaddaya mean, "Next please"?! / Our Gramps was carried in there already, and he hasn't come back out yet!!
Guard: Ah... Mr. Chinjao...
Sai: Is he dead, or what?! Ehhh?!
Kerry: ...Quit making a scene!! // You dumb martial artist!!!
Sai: He ain't the kind of man who'd die even if you kill him, but he is getting old!!
Ideo: What an awful din...
Guard: Forgive me, sir, but it isn't that he hasn't come out yet... / The exit is on the other side of the operating room, so he wouldn't come out this way.
Sai: !!
Ucy: Moooo...
Sai: Oh - I see! That does make sense...! / I'm sorry about that, then. Kakkakkah!!
Guard: Please, go on through.
Sai: I'm real sorry for causing trouble over a misunderstanding. / Really, I am... Awfully sorry... Terribly, terrible sorry... // Can you ever forgive meeee?!!! *sniff* Aahhh...
Boo: Don't worry about him, he can get a bit emotional sometimes...

Medics: You're Sai, from the Kano Country, yes?
Sai: That's right.
Medics: Then we will begin the examination.
Sai: ?!! // Eh?? // Hey!! What is this?!
[BubbleSFX: KA-CHUNK...!!]
Medics: Next, please!!

Sai: !!! // Urghhh...?! // ...What is all this...? A pile of toys...?
Hajrudin: Toys...and warriors.
Sai: ?! // ?!!! // Eh...?! Hajrudin! Ahh!! / You people!! What is all this, huh?!!!
Hajrudin: ...It seems that all the warriors defeated in this tournament have been dropped into this pit.
Sai: What?!! // What's the meaning of this...?!! // Where's the way out of here?!!!
Dagama: As if such a thing would exist!! We have all been tricked by that Doflamingo!! // This means war!! Isn't that right, Your Majesty Elizabello?!!
Elizabello: Even my King Punch cannot harm these walls...
BlueGiri: We're underground, remember...? These aren't walls, they're the ground. // The question is, what do they mean to do with us...?!!
Hack: It seems unlikely that their intent... // ...is to treat our wounds...!!
Chinjao: Doflamingo, you fool... Depending on your intentions here... // I may bear a grudge down to your grandchildren's generation!!!
[Insert text: What is this place...?!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 49.]

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