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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Bleach 555

The Hero

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 2, 2013 20:10 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: The Spirit Palace. Who is Kirinji calling out to...?!!]
Kirinji: All right~~~~~~~~~~~! // Everything’s good and ready! // I hope you’re ready and prepared too! / Ichigo!!

Ichigo: I’m ready!

Kirinji: What’s wrong? // What’re you looking for?
Ichigo: Where is it? / That big pillar thing that you guys rode on when you came to Soul Society.
Kirinji: It ain’t here. // You’re going back on foot.

Ichigo: Ehhh?!
Kirinji: Don’t give me that “ehhh?!” lark. // Senjumaru! The stairs!
Senjumaru: As you wish.

Kirinji: Much as I’d love to take you down in the Tenchuuren, us Division Zero folks aren’t meant to just go down to Soul Society whenever we like! / So you can walk back on your own, down these stairs! // Don’t worry, it’s not too far! // Using normal Shunpo, it shouldn’t take longer than a week! // (Will he react like I think?!)
Imaginary!Ichigo: A whole week?! // What are you talking about?! What if the Quincy... / ...start their attack while I’m on the way down?!!
Ichigo: ...All right. / I guess that’s not too far!

Kirinji: ...Oh? / Is that right...? / It’s quite a long way... Are you sure you’re fine with it...?
Ichigo: What’re you talking about? / You’re the one who just said it’s not too far! // If it takes a week using normal Shunpo... // I figure I can make it in half a day if I really hurry! / It’ll be fine!
Kirinji: ........................ // Bwahahahahahahahahah!!!
Ichibei: Very good, very good! // It looks like you’ve managed to grow a bit of nerve! // Anyway, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll make it in time for the battle! // After all, the Quincy...

Ichibei: ...already started their attack three hours ago!
Ichigo: Tell me these things sooner, idiot!!!
Ichibei: Don’t be unreasonable~! // Three hours ago, you were still in the middle of your training, remember?!!

Hikifune: Where’s Ichigo-chan?!
Kirinji: Oh... / He just left.
Hikifune: Ichigo-chan!! // Eat this if you get hungry on the way down! // I made some rice balls for you specially!
Ichigo: Oh, nice! // I’ll hide somewhere and eat them if I get worn out fighting! // Thanks a bunch!

Hikifune: ............That boy... / He’s changed quite a bit.
Kirinji: .........Yeah. // He’s become stronger. / You can see it just looking at him. // That wavering reiatsu he used to have is nowhere to be seen.
Ichibei: No, no, no. / He hasn’t “become stronger”. // He’s simply “grown”. // Or to put it another way...

Ichibei: He has become stronger.
Kirinji: Make your mind up, old man.
Ichibei: No, no... / I’m not just talking about physical strength. // His body and soul have become strong. // He has become... // ...a true Shinigami.
Ichigo: Well, that’s the deal, so... / ...it’ll be a little while longer before I make it down there.
Urahara: I see. / Very well. / Take care.

Ichigo: By the way... / Urahara-san.
Urahara: What is it?
Ichigo: It may sound a little impertinent of me to say this, but... / Even if the battle... / ...starts to look really bad... // Just hold out until I get there, okay? // I promise I’ll... / ...sort things out.

Urahara: Very well. // We’ll be waiting for you, Kurosaki-san...
[Bleach 555]
[Insert text: He speeds to the battleground!!]

Ichigo: Urahara-san... / He didn’t say anything about the situation down there... // I’d better hurry...

[The Hero]
Shinji: The hell... / ...is this...?

Komamura: !!
Candice: Eh? // Aw, man. / Thanks to all this spirit energy, my wings came out on their own.
Giselle: Ah, yes... / Of course. // You learned to use the Vollständig yourself recently, didn’t you? // Well, what’s the problem? / If you want to use it, go ahead. // I’m not interested in it myself. Much too tiring.
Candice: It tires me out too, you know!
Meninas: It looks like Bambietta-chan is using hers...
Liltotto: Well, of course she is. / She was already pissed off because we disappeared.

Giselle: Oh? / Bambi-chan’s using hers? / How scary~! // A girl like her really shouldn’t be pulling out her Vollständig already! // She’s an idiot, so if she’s not careful... // She might end this whole battle before it really gets started!
[Side text: Her true power...!!]

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