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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 726

The House of Riku

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 2, 2013 23:29 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 726: The House of Riku

[Insert text: Underneath the Colosseum…]
People: Nguahh!!
Sai: There goes another one… // They just keep on falling down here one after the next…!!!
People: Gyahhh!
Kerry: ……………… // Uurghh……
Ideo: *pant… pant…*
Boo: Ah…Gramps!! // And you too, Bro!!! // Ughh… It stinks to hell down here! *cough* *cough* What is this place?!! // A mountain of toys and trash?!!
Sai: So you’ve arrived, Boo… / We’d all like to know the same thing…!! // I’d move aside if I were you, before the next one comes falling down.
Boo: ?!

Ricky: To think such a huge scrapyard… / …existed deep underneath this country…
[Text: Former Gladiator Ricky]
Lepanto: If I’m mistaken, then please forgive me, but…
Ricky: ?!
Lepanto: I’ve been sensing something from you for a while……
[Text: Dresrosa Army Captain / Tank Lepanto]
Lepanto: Are you… Would you happen to be……
Ricky: ………………
Lepanto: His Majesty King Riku… / …by any chance…?!
People: ?!! // King Riku?!!
Abdullah: King Riku?! It can’t be… // Surely that man is long dead…?!
Jet: Shihahahah… The former King… // …of Dresrosa… / I heard he’d gone crazy in the head.
Ricky: ………………

Ricky: I suppose there is no use in hiding it… / …after falling all the way down here. // You are quite correct. / But please, do not call me King any more. / Captain Tank.
Lepanto: ……………………!!
Riku: I am no longer anything more than a worthless old man. / An old, sinful man who could not even save his own grandchild.
[Box: Former King of Dresrosa / Riku Doldo III / (Rebecca’s Grandfather)]
People: It’s King Riku!!! // He was really alive?!!!
Lepanto: ……………!!! // Your Majesty…!! I’m so glad you are safe…!!! // It has been so long!! ……!! / And to think that I have become but one of Doflamingo’s…
Riku: Say no more… I understand…!!

Riku: You are watching over Viola in my stead, are you not? / I would never doubt a man as upstanding and honourable as you. // You must have had to make some harsh decisions…!!!
Lepanto: ……………!!! // No… Compared to what you have been through, I…!!!
Elizabello: My, my!! To think that you were King Riku himself!!!
Riku: …Ah, yes. // The King of Prodence…!!
Elizabello: It has been quite some time!! Why, I can scarcely count the times you came to my country’s aid!! / It is good to see you are safe!!
Riku: Come, now…
Elizabello: Ever since you disappeared… / The balance between the countries in this area has fallen apart. It has been one war after another!! // Truly, it makes my heart ache!!!

Sai: Elizabello!! You may be pained by these wars… / But one man’s tears can be cause for another man’s laughter!! // There is a man who has been encouraging these wars behind the scenes… / …and making a tidy profit from the conflict…!!!
Boo: Yeah, he’s been selling a ton of weapons to countries on all sides!!
Chinjao: A ruthless broker by the name of “Joker”!! That is the name Doflamingo goes by in the underworld. / But nobody knows where his weapons are created or stored. // Our very own Kano Country has been mixed up in these wars… / …and we have been greatly troubled by his weapons finding their way into the hands of our enemies.
Sai: We of the Happou Armada are under orders from the King of the Kano Country… / …to uncover the weapon smuggling routes and put a stop to them. That is our true goal!! // King Riku. Thanks to your foolish actions allowing Doflamingo to seize the throne… / …All the countries in these parts have suffered!!!

Dagama: The man has a point, Elizabello-sama!! // Certainly we have received great aid from Dresrosa in the past… / But in this day and age… // …the name of King Riku is -
Lepanto: Hold your tongue, Dagama!!!
Dagama: !!
Lepanto: You do not know the truth behind that incident ten years ago. // You who know nothing of that tragedy have no right to question the King’s integrity!!!
Riku: Tank, that’s enough! Let bygones be bygones…
People: King Riku… I was a soldier in your army as well.
Riku: ?!
People: As was I. // As was I! King Riku…
Riku: ! // ………

People: Whoaaaa!! What the…?!! The toys have started moving!! / Weren’t these toys all dead and broken?!!
Riku: !!!
People: The former soldiers of Dresrosa… / …and even the toys are bowing before him…? // What’s going on…?! / I thought King Riku was hated throughout this country…
Riku: ……………?!

Hack: With such a massive space hidden under the Colosseum… // I suspect that there are more secrets hidden underground yet.
DenDenMushi: Understood. Please continue to investigate.
Someone: ………………
Boo: ?!
Sai: Nguoh?! // Whaaa?! What the heck is going on now?!!
Boo: Bro!!!
Sai: Guaaaahhhhh~~~~!!
Chinjao: Sai!!

Trebol: Beheheh, nyehhh, nyehhh…! // All done, now! You can go! // Remember, “never harm a human being”… // …and “always follow orders from the Family”. // These rules aren’t to be broken. / Now, all you combatants are power-types. / Just head straight on, through that door… // …and you’ll reach the factory and trading port!! // Work hard, now!!
Sai: (What is going on?!! // My body won’t move like I want it to!! / I can’t disobey that man’s words!! // What he heck… // …has happened to me?!!)

[Box: The Colosseum - Imprisoned Gladiators’ Cells]
Luffy: Yeah!!! Go Rebecca~~~~~~~!!! / Hey!! Enough of the cabbage, show more of Rebecca!! // …Hm?! Come to think of it, this is an awkward place to watch from!! // I’ll go and cheer her on from a bit closer by!!
Prisoners: …All right.
Luffy: You know, when I came to this country I thought it seemed really fun and happy!! / But looking at you guys… I guess I was wrong!!
Prisoners: …What you saw up there was the bright and shining world of the “winners”.
Luffy: ………
Prisoners: Doflamingo divides people into “winners who obey”… / …and “losers who resist”…!! He’s almost like the World Government itself… / The “losers” who stray from his path are treated no better than trash. // Of course the country would look clean and happy…if all the trash is hidden away in the dark.

Flashback: The new trash has arrived! // Time to search for treasure!!
Luffy: Sounds kind of similar… // …to the place where I grew up…
Prisoners: Once you start to doubt it, this country is full of little suspicious things. // We think there must be a deeper darkness hidden somewhere.
Luffy: ………
Prisoners: You take care of yourself out there…
Bartolomeo: ?!! // Ehh?!!
Luffy: Hm?
Bartolomeo: Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!

[Box: The Flower Field - Riku Royal Army Rebellion HQ]
Gancho: Long, long ago… // It is said that we of the Tontatta Tribe… / …set out to sea in search of resources that could not be found in our homeland. // To begin with, we suffered at the hands of the Big Humans, who often discovered us and drove us almost to extinction.
Flashback!Humans: Look, it’s a couple of dwarfs!! // Hahah!!
Gancho: But one day, the King of a neighbouring country, Dresrosa, approached us. // In exchange for a little labour… / …he offered us the promise of safety and resources. And so a treaty was formed between our peoples.
Usopp: ………
Gancho: The name of the King at the time was “Donquixote”. / And that marked the beginning of an age that lasted until 900 years before the present…!! / The darkest age in the history of the Tontatta…

Gancho: The “Age of Slavery”. / The acts of the cruel Royal Family of the time are recorded in detail in surviving records. // Truly, that King was a demon!!! The Tontatta were forced to labour hard, deep beneath the ground… / …while the Big Humans enjoyed the fruits of our labours, living in wealth and luxury. // Then comes the “Blank Century”, and nobody knows what happened during that time… / But 800 years before the present… The throne of Dresrosa passed to a new King. // His name was King Riku!!! // When King Riku learned of the inhumane labours… / …that had been forced upon our kind, deep beneath their country, for hundreds of years… // King Riku shed tears for us, and apologised from the bottom of his heart. // And the next thing the new King did…
People: !!!
Gancho: …was to atone.

Gancho: He decreed that we need work no longer. That from that day on, we would be permitted to take from this country anything that we needed. / Anything we took, the King explained as the work of “fairies”. // He encouraged the people to accept such happenings… / …by establishing the “fairy legend” that continues to this day…!! // Under the rule of the good House of Riku… / …this country freely offered aid to neighbouring countries in need… // …and, though it could certainly not be called wealthy… // …it became a land of happiness, filled with the smiles of its citizens. // Our ancestors were moved by the kindness of this land’s new King… / …and responded by working of their own accord to transform this country… // …into a land of rich greenery and beautiful flowers.

Gancho: This is the tale of the 800-year bond… / …between the Tontatta Kingdom and the House of Riku…!! // But now, 900 years after his kind were last seen in this land… / Doflamingo, descendant of the House of Donquixote… // …has returned to this land, and is attempting to repeat… / …the terrible history that we suffered here long ago!!! // Five hundred of our kind, including my own daughter Manshelly… / …have already fallen into his hands!!! // We must not allow that history to be repeated!!!
Dwarfs: Yeaaaaaahhhhhhh~~~~!!
Gancho: We must resist!! We must fight!!!
OneLeg: You are quite correct. Both for Dresrosa and for the Tontatta, the return of Donquixote… // …can mean nothing but misery!!

Usopp: I was just thinking the same thing!!!
Dwarfs: Ahhhh!! Truly you are wonderful!! / U-so-land!! // U-so-land!!
Franky: Gueeeehhhh…!! King Riku is such a nice guy! Even being kind to these little guys who are like bugs!
Dwarfs: Who’re you calling bugs?!!!
Franky: I meant it in a good way…
Dwarfs: Then that’s okay!!
Robin: But Mr. Captain, looking at the footage from the Colosseum… / The female gladiator there is being cursed terribly by the crowd just for being the daughter of King Riku. // It looks like the people of this country don’t think well of the old King…
Usopp: I was just thinking the same thing!!
Dwarfs: Ahhhh!! U-so-land!!
OneLeg: One day, ten years ago now, a terrible incident occurred… // …which caused the people of this land to lose faith in King Riku overnight. // The people of this country do not know the truth behind that incident…!!! / The King wanted nothing more than to protect his people to the last… // Doflamingo tried his hardest to slaughter every remaining member of King Riku’s family… / But I escaped with Rebecca, the King’s granddaughter…

OneLeg: …and we ran for a long time, living as fugitives. / Even so, in the end, Rebecca was caught…
Flashback!OneLeg: Soldiers like me are brave~~~~♪
OneLeg: And now she is forced to fight for her own life at the Colosseum!! // I am prepared to give my own life gladly if it means restoring the people’s faith in King Riku and protecting Rebecca!
Usopp: ………
OneLeg: I am staking everything on this final battle!!!
Usopp: Why in the world…
OneLeg: I failed to protect Rebecca’s mother. // I will never forget that day, as long as I live!! / Though she does not remember me… / …as I have become a toy… // I am… // …Rebecca’s father!
People: ?!!
[Insert text: The burden of their blood and their fate!!]

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