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Translations: Bleach 640 by cnet128 , Gintama 556 by kewl0210 , One Piece 796 by cnet128

One Piece 727

A Hero In Wait

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 9, 2013 23:18 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 727: A Hero In Wait
Caribou’s Snickerings in the New World
Vol 42: All Opposition Crushed! The Captain Arrested

[Insert text: The crowd torment the girl…]
People: Stop running!! // Stop running!!!
Announcer: Rebecca just keeps on running!!! // Meanwhile, Rolling Logan is hot on her heels… // …and mowing down all the attackers… / …that try to take Rebecca out!!!
People: You dirty coward, Rebecca~~~!!! // Stand and fight!!! // Show us some blood!!!
Rebecca: *pant* // *pant*

People: Stop running, Rebecca~~~~!!
Usopp: ………………
People: Show us your tyrant’s blood!!!
Usopp: …………So that’s……? // But hang on… If you’re really her father, doesn’t that mean… / Since she’s the granddaughter of King Riku…… // Back when you were human, could you have been……?!!
People: ………………
OneLeg: …It all began…that fateful night…
Usopp: Just give a straight answer!! // Seriously, are you King Riku’s…
OneLeg: No, perhaps it had already begun long before then. / Ever since the day… // …the woman “Moné” started working at the palace………

Robin: “Moné”…?
Franky: ?
Usopp: That bird-woman from Punk Hazard?!!
OneLeg: Over these past ten years…this country has changed greatly. // Both its sights…and its people.
People: I heard you ran into trouble with pirates?! // Only a little. The Riku Royal Army protected us! // The drought continues, but the flowers never wilt… / It’s all thanks to the fairies…! // I want to eat more food!! // If you have the energy to shout, you’ve had plenty. No matter how little food we may have… // …we should just be thankful that there is no war in our country. That’s the most important thing.

OneLeg: In all the 800 years that the House of Riku ruled this country… / …not once has the country gone to war.
Robin: …! That’s quite remarkable…
OneLeg: Indeed. As a state, it’s nothing short of a miracle. / Dresrosa was in incredibly peaceful country… // However. // The nightmare struck the palace… // …suddenly and without warning.
Flashback!King: Who are you, scoundrel?!!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: Don’t make a sound. // Don’t call anyone.
Flashback!King: ?!!

Flashback!Doflamingo: My name is Donquixote Doflamingo.
Flashback!King: ?!
Flashback!Doflamingo: I’ve just returned… // …to take my place as rightful King of this country!!!
Flashback!King: …I had wondered about the pirate Donquixote whose name has become well-known recently.
Flashback!Doflamingo: Your worries were well-founded. Indeed, I am a member of the House of Doflamingo.
Flashback!King: I hear you have been attacking transport vessels carrying various countries’ monetary tributes to the Tenryuubito… // …and that you became a Shichibukai by threatening the World Government.
Flashback!Doflamingo: Fufufuffuffuffuffu!! They don’t know what to do about me, that’s for sure…!!
Flashback!King: ………
Flashback!Doflamingo: Since I don’t fear the Tenryuubito, I’m quite the little issue for the Government…!! // But if you’re already aware of my position and my ability, that makes things simpler.

Flashback!Doflamingo: For a price of 10 billion Beli… // …I’ll sell you this kingdom, King Riku!!!
Flashback!King: ?!! // ……!!! This country doesn’t have that kind of…!
Flashback!Doflamingo: Strictly speaking… / …I don’t even have to give you such a kind offer. I could take this country from you whenever I wish. // Your deadline is sunrise tomorrow!! / And no getting support from other countries!!
Flashback!King: !!
Flashback!Doflamingo: This is a test of your abilities as King. / Don’t breathe a word about me to your subjects.

Flashback!Tank: Could we not do battle with him, Your Majesty…?!!!
Flashback!King: ……… // Out of the question!!! / Using the word “battle” may make it sound honourable, but human beings should never resort to killing one another!!! // Dresrosa has gone 800 years without going to war…this is the proof that we are men, not beasts! // Do not submit to your baser instincts!! Remain human at all costs!! Killing is out of the question!!! // There is no time…!! Visit every town in this realm!!! // We must gather 10 billion Beli from within this kingdom!! / If we do not, this land will become a country of piracy!!! / I do not doubt that this act will cause the people to lose faith in us…!! / But we must bear that burden, just for the next few hours!!!

Flashback!King: Once this is all over, I will atone for this act in any way I can!! This is the only way!! / We cannot solve this crisis with lies or political trickery!!
Flashback!Tank: But, Your Majesty! / There are very few people in this country with much wealth to speak of…!!
Flashback!King: You must gather as much as you possibly can within the time allowed!! The survival of this nation depends on it!!! // You must protect Dresrosa!!!
Flashback!People: It’s the army… What are they doing here so late at night…?!! // Captain Tank!!!
Flashback!Tank: Bring out all the money in the town!!!
Flashback!People: Hey!! What’s gotten into you?! // You can’t do this… The King will never forgive it!!
Flashback!Tank: These are the King’s orders!!
Flashback!People: Eh?!

Flashback!Tank: Hurry!!! // I cannot explain the reason, but there is no time!! // (This is futile…!! The people will never heed such a request…!) // I must beg you to trust in King Riku, and bring all the money you have… / …all the hard cash in this village, to us!!!
Flashback!People: This is too sudden… // ?! // A Visual Den-Den Mushi…!!!
[BubbleSFX: ZZZT..]
Flashback!King: People of Dresrosa!
Flashback!People: ?! // King Riku!!
Flashback!King: This request must seem all too sudden… // …and so unreasonable that you may doubt your own ears!!! / But I must beg that you not ask the reason…

Flashback!King: I need you all to lend me… // …all the money that you possess!!!
Flashback!People: !!! // !!!! // …The King prostrated himself… // ……………!! // But why would he ask such a thing……?!! / Why so suddenly…?!!
Flashback!Retainers: Your Majesty!!! Why are you prostrating yourself before your people?!!! // You must not do this!!! / You are the King of this country!! // Please, you must not shame yourself!! Raise your head at once!!!

Flashback!Retainers: If you shame yourself like this in front of the whole kingdom, how will you ever be able to face your ancestors?!!!
Flashback!People: ……!!
Flashback!Retainers: You will be the laughing stock of the entire world!!! You must stop this at once!!!
Flashback!King: ……………… // I BEG OF YOU ALL!!! // This is not a joke or a stunt!! If you do not believe me, I am prepared to offer whatever proof you desire!! / I will cut off my own arm or leg if that is what it takes!!!
Flashback!Tank: ………………
Flashback!People: ?!!
Flashback!Tank: ……………!!!
DoubleFlashback!King: Now listen to me, Tank… // In the absolute worst-case scenario…I will take it upon myself to eliminate Doflamingo……!!
DoubleFlashback!Tank: !!!
DoubleFlashback!King: If it comes to that…request as much aid as you need from other nations. I leave the fate of this country in your hands.

Flashback!Tank: *pant* // *pant* // (No matter what it takes, we must succeed in gathering this money…!!!)
Flashback!People: ……………… // Everyone hurry!! Do as the King says!!! Give them everything you have!! // The kind King Riku would never do a thing like this out of malice!! // There must be some reason why this is absolutely necessary!! // Bring all the money you have at once!!!
Flashback!Tank: This is the faith…His Majesty has earned… // My apologies!!! // (And this is the trust the House of Riku has built up over 800 years… // What a wonderful country this is!!! Surely, it will be saved!!!) // You have our eternal gratitude!!!

Flashback!People: Bring all the country’s wealth… // …to the Palace!!! // Hurry!!! // Captain Tank, His Majesty is visiting the town of Sebio in person!! // He’s up there on the screen!!
Flashback!Tank: What?!
[Box: Southern Town of Sebio]
Flashback!People: Your Majesty! You didn’t have to come here in person!!
Flashback!King: Run…!!
Flashback!People: ?! // King Riku!! We don’t know what reason you may have for this act… // But you have our absolute trust -
Flashback!King: Run for your lives…!!
Flashback!People: Aaaghhhhh!!! // ?!! // Ehhhh?!! Your Majesty, what are you doing…?!!

Flashback!People: ?!!
Flashback!King: ……………!!
Flashback!People: Aaaaghhhhhh~~~~~~~~!! // ?!! // ?!

Flashback!King: Stop…!!!
Flashback!People: ?!!
Flashback!King: Please, stop this!!!
Flashback!People: Your Majesty, please stop this at once! There must be some mistake!!
Flashback!King: Run away!!! Don’t come near me!! Get away from me at once!!!
Flashback!People: Guaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! // Aaaaahhhhhhhh!! // Even the soldiers…!!
Flashback!King: My body… // I can’t control it……!!!

Flashback!Tank: Your Majesty……?? // What are you doing??!
Flashback!Doflamingo: ……………… // Fuffuffuffu… // Dear me…fufufu… // What an awful King…… // Now…the night is still young! Soldiers of the army! // You dance for me, too!!
Flashback!Soldiers: ?
Flashback!Doflamingo: Parasaito!!
[TN: Like Doflamingo’s other attacks, the English word “parasite” with “ito” = “thread” on the end]

Flashback!People: Guaaaahhhhhhhh!!! // Even the soldiers are going berserk~~~~~!!! // ??!
Flashback!Soldier: Guahhh!! Nghh… Captain…!! // This isn’t me!! My body, it…
Flashback!Tank: *pant*… I know!! The same is happening to me!!! // Why is my body moving on its own…?!! / *pant* // …?!! Could the same be happening to the King……?!!!
Flashback!People: Your Majesty, why are you doing this?!!! // The kind King we know would never…!!
Flashback!Baby: Waaaaahhhhh!!
Flashback!People: Did we do something wrong…?!!
Flashback!King: (…No excuse can possibly redeem me now…!!! // This country is doomed…… // This was all… // …Doflamingo’s trap!!!)
Flashback!People: What has happened to the King?!! // Stop!! Please, stoooop!!
Flashback!Trebol: Nyehhh, nyehhh…!! Isn’t that enough now, Dofi~?!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: Idiot. Don’t get hasty… // Fuffuffuffu!! // I need more…!!! Only when the whole country is trembling in fear!! Only when they come to detest King Riku from the bottom of their hearts…!! // Only then…shall a hero arise…!!!
[Insert text: The “hero” lies in wait…!!]

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