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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 728

The Number of Tragedies

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 17, 2013 01:18 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 728: The Number of Tragedies
Caribou’s Snickerings in the New World
Vol 43: To The Defeated Warrior, Her Grandson Who Must Become A Lone Sacrifice, She Offers Her Last Meat Pie

[Insert text: Malice envelops the country!!]
Flashback!People: Aaaaaaghhhhh!! // Stop this, please, Your Majesty!! // Help~~~~~!! // We’ve given you our money, at least spare our lives...!! // What has happened to His Majesty?!! // The whole country is in a panic!!! // I thought he was acting strangely ever since he rushed out of the palace... / ...but I never dreamed he would do something like this!! // The situation has become too serious for us to handle alone... / I have contacted the Marines for help!!
Flashback!Viola: .........
Flashback!People: Captain Vergo has agreed... / ...to take care of everything!!
Flashback!Viola: ......Father...

Flashback!Viola: Snow?! // Moné?! What are you doing over there?! // Why are you, a royal attendant, opening the gates of the Palace...?!!
Flashback!Moné: ...Ahahah... / Princess Viola... // Surely your “all-seeing eyes”... / ...must allow you to see all too clearly... // ...what is happening all across this country right now. // I am here... // ...to greet... // ...our new Royal Family.
Flashback!Viola: !!!
Flashback!People: There are flames coming from the eastern tower!! // Pirates have invaded the Palace!! // Princess Viola has been taken hostage!!!

Flashback!SeñorPink: The view in this Palace is nice... I like it.
Flashback!Buffalo: Yeah, it’s pretty fine.
Flashback!Machvise: A fitting palace for the young master, oiiiiiing!!
Flashback!People: Hald, fiends!! // Were you sent by Doflamingo?! // Moné!! Release Princess Viola at once!!! // What have you fiends done to King Riku?!!!
Flashback!Jola: Now, it seems we have much to do!
Flashback!LaoG: Time to clean up a little in here, I think!!

Flashback!People: Why are you doing this~~~~?!!
Flashback!King: *pant* // *pant*
Flashback!People: Riku Royal Army!!! // Aaaaghhhh!!
Flashback!King: Please, stop...!! // If living means harming my own subjects... // I would rather die...!!! / Urghh...! // Please, somebody... // Just kill me~~~~!!!

Flashback!People: Why are you doing this, Your Majesty?! // Did we do something wrong? Something to offend you...?! // You have always been right and just!! // You are our King, the pride of this country!! // When you asked for our money... / We willingly gave everything we have! // Because you have always thought of us above all else...!! // Because you are our pride and joy!!! // Aaaghhhhh!!!

Flashback!People: Waaaaaahhhhhhh!! // ...King Riku has trampled all over our hearts...!! // He means to steal our money and our lives!!! // He only cares for himself... He’s treating us like nothing more than trash...!!! // Curse you, King Riku...!!! // I will never forgive you...!!! // You’re the scum... // ...of humanity~~~~~!!! // The Riku Royal Army are coming!!! // Hey!! Get away from there!!! Run!!! // ...............!! // *pant*...!! // H...Help me...!!

Flashback!People: ?!! // Ahhh! // ...............?! // Unghh!! // ...............?! // Who the heck...are you people...?!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: ...!! Fufufuffuffuffu!! // I’m here to save this country!!! // My name is Donquixote Doflamingo!!!
Flashback!People: ?!!!

Flashback!People: H...He’s a pirate......!!! // But... // ...He’s defeating the Riku Royal Army for us...
Flashback!Doflamingo: (Fall to the darkness!! Worship my violence!!) // Trebol... / ...Pica... / ...Diamante...!!
Flashback!People: ...............!! // ..................
Flashback!Doflamingo: Go forth... // ...and clean up the mess of this country!!
Flashback!People: Doflamingo!! // Doflamingo!! // Doflamingo!!

OneLeg: In the space of a single night... // The country fell into Doflamingo’s hands.
Usopp: What an awful story... It’s like a nightmare!!!
Robin: What a cunning man...... // (...............!!)
Franky: Uuuu...unglrhh...!! D...Doflamingoooo!!! I’ll nebber forgibe you!!!
Gancho: At the time all this happened... / We too were fooled by King Riku’s terrible acts... / So we made contact with the new King, Doflamingo, and that is how we ended up in this state. // It is our shame that we were unable to trust in King Riku......!!
Usopp: Well, this is a nasty state of affairs... / The King who everyone loved and looked up to... // ...died a hated man, blamed for a crime he didn’t commit...!!

OneLeg: No... King Riku is still alive!!
Usopp: Huh?!
OneLeg: Doflamingo had a passionate desire for the ability that the King’s daughter, Princess Viola, possessed. / So he offered her a bargain.
Flashback!Viola: If you promise you will not take my father’s life... // I will do anything you say!!
OneLeg: The Princess lives to this day as one of Doflamingo’s subordinates.........!!
Robin: .........
OneLeg: She now calls herself “Violet”... // ...and holds a senior position within the Family.
People: ?!
Usopp: She’s a big shot in the Family?! Then thanks to her, King Riku must still be...
OneLeg: .........

OneLeg: Indeed. He must be alive, somewhere in this country. // But the pain he has suffered over these past ten years must be unimaginable...!! / And Princess Viola must also be suffering terribly!! // Fear... Anger... Tears... // What can these ten years have been like for her...?
Leo: ...............!!
OneLeg: And the soldiers, too, who were controlled like King Riku that night... // How much pain must they feel, having harmed the people of this country with their own hands...?
Usopp: !! / Then King Riku’s soldiers weren’t all killed that night...?

OneLeg: Some were indeed killed... / But some bowed down before Doflamingo where they stood... / ...and live on today as his personal guards...!!
Franky: They betrayed their King?!!!
Flashback!Doflamingo: These men were only acting under the orders of the mad King Riku!! // I have forgiven their crimes, and agreed to accept them as my own subordinates!!!
OneLeg: I believe that they too submitted to him only because they had no other choice.
Franky: That’s too sad!! I can’t stop crying!! All that suffering... Uwaaaaaghhhh~~!!!
OneLeg: Some soldiers were killed, and some submitted to their enemy... / But these two groups combined make up only a fraction of the country’s army.
Franky: ?! / What does that mean?!

OneLeg: It means...that I too must have had some memories taken from me.
Franky: ?
OneLeg: Fraland, I showed you the town just now, did I not?
Franky: !
OneLeg: We who have been turned into toys... / ...remember everything about our former human lives.
Flashback!Milo: My name is Milo... // ...not Wanpoco.
OneLeg: But the people around us, even our own families, have forgotten we ever existed. // They cannot even realise that they have forgotten their own loved ones. / This is the greatest tragedy of Dresrosa... / ...and it applies even to us toys ourselves.
Robin: ! // You mean, among the toys in the town, there could be former comrades that even you aren’t able to remember?
OneLeg: That is correct.

OneLeg: Furthermore, from the moment they were transformed into toys... / ...each one of them must surely have developed a fierce anger towards Doflamingo. // Certainly, Doflamingo buries all attempts at rebellion away in the darkness... / But at the same time, this serves as proof that there is a powerful desire for rebellion lurking in this country’s shadows!!
People: !
OneLeg: This sheer number of tragedies... / ...holds the key to the plan... // ...that we intend to execute today!!!
Franky: Oh, I get it!! So that’s why you’re so sure... / ...you have a real chance of winning!! // If the people here were all we had, taking on a Shichibukai would be pretty difficult... / But if we think of all the toys in this country as potential rebels, that’s quite the force we have behind us!!

Usopp: (Hold on, hold on, what are you saying?!!! / You’re not seriously planning to take down Doflamingo with these people, are you?!!! // Our goal is to destroy the factory, and that’s all!! / Once we’ve done that, we should get the hell out of here!!) // Isn’t that right, Robin?!!
Robin: I cannot forgive Doflamingo.
Usopp: Eeeeeehhhhhh?!!
Leo: Today we face a battle that has been a long time coming!! / This morning’s incident was a challenge from our enemy!!! // It is no coincidence that our hero Usoland chose this day to appear before us!! / The heavens are telling us today is the day to fight!!!
Usopp: What’s this incident he’s talking about?
OneLeg: What else but the announcement that Doflamingo would abandon his throne?
Usopp: Oh, right... About that...
OneLeg: Can you imagine the joy we felt when we heard this news? Truly, we believed a miracle had come to pass. // But then the news emerged that the report was mistaken...!! Our joy was snatched from before us, and we were plunged once more into the depths of hell!! // Can you blame us, in our despair, for choosing this fateful day... // ...as the day of our final battle?
Usopp/Robin/Franky: !!! // (We’re really sorry~~~~!!!)

[Box: Beneath Dresrosa... / The Scrap Heap]
Riku: So...you, a retired man... / ...chose to sail to this island?
Chinjao: Indeed I did!! // I have nobody to succeed me as leader of the Happou Armada, you see. // Would that I had only had a grandson...
Riku: So even knaves like you... // ...suffer such struggles. // (Is it just my imagination? I feel as though I am missing something important... / I felt a similar sensation ten years ago...)
Boo: (Where the heck am I going?!! Gramps, come and save me!!)
Abdullah: (...?!! What has that fiend done to me, the lone wolf Abdullah?!!)
Jet: (You will pay for doing this to the lone warrior Jet!!)

[Box: The Corrida Colosseum]
Luffy: Ahhhhhhhh~~~!!
Kin’emon: Ah...
Zoro: Hm?
Luffy: Zoro~~~~~~~~~~~!! // Kin’emon~~~~!!!
Zoro: Luffy!! Not so loud, you idiot!!!
Luffy: That rooster-head guy told me you were here!!
Zoro: Where is he, anyway?
Luffy: Well, he started foaming at the mouth while we were on the way...
Bellamy: .................. // I’ve finally found you......
[Insert text: A shadow approaches!!]

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#1. by yieps ()
Posted on Nov 20, 2013
Quote by cnet128:
Robin: ! // You mean, among the toys in the town, there could be former comrades that even you aren’t able to remember?

We now have 3 semantically different translations from 4 sources:

Quote by CCC:
In other words, there are toys walking the streets who have forgotten who you used to be?

Quote by Mangastream:
Does that mean that some of the toys in town have actually forgotten who they are?

Quote by Mangapanda:
You mean that even among the toys in the town, some of them might have who you were too?

Usually I favor your translations even over CCC's but that phrase is really unclear.

I also wonder whether those three said "We're really sorry!" or "Sorry about that!" as CCC translated because the latter has a touch of sarcasm like when Nami apologizes to someone. But that is just a minor thing.
#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Dec 1, 2013
Hmm, I can see why different translations have cropped up for that line (the Japanese is grammatically a little ambiguous), but I'm pretty sure my translation is the closest to the intended meaning.

Mangastream's version is clearly inaccurate, because it doesn't even make sense in the context of what's being said. (It's been quite well established that the toys can remember their *own* former lives just fine, it's the lives of *other* people who were turned into toys that they can't remember.) Plus it's clearly a way off from the Japanese, since there's no "you" involved, whilst the Japanese prominently includes あなた.

CCC's and Mangapanda's both seem to be saying essentially the same thing - that the other toys who used to know One-Leg have forgotten who he is. Which is true based on the facts presented, since the whole thing works both ways, and indeed quite a relevant point, but I don't think it's what this line is intended to actually say.

I'm pretty sure the line is intended to emphasise the opposite of that - not that the other toys have forgotten One-Leg, but that One-Leg himself has forgotten *them*. This way, the line ties in much better with the overall idea of the conversation - that there are lots of potential *unknown* allies out there among the toys, and that's what their plan is relying on.

To go into the grammar of the line briefly, it says:

オモチャ達の中にも あなた自身 忘れてしまった仲間がいるかも?

The key part causing the ambiguity here is あなた自身, which isn't marked with any particle to indicate whether it's the subject or the object of the clause. あなた自身が would mean One-Leg is the one doing the forgetting (which is my interpretation), whereas あなた自身を would mean One-Leg is the one being forgotten (which is the interpretation CCC and Mangapanda seem to be using). However, the context makes it fairly clear in my opinion that it's the former that's intended.

I think the biggest indicator is the reflexive 自身 suffix (turning "you" into "you yourself"), which is almost always (possibly even always always?) applied to the subject of a clause. For a little statistical proof of that, "自身が" turns up about three times as much as "自身を" in a Google search, and all the results I can see for the latter are true reflexive sentences in which the subject and object are the same.

So semantically speaking, it's safe to say that the noun marked with 自身 is the subject of the clause even if it isn't explicitly marked as such with が. Since あなた自身 here is referring to One-Leg, he must be the subject of the clause's verb - the one who's doing the forgetting.

Hope that helps!
#3. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Dec 1, 2013
Oh, and as for the "sorry about that" line, I wouldn't say it's sarcastic per se. It's not a super-serious apology, but more of an amusing expression of Usopp and co's horror and guilty conscience as they realise they indirectly caused all of this.
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