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Translations: Bleach 639 by cnet128 , Gintama 555 (2) , One Piece 796 by cnet128

One Piece 730

The Three Cards

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 8, 2013 01:28 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 730: The Three Cards
Caribou’s Snickerings in the New World
Vol 45: Gable Cries!! Look After Your Grandmothers!!!

[Insert text: Law falls miserably to the ground!!]
Usopp: Hey!! What was that explosion and gunshot sound?! / What happened to Tra-dude?!
Doflamingo: ...............!!
Sanji: What’s going on over there?!!
People: ........................!!
Doflamingo: Sorry for causing such a ruckus!!
People: !!
Doflamingo: “Shichibukai” pirate Trafalgar Law!! / This is the man behind the misreports this morning!! / He was trying to drag me down from my throne... // But worry not!! I’ve taken care of him!!
People: ...So that’s what was going on!!! // Looks like Dresrosa was almost in real trouble!! // Thank goodness it turned out okay!!
Luffy: Oi!!! MINGO~~~~!!!
Doflamingo: !
Luffy: How dare you hurt Tra-dude!!!
Doflamingo: Straw Hat. I don’t think it’s your place... / question what I do with this man. // Law was originally my subordinate!! I’ll settle things with him as I please!!!

Zoro: Kin!! You grab Tra-dude!!
Doflamingo: !
Kin’emon: Understood!!
Marines: Vice-Admiral, sir!! The Pirate Hunter is on the move!! / Shall we capture him?!
Bastille: Hmm... Very well...
Someone: Hold on a moment.
Marines: ?!!
Chopper: Hey!! Someone explain, what’s going on?!
Kin’emon: Law-dono was taken out before our very eyes!!!
Chopper: ?!!
Kin’emon: By Doflamingo himself!!!
Nami: Ehhh?!!
Doflamingo: The “Pirate Hunter”...and “Foxfire Kin’emon”, I believe?! // I think I saw your kid Momonosuke on the ship just now.
Zoro: Don’t let him get to you!! He’s not getting the kid!!!
Kin’emon: No need to tell me!!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu...

Zoro: !!! // (This guy’s...!!) // ...............!!
Flashback!Fujitora: I think it might be better for the both of us... // ...if I don’t answer that question.
Fujitora: !!

Zoro: !!!
Kin’emon: Huh?!! // Zoro-dono?!!
Usopp: What happened to Zoro?!! Kin’emon!!
Kin’emon: Zoro-dono just...!!!

Kin’emon: !!! / Nguohh!!!
People: ?!!
Luffy: Kin’emon!!! // Zoro~~~!!! // I’m coming right now...!! // ......!! // Oh, yeah... This is made of Kairouseki...
Zoro: Nguaaahhh!!!

Zoro: !!!
Marines: Isshou-san!! // Master Admiral!!!
Fujitora: ...............!! // Flying sword-strikes... How brutal.
Brook: Kin’emon-san?!! Are you all right?!
Kin’emon: *pant*... *pant*...
Brook: Have you been defeated?!
Zoro: So the blind old gambler... // ...turns out to be a Marine Admiral...?!!!

Luffy: An Admiral~~~~~~~~~?!!
Fujitora: The last time we met, you fellows were most kind to me. // It pains me that I must repay that debt with violence. / Truly it is a cruel fate I bear...!!
Kin’emon: The man who was with Doflamingo was a... // ...a... // ...a Marine Admiral!!!
StrawHats: ?!! // Ehhhhhhh~~~~~?!! // There’s an Admiral here on Dresrosa?!!
Robin: Does this mean Doflamingo has got the Marines on his side?!! / If so, there’s no telling how many enemies we’re up against!!

Kin’emon: Law-dono!! Law-donooo!!!
Zoro: Why are the two of them both flying?!!
Kin’emon: Do you still live?!! Answer me, Law-dono!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffu!! // We can talk at the palace, Fujitora!! // If you cooperate with me, I’ll let you have these brats’ heads.
Fujitora: I’ll listen to what you have to say, Heavenly Yasha... But I haven’t made my decision yet.

Marines: Capture Roronoa Zoro!!
Zoro: !!
Kin’emon: This is Kin’emon. / They took Law-dono!!
StrawHats: Ehhhh~~~~?!!
Law: ......!! They’re onto us...!!
Kin’emon: Dowaaaahhhh~~!!!
Zoro: For now, let’s run for it!!
Luffy: Tra-dude~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Zoro: Oi, Luffy!!! Hurry up and find a way out!! / We’ll be running around in the area and waiting for you!!
Luffy: Got it!! / Let’s hurry. Tra-dude’s “voice” hadn’t disappeared yet!!
StrawHats: Gyaaaaahhhhh~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: What is it now?!! That was Brook and the others!!
Kin’emon: Golden Sunny!! What’s going on?!!

StrawHats: It’s Big Mam’s...
Ship: Shi~~~p♪ Shi~~~p♪
StrawHats: ...pirate ship!!!
Brook: What is one of the Yonkou’s ships doing here~~~~?!!
Sanji: Is that figurehead singing?!
StrawHats: Eeeehhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~?!!

Luffy: Are you serious?!! / Big Mam’s ship?!!
StrawHats: Aghhh!! We’re gonna die!!
Luffy: What’s going on?!! / Is Big Mam herself there?!!
Sanji: I don’t know, but those two guys we met at Fishman Island are on board!!
Luffy: !!
Pekoms: Mama!! I’m seeing Caesar dead ahead, grrhhh!!
Tamago: It is as we expected, mais oui!! He is in the hands of those rascals!! / Let us sink their ship and retrieve Caesar from the wreckage!!
Usopp: Big Mam?!! / Luffy!! This is all your fault!!!
Sanji: It looks like they’re after Caesar!!
StrawHats: ?!!
Sanji: You’re pretty damn popular, Mr Evil Scientist!! / Is this another of your rescuers?!!
Caesar: ...............?!!

Caesar: Save meeeee~~~~~~~~~!!!
Sanji: What?!
Caesar: I can’t afford to be captured by Big Mam!! / I tricked those guys into providing funds for my research...!!
Sanji: ......!! You did what?!
Caesar: W...Well, no need to go into the details......!! / The important thing is, if they capture me, they’ll find out I was lying and I’ll be dead mea-
Sanji: Like I care about your stupid life!! / Either way, we can’t afford to hand you over!! So shut up!!
Brook: They’re going to fire on us~~~!!
StrawHats: Aaaaaghhh!! // Aaahhhh!!

StrawHats: Ugh, this really isn’t the time!! // Now we’re heading further away from Dresrosa!! / Can we lose these guys?!
Franky: Sanji!! Are you all right?!! Seriously, though... / Don’t even think about leading a Yonkou here to this country!! The whole country would fall into a panic... / ...and our friend the soldier’s big plan could be ruined!!!
Luffy: Hm?!! Come to think of it, why is Caesar on the ship?!!
Zoro: Apparently negotiations broke down!! / Why would Law have ended up like that otherwise?!!
Sanji: Law told us to take Caesar to the next island, that’s why he’s with us!!!
Nami: Sanji-kun!! I think it’s best if we don’t go back after all!! / I’m not saying this because I’m scared!! Luffy, listen!
Luffy: ?!
Nami: There are three cards we’re fighting with Doflamingo over!! / “Caesar”, the “Smile Factory”, and for some reason “Momonosuke”!

Nami: We haven’t managed to destroy the Smile Factory yet, so for the moment that’s in our enemy’s hands. // But the other two cards are right here with us!!
Luffy: !
Nami: The reason Tra-dude was fighting with Doflamingo was to keep him occupied while we get these two “cards” safely away from him!! // It might also have been a way of buying time until we can destroy the factory!!
StrawHats: !!
Nami: Tra-dude put his life on the line to protect these “cards”!! / If we head back now and practically hand them to the enemy......!! // All his work will have been for nothing!!!
Luffy: !

Luffy: ......You’re right. Okay, then!! // Leave Tra-dude to us. // We’ll get him back!!! // What was the next island called again?
Kin’emon: It is known as “Zou”!!
Luffy: Sanji!! Nami!! Chopper!! Brook!! Momo!! / You guys go on ahead to Zou!!!
Sanji: ......If that’s what you want... // ...then that’s what we’ll do!! But, Captain... // I’d like to ask your permission for one thing!!
Luffy: ?!
Sanji: Allow us to mount a counterattack... // ...against Big Mam’s ship!!
Brook: Ehhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~?!!

Luffy: Sure, go for it!!
Brook: Eeeehhhhhh~~~~?!!
Luffy: We’ve already picked a fight with her!!
Brook: That’s dangerous~~~~~!!
Sanji: Heheh!! You’re right there.
Brook: Stoooop~~~~!!
Sanji: Well then, guys...!! // We’ll see you at Zou!!
Franky: Right...!! // Then our job is to take out that factory!!!
StrawHats: Yeahhh~~~~!!
Luffy: Take care, you guys!!!

Luffy: As for us... / We head for the palace!! // It’s time to kick Doflamingo’s ass!!!
[Insert text: A great evil to defeat!!]

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