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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

One Piece 731

The Dresrosa SOP Operation

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 15, 2013 23:27 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 731: The Dresrosa SOP Operation
Caribou’s Snickerings in the New World
Final Volume: “Thank You Caribou, The Pirate I Love Like A Grandson”

[Insert text: Bellamy at death’s door...!!]
Bellamy: *cough* // *pant* // *pant*
Dellinger: Get out of my way... I need to go over there... // ...and kick Bellamy to death. // SO MOVE IT!!!
Bartolomeo: Not happenin’.
Dellinger: ...............!!

Dellinger: This is our Family’s problem!!!
Bartolomeo: Shaddup. You heard your new orders, right? So get outta here. / I’m not letting this barrier down!!
Dellinger: ......You damn barrier freak...!!
Flashback!Diamante: You useless kid, have you still not taken Bellamy out yet...? // Ah well, no matter. That can wait. You have new orders, straight from Dofi just like the last. // Join Lao G and the others and defend the House of Toys!! // And hurry!!
Dellinger: I won’t forget this, you two!! / You’d better not think you’re leaving Dresrosa alive!
Bartolomeo: Hehahah!! Just get moving, brat!!
Bellamy: .................. // (Diamante... Were those really Doflamingo’s orders...?! Did he really... // ...order me killed......?!!)

Flashback!Bellamy: If I win the tournament... // ...you’ll make me a leader in the Family?!
Flashback!Doflamingo: Yeah. // Good luck...I have high hopes in you.
Flashback!Bellamy: ..................
Bartolomeo: Now let’s get you to the medical room.
Bellamy: ......!! Don’t bother with me...!!! // I don’t have...any reason to live any more! / ...Besides, what reason do you have for helping me, anyway...?!! / We didn’t even know each other ‘till we fought in that ring together...!
Bartolomeo: Damn right we did! And when two men... / ...trade blows in the same ring... // ...that makes ‘em war buddies!!
Bellamy: !!
Bartolomeo: I’m not the kind of guy who’d leave a friend to die!!

[Box: Dresrosa, the Flower Field // Riku Royal Army Rebellion HQ]
OneLeg: So, now you all know the true nature of this country. // Our goal is to smash apart the tragedies concealed in the darkness here. / And to that end, I have prepared a plan of action... // The “Dresrosa SOP Operation”!!!
People: Ahhhhhh~~~!!
Franky: “SOP”?!! What does that stand for?!

OneLeg: Beneath this country lies a whole underground world... / ...that very few people know even exists.
[Label: Factory and Trading Port]
Franky: But what does “SOP” mean?!
OneLeg: This underground area comprises a Trading Port to facilitate black-market dealing, and a mysterious Factory. // This is where our fellow Tontatta captives, / as well as the people who have been turned into toys, are forced to carry out hard labour. // Using an underground tunnel that we have created over the course of a whole year, we will infiltrate this area... / ...and save all the workers within!! // Then we will destroy the whole facility... / ...defeat the Doflamingo Family... // ...and return Dresrosa to the hands of Riku, its rightful king!!! This is our goal!!

Usopp: You say that like it’s easy, but...
OneLeg: Naturally, this plan is only the “ideal” outcome!! // After all, we cannot even predict what will become of Dresrosa even within the next half hour. / Nobody can tell what might happen!
People: ?!
OneLeg: Which is why for the moment, we must focus on our first, very specific goal!!
Franky: ?
OneLeg: This goal is to locate the user of the “Hobi Hobi no Mi” Devil Fruit, and render that user unconscious!!! / This Fruit user, under Doflamingo’s command, is responsible for turning all of this island’s “toys” into their present form!
People: !!!
OneLeg: What do you imagine will happen if we succeed?!
Robin: Could it be...? This whole “spell” will be undone...?!

OneLeg: Indeed!! All the toys across the whole of Dresrosa will regain their human forms at once!!! / And at the same time, all the people of this country will recover the memories they have lost!!! // When that happens, even we cannot predict what might occur!! // How many of the country’s people will choose to fight by our side...? / What will the people think, how might they respond to this sudden revelation...?!!
Usopp: ..................
OneLeg: And of course, how will Doflamingo react?! How will the Marines respond?!! // The only thing we can say for sure...is that the country will be thrown into a massive panic!!!

Usopp: So hang on, do we know where this “Hobi Hobi no Mi” user actually is? Are they strong?!
OneLeg: According to intelligence from our Tontatta reconnaissance squad, the user is in the underground trading port right now. // Special Executive in the Donquixote Family Trebol Army♣, “Sugar”. // A girl who turns all who she touches into toys. // She looks very young, but it seems the user of this Fruit... / ...does not age at all from the moment they consume it. // As an asset of inestimable worth to the Family, she is always guarded by the leader of the Trebol Army, Trebol himself.

Robin: ...But...if we can just render this girl unconscious...?
ONeLeg: Indeed. To give Sugar the surprise of her life and cause her to faint... That is the primary objective of our mission. // The “Sugar Out-for-the-count Panic Operation”, or “SOP” for short!!
Usopp: If our enemy’s a little girl, then leave it to me!!!
People: Yeahhhh~~~!!
Franky: All right, I’m starting to feel really pumped up now! “Franky Hair Salon”!! // Battle Hair!!!
People: Ahhhhhh~~~!!!
Usopp: That’s right!!! With us on your side...
Franky: ...this battle is as good as won already!!! Just lead us to the underground passage, little guys~~~~~!!!
Robin: .........
Dwarfs: Yeaaaaahhhhh!! Go Usolanders~~~~!!!

[Box: Within the Colosseum]
Luffy: *pant* // *pant*
[Box: Luffy searches for an exit...]
Luffy: Huh~~~~~?! Not only can’t I find an exit... / I don’t even know where I am!! // Is this the bathroom?
Someone; Hey!! If you’re gonna open it, close it afterwards!!
Bartolomeo: So listen, I’m gonna become Luffy-senpai’s apprentice one day!! That’s my big dream - / ?!! // Ehhh?!!
Luffy: Oh, hey, it’s Rooster-Head~~~~!! Great timing!!
Bartolomeo: Aaaaaahhhhhh~~~!! L...L...L...
Bellamy: !
Bartolomeo: Luffy-senpaaaaaiii~~~~~~!!!

Bartolomeo: Dyahhhhh~~~~!!! // (Get a hold of yourself, Bartolomeo!!! // Are you about to let a chance for a conversation with the Pirate King just slip by?!!) // *pant*... *pant* / L...Luffy-senpai.
Luffy: Ah! Bellamy!!
Bartolomeo: D...Did you m...manage to m...meet with Z...Zoro-senpai...? // (Dammitall!! He shines so bright... / ...I can’t even look at him straight!)
Luffy: Oh yeah, I met him. / Thanks a bunch!!
Bartolomeo: (It was my honour~~~~!!)
Luffy: So now I’ve got something important to do, and I want to go outside!! But I can’t find an exit!
Bellamy: There are...no exits in this colosseum...!!
Luffy: Huh?! // Wait...aren’t you hurt worse than you were before?
Bellamy: Once a warrior enters the colosseum...he can never leave again...!! // So there’s no point searching for a way out...!!
Luffy: What?!! What does that mean?!! // Are you sure?! There’s really no way?!!

Luffy: You’re one of Doflamingo’s men, right?! Then come on... / You have to know something! Please, my friends are in big trouble!!
Bellamy: ......... // (One of his men...?! No...I couldn’t even achieve that...!!) // I’m going to...leave this place right now. / If you come with me...you might be able to get out too. // (..................)
Luffy: ?! // Oh, that’s great! Thanks!! If you could take me out, that’d be big help!!!
Bellamy: I’m not saying I’ll take you... Just that if you tag along, you might be able to escape...!!! / .........You don’t expect me to betray my boss, do you?! // ...I can’t afford to betray Doflamingo...!!! // I have too much respect for him...
Bartolomeo: Hold on, now... Didn’t Doflamingo just...
Bellamy: Shut your mouth!!! // I have standards I need to stick to, all right...?!!
Luffy: Okay!! // Then I’ll follow you!
Bartolomeo: But wait, Luffy-senpai...What about the Mera Mera no Mi...?
Luffy: There is someone I really don’t want to have it...but oh well. // I can’t go after it while my friends are in danger!!

Bartolomeo: Alrightythen!! Youc’n a-leave dat all to me!!! / Luffy-senpai, I was al’ays gonna givya dat fruit if I won this thing anyway! / Goldarnit, dat thing’s your bro’s legacy!!
Luffy: Huh?! You’d give it to me?!
Bartolomeo: ‘Course I’da givvitaya! You gotta hav’it!!!
Luffy: Your accent’s getting pretty strong there...
Bartolomeo: I’ll get dat Mera Mera no Mi for you, no worries!!
Bellamy: Tell it to him, not me...
Bartolomeo: So you go do what you gotta do outside!!!
Luffy: Wow, that would be really great!!
Someone: I won’t let you have the Mera Mera no Mi, Straw Hat Luffy!!
Luffy: ?!
Bartolomeo: Ehhhh?! // Who the hell’re you?! // Identify yerself!! You’ve got some nerve talkin’ to Luffy-senpai like that!!! // That guy’s the brother of the legendary pirate Fire Fist Ace... / ...and the man who’s gonna be Pirate King, you idiot!!!

Someone: I know all that. I have for a long time.
Bartolomeo: Ahh!
Luffy: ......... // ?
Announcer: Acilia has joined forces with Rebecca and is dominating the opposition!!
Acilia: You hang in there, Rebecca!!!
Rebecca: Acilia-san...!!
Acilia: You need to get through to the final!!!
Rebecca: ......Right!!!
Bartolomeo: What’s up with that guy, talking to Luffy-senpai so casually?! // See, you’ve made Senpai mad!!
Luffy: ?!

[no text just luffyshock]

Zoro: First you take forever to show up... / And now you show up crying?!! What’s going on?!!
Luffy: Uwaaaaahhhhhhhhh~~~~!!! *sniff* / Uuurhhh...
[Plaza Outside the Colosseum]
Kin’emon: Still, those Marines have fallen for our disguises completely! They believe we are mere toys of this town!
Zoro: Yeah, no thanks to you...!! What’s up with these weird animal costume choices?!!
Kin’emon: Hm? These are popular classics, surely! Particularly the koi carp!
Luffy: Waaaahhhhh!! // *cough* / uurhh... *sniff*...
Zoro: ...And can you quit that noise already?!! / Pull yourself together! We’re saving Tra-dude, remember?!
Luffy: Waaaaahhhhh... // I’ll save Tra-dude...!! / I’ll beat up Mingo too!! // And the Mera Mera no Mi...that’ll be fine too!
Zoro: Are you all right?!

Koala: It looks like Robin-san is in this country too. / It would be great to see her again... // And it’s great that you managed to find who you were looking for too!
Someone: ...Yeah. / I thought he’d give me a proper beating...
Koala: Hmmmm~? // Are you crying?
[Box: Revolutionary Army / Fishman Karate Instructor / Koala]
Someone: ...*sniff*...... As if I’d cry!!!
Koala: ............Would anything have changed if you’d been with him that day? Nobody can answer that question.
Someone: ...Yeah... // If you find anything out about the underground, let me know immediately.
Koala: Right!
Someone: At any rate, nobody’s going to win Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi... // ...except for me!!

Someone: The two of us... // ...have to carry on his will!!!
Luffy: I didn’t think he was alive...!
Zoro: Seriously, who are you talking about?
Someone: .........
Luffy: I... // I thought he died back then......!!! // I always thought... // ...he was dead!!!
[Insert text: Could it be...?!!]

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