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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

One Piece 732

The Underground World

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 22, 2013 21:24 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 732: The Underground World
Cover Page Request: “Luffy Plays Beach Flag With a Lizard” From pen-name TAZ-san, Kyoto-shi

[Insert text: The operation begins!!]
[Box: Dresrosa, the Flower Field // Riku Royal Army Rebellion HQ]
People: Yeahhhh~~!!
OneLeg: We will now proceed through the underground passage... / ...into our enemy’s territory, the Trading Port!!!
[Labels: Flower Field (current location) // Trading Port]
Kabu: Our target is a single young girl!! // Her name: Sugar!!! / She may be a little girl, but she’s no sweet pushover!!!

Kabu: We must knock Sugar unconscious, and return all this land’s toys... // their original human forms!!!
People: Yeaahhhhhhh~~~~!!!
Usopp: This is tight!!! / Me and Robiland will just barely be able to make it through... // Fraland, maybe you should take off those shoulders and arms?
Franky: Like they’d just come off!! Hey midgets, this tunnel’s too thin for me-land!!!
Leo: We did not expect Big Humans to be using it, after all...
OneLeg: Then you have no choice but to enter through the House of Toys.

OneLeg: The “House of Toys” refers to the place... / the base of the Royal Palace’s foundations... // ...where all toys must return each night. // Humans are forbidden to enter. // It is called a “House”, but do not be fooled. / There are no beds for us to rest within. // No, all that lies within is a passage leading underground... // Every night we toys must return underground... / ...where we are forced to work the night long.
Usopp: ! // That’s terrible...!! // ......Then the toys around the town are really worn out all the time?! // But hang’re saying if Fraland goes through there, he’ll be able to get to the Smile Factory too, yeah?!

Flashback!OneLeg: There are four entrances, one on each side of the Palace!! All are heavily guarded!!
Flashback!Franky: Then what the hell, I’ll cause a massive ruckus!!
Flashback!OneLeg: ?!
Flashback!Franky: Works for you, doesn’t it? // While I’m up above causing a distraction... // guys can hurry and take out Sugar!!!
People: Hm? // The hell is this guy? / Swim trunks?!!

People: And what’s up with his head?!! // Is that a weapon?! // Or is he just an idiot?! // ......Ah!! That chin divided into three...!! // I know this guy!! He’s one of those Straw Hats! // He’s Cyborg Franky!!!
Pink: ............... // .........
Girls: Ah - Señor!! // If you bite into your tomato like that... // will get all around your mouth - // Aahhh!! // ?!

Girls: (O...Oh, my...!! // How hard-boiled!!)
Pink: Don’t cling to me so, little girlies!!
Girls: Aahhh!!
Pink: You go off and play with some younger boys!!
Girls: Oh, but Señor!!
[Box: Doflamingo Family / (Diamante Army♦ Officer) / Señor Pink]
Pink: I ain’t interested... // little kids.
Girls: Aaahhhh, Señor~~~!♡

Girls: Don’t leave us, Señor~~!
Pink: Hmph.
Franky: .................. // The hell’s with this pervert?!!!
People: Like you can talk!!! // This is the East Door of the House of Toys! / Enemy sighted!!!
Franky: I’m going in there, if you don’t mind. / Weapons Left...
People: Fire!!! // It’s one of the Straw Hats!! // Cyborg Franky!!!

Franky: Coup de...
People: !!!
Pink: ?
Franky: VENT!!!
People: Guaaahhh~~~~!! // !!!!

People: Uaaaghhh~~!! // Aaghhhh......
Doflamingo: There, you see...? / The idiots have started a ruckus... // It’s your job to swoop in and save countries affiliated with the World Government, isn’t it?
Fujitora: ..................
Diamante: ......... // So they’ve gone and started it, huh.
People: Aaaaahhhh!! // Aaghhhhhh!

People: *kakakaka-poooow!* // Aaaghhh!!
Sugar: The House of Toys is under attack......
Trebol: Beheheh... Don’t you worry!! // The Straw Hat Pirates are after the Smile Factory... / Even if they do make it all the way here... // We’ll just turn the lot of ‘em into toys! Nnyehhh!! // Beheheheh... Nobody ever notices... Nobody at all... / Nobody ever notices you, my dearie~~~!! Nnyehhhhh~~~!!!
Sugar: True.

[Box: Underground Passage]
OneLeg: Just a little further!!
Kabu: Captain!! // It seems Fraland has started a commotion at the House of Toys!!
OneLeg: (..................)
Flashback!Franky: Then what the hell, I’ll cause a massive ruckus!!
OneLeg: I just hope he’s all right.
Usopp: Don’t worry about him!! The guy’s a super cyborg!!!
OneLeg: That may be...but we have just received word that four officers from the Family... / ...have been stationed as guards at the House of Toys!
Usopp: Officers?!
SomeDwarf: And of all the foes, he’s facing the Diamante Army♣!! They’re warriors to the bone!!
[TN: Yes, it actually says “Diamante Army” with a Club symbol. I presume it’s a typo and should actually be a Diamond symbol♦.]

SomeOtherDwarf: All four of them are big stars of the Colosseum... // ...who have never lost a match... / all the times they’ve taken part!! // In other words, nobody knows the upper limit of their strength!!
Usopp: J...Just how many serious fighters do our enemy have?! Leo!
Leo: Leading the roughly 2000 ordinary grunts stationed throughout the kingdom... / ...are the Family’s Officers, currently numbering ten. // Those ten Officers are led by a further three “Chief Officers”... / ...each of which leads his own personal “army” with its own style!!


Trebol Army
(Special Ability Team)

Diamante Army
(Fighting Squad)
Lao G
Señor Pink

Pica Army
(Special Attack Unit)
Baby 5

Leo: We are also aware of two officers outside the country.
[Labels: Chief Officer / Vergo // Officer / Moné]
Usopp: ( least we’re not facing the fighting squad! Good luck, Franky!!)
Leo: They’re all pretty strong, though.
Usopp: The heck’s up with that?!!!

Usopp: Aaaaghhhh~!
Robin: Thank you.
SomeDwarf: Oh, not at all!
Usopp: ...............!
Leo: I’m very sorry, Usoland!! // We have arrived!! This is the area containing the trading port and the factory... // ...the underground world!!!

Usopp: It’s a pretty noisy place, huh. // Is there noise leaking down from above ground?
Robin: .........
Usopp: !!!
People: Hey, who the hell dropped that load just now?!!! // It fell right on top of me! My body’s all crushed! // I...I’m really sorry... *pant* *pant* / I’ll work, I swear...!! Just let me...see my family... // Idiot! Toys who don’t meet their work quota... / ...get sent to the scrapyard!! Take him away!! // W...Wait!! I can still work!! Stooooop!!
Usopp: ..................
Robin: (Usopp!!)
Usopp: ! // Hey, Robin! What’re you doin...
Robin: ..................

Usopp: ?!!
Toy: I can still work!! / Somebody help!!
People: If you’re gonna start complaining, I’ll call the whole deal off! // Why, you little...just because you’ve got the advantage here...!!!
Usopp: (..................)
People: Why, if you didn’t have Joker at your back...!
Usopp: ......The heck is all this...?!!! // It’s like a gigantic port town down here!!!
[Insert text: A shocking scale!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, colour pages!! Don’t miss the start of the big battle!!]

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