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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 733

Mr Soldier's Desire

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 11, 2014 23:10 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 733: Mr Soldier's Desire
[Insert text: Rebecca battles with vigour!!]
Rebecca: !!! // *pant* // *pant*
Announcer: And there goes Suleiman~~~~~~~~!!!
Crowd: Go get her!!! // Die already, Rebecca~~~~~!!
Announcer: Once hailed as the hero of the Sea Battle of Dias, now on the run from his own country as a war criminal!!! / Today he is well known in the underworld as a terrifying Man-Slicer!!!
Crowd: Take her head off, Suleiman~~~~~!!!

Announcer: His stance is almost lifeless... // Like an accursed spectre!!!
Suleiman: Everything I did, I did for my country. // I loved my homeland.
[Text: A-Rank War Criminal of the Sea Battle of Dias / Suleiman the Beheader]
Rebecca: *pant*... // *pant*...
Suleiman: What about you? / With the hatred they rain upon you, it must be painful for you to even draw breath in this land...
Rebecca: ...............!! // I don’t care how painful it is!! // And I don’t care who hates me!! // I just want to live together with Mr Soldier!!!

Announcer: Including the detestable Rebecca who just won’t give up the ghost... // There are around 30 contenders still left in this D Block battle!! // Ah, but wait! It seems another man...er, beast...has been defeated!!
Orlumbus: Nguoooohhhhh!!
[Text: Adventurer / (Commodore of the Great Yonta Maria Fleet) / Orlumbus]
Announcer: Just now!! The famed gladiator lion Agyou, who has claimed dozens of victims and painted the ring with their blood...

Announcer: ...has fallen at the hands of Orlumbus’ whip!!!
Crowd: So strong~~~~~!! // Commodore~~~~~!!!
Announcer: Will a mighty warrior live up to their odds? // Or will a dark horse betray our expectations?!!
[Text: Pirate / Cavendish // Arsonist / Damask // Shaman / Mummy]
Announcer: There’s just one place left in the big final!!! // Who will be the one to take the head of King Riku’s granddaughter?!!!
Rebecca: (Mr Soldier... // Where are you right now? Please, don’t die...!! / I ask for nothing more than that!!!)

[Box: Beneath Dresrosa - The Underworld Trading Port]
Usopp: Ehhhhh?!! // That soldier guy isn’t here any more?!! Isn’t he the Captain?!!
Leo: Our Captain has a great duty of his own to fulfil!! // The moment our SOP Operation succeeds, he will use that opportunity to eliminate the distracted Doflamingo!!
Usopp: ..................
Leo: As such, he is on his way to the Royal Palace with a few of our Tontatta comrades!!
Dwarfs: Good luck, Captain~~~!!
Leo: As for us, we have the hero Usoland on our side!! / We would be most honoured, Usoland... // ...if you would take command of the operation to disable Sugar!!!
Usopp: !!! // (Th...That’s the most important part!!!)

[Labels: Underground Passage // Lift // Factory // Trebol / Sugar / Officers’ Tower]
Leo: This is where we are right now!! // All of the bridges you can see are movable bridges! // And the building you see over there... // The one that looks like a sea anemone... // That is the Officers’ Tower!! // That is where we will find our target, Sugar!!!
People: Hm? // Hey, who’s there? // Someone slacking off back here...?
Usopp: ?!!

Usopp: Aaaaghhhh!! I’ve been found~~~~~!! It’s all over~~~~~!!!
SomeGuy: ?!
Leo: Rampo!
Rampo: Yeah!
Robin: !
SomeGuy: Hey, you people... / Which ship are you from?!
Usopp: No, no... I’m just a random passerby, er...
SomeGuy: You should know it’s forbidden for anyone but negotiators to leave their ships... / Hm?? // Guahhh!! // Ehhh?!! The fairies have struck!! // All our clothes are gone~~~~~!!!

Dwarfs: Tontatta... // ...Combat!! // Tail Hammer!!!!
People: !!!
Usopp: ............Th... They’re buried in the ground!!

Dwarfs: Change into these clothes, Usoland, Robiland!
Usopp: !
Dwarfs: And may I just say... / That was quite the quick thinking you did there!! So clever to distract the enemy by pretending to be frightened!!
Usopp: A...Are all of you guys as strong as that??
Dwarfs: Yes, more or less! // But we are no match for the descendants of Norland, of course!! We have heard that your clan can even kill Sea Kings!!
Usopp: (What kind of monster do these guys think I am?! But even so... // At this rate, I might actually be able to win this without fighting myself!!!) // All right, men! I, Usoland, will take command of this operation!!!
Robin: ..................
Usopp: Our enemy is a little girl!! Let’s go gang up on her and scare her to death!! Follow me!!! / ...Actually, you guys go first!!
Leo: Of course!!! // To the Officers’ Tower!!!

[Box: Linking the Royal Palace, the House of Toys and the Trading Port...]
[Labels: Royal Palace // House of Toys // Trading Port // Factory]
[Box: The Connecting Lift]
People: Hurry and get inside!! // There’s an intruder in the House of Toys!! // Apparently it’s one of those Straw Hat Pirates!!
OneLeg: .................. // (That will be Fraland...)
People: The intruder is engaged in combat with Señor Pink at the Eastern Door!!! // His target is the Factory down here!! // I heard a rumour there’s a bonus up for grabs to whoever takes him out! // Seriously?!! How much?!!

People: Let’s head on up!! // Well, he’s got a massive bounty, so... // Seriously?! // Nice rumour!♡ // This info better be for real...
OneLeg: (At this rate, we’ll just be going back and forth between the House of Toys and the underground. // We need to take over this lift!! / You guys stay inside...!!) // Surrender at once!! This lift belongs to me now!!!
People: ?!! // This guy...!! // He’s the Thunder Soldier of the Colosseum!!! How did he get in here?!!

People: ?! // He dodged?!!
OneLeg: Much too slow.
People: ! // Guahhh!!! // Why, that little...!!!

People: !!!
OneLeg: Too slow!!!
Flashback!OneLeg: Too slow!!
Flashback!Rebecca: Waaaahhhh!! Mr Soldier hit me!! It’s domestic violence!!
Flashback!OneLeg: This is not domestic violence!! / Do you think I want my attacks to hit their mark?!
Flashback!Rebecca: Well, you could stop them before they do!!
Flashback!OneLeg: One cannot achieve growth without any sense of danger. // You must concentrate, Rebecca!! // The human instinct is a far more powerful force than this!! // You must draw it out from within yourself!! / Believe in the power of humanity!!
Flashback!Rebecca: But you’re a toy!!
Flashback!OneLeg: Don’t be pedantic!!
Flashback!Rebecca: Aghhh!!

Flashback!Rebecca: I don’t want to learn to fight any more!! // You can just keep on... // ...protecting me, Mr Soldier!!!
Flashback!OneLeg: ...I am a toy, Rebecca...!! / Exposed to the elements, my joints will rust...!!
Flashback!Rebecca: ...............?!
Flashback!OneLeg: I do not know when I might reach my limit. // So stand, Rebecca!! // You must become strong!!!
OneLeg: !! // This body is not meant for fighting. Perhaps all toys are made to be broken before the children they serve grow into adults!!

People: Gyahhhh!!
OneLeg: (I am sorry, Rebecca...!! // Strength is the only thing... // ...your foolish father can teach you!!) // *pant*... *pant*...
People: Whoaahhh!! // I didn’t think this guy would be so strong!!! // What’re you after, eh?! What could a toy want around here?!!
OneLeg: A peaceful country where my child can live in happiness... // That is what I desire!!! // (And for that sake, I would gladly give my life!!) // Dresrosa must be returned to the House of King Riku!!!
People: ?!! // King Riku~~~~~?!

[Box: The Corrida Colosseum]
People: ?!!!
Announcer: What just happened?!!
People: Huh?
Someone: That was pretty fast...!!
Bartolomeo: What the heck?!! I couldn’t see a thing......!!
Someone: I had heard rumours, but......!!
Announcer: Wha...?! // Incredible!! All the remaining contenders have fallen to the ground~~~!!! / All these mighty warriors who have survived to the last stages of the D Block battle... // ...have simply toppled over... / ...leaving not a single contender standing!!! How can this be?!! Is this even allowed?!! // Who did this?! And how?! / This incident that has assaulted D Block... // ...was all too sudden to comprehend!!! // But wait... // It looks like somebody may be standing back up!!!
[Insert text: Who stands victorious...?!]

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#1. by yieps ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2014
There are several mistakes
give up the ghost??? to the ghost?

claimed many tens of victimstens of what? Maybe, dozens or countless?

your foolish father can teach youcould

He’s the Lightning Soldier of the ColosseumThunder

I also would say it's pyromaniac rather than arsonist, but since the used word stands for both in Japanese and in we know nothing about his personality it's debatable.
#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jan 19, 2014
- No idea what your problem with "give up the ghost" is, it's a perfectly common phrase.
- You're right, "dozens" does sound much better than "tens", I'll edit that one.
- The "can"/"could" is debatable, but seeing as it's present-tense in the Japanese and One-Leg is reflecting on his own nature, I think "can" is probably more appropriate.
- As for "lightning" versus "thunder"... "Kaminari" is the most general word in Japanese for the phenomenon of "thunder and lightning" as a whole. It does have a more specific sense referring to just the "thunder" part, but I don't see any indication that such a distinction is intended here, so I think it makes perfect sense to use "lightning", which I'd say is the more general word than "thunder" in English. Plus "lightning soldier" just sounds much nicer than "thunder soldier".
#3. by yieps ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2014
Ah, sorry, I didn't recognize the "give up the ghost" saying.

Thunder Soldier was written in English on his wanted poster
#4. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jan 26, 2014
Okay, I guess Thunder Soldier it is! (That's some tiny text and I'm impressed anyone even spotted it O_o)
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