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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

One Piece 734

The Tempest of Rommel

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 19, 2014 00:21 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 734: The Tempest of Rommel
Cover Page Request: “I’d Like A Picture Of Usopp Riding On Giraffes And Drawing Patterns On Giraffes That Don’t Have Any Patterns” From pen-name Korokke-san, Aichi-ken

[Insert text: How does it end...?!]
Announcer: An inexplicable climax!! All of the more than twenty remaining formidable contestants... // ...have suddenly been downed by some unseen force!!! Chaos engulfs D Block!!! // But there, in the centre of the ring!! // Right now, as we look on!! / A shadow seems to be rising to its feet!! // Is this the battle’s victor?! // Is this person responsible for what just happened?!!!
People: !!!

Rebecca: *pant* // *pant* // *pant*
People: ...............!!
Announcer: ...............!! // I... / It’s Rebecca~~~~~~~~!!! // The lone figure left standing...is Rebecca~~~~~!!

Announcer: All those famed and fearsome warriors... // ...who seemed such likely candidates for victory... // ...lie motionless on the ground...!! // Betraying everyone’s hopes and expectations, it looks like the final combatant in the final of this Corrida Colosseum tournament... // ...will be the girl who bears the blood of Dresrosa’s greatest shame, the hated King Riku... / The imprisoned gladiator...

Announcer: ...REBECCA~~~~~~~~!!!
Rebecca: ..................
People: You’ve gotta be kidding!! // What kind of dirty trick did you use, Rebecca~~~?!! // Somebody investigate~~~~~~~!!!
[Box: The Imprisoned Gladiators’ Cells]
Prisoners: All right~~!! You did it, Rebecca~~~~~!!! // I don’t know what the hell just happened!! // But you went and won it!!!
People: What kind of result is that?!! What did she do to Cavendish-sama?! // Commodore Orlumbus would never lose to that little girl~~~!!!

Marines: .................. // Tempest?
Bastille: Yes...the Tempest of Rommel. // A long while ago in the Rommel Kingdom, there occurred a series of mysterious incidents... // Each night, a wind would blow that sliced people apart...!! A Marine battleship was sent to investigate... // ...and many Marines also fell prey to this deadly “wind”... // But in the end, it turned out that these incidents... // ...were the work of a single man by the name of Hakuba. // We were never able to capture the culprit... // ...but even now, Hakuba always appears in each town where a certain pirate stays.
Marines: ?!

Flashback!Rebecca: Ahhhhh!!
Flashback!Suleiman: You can’t run from me, girl!!! // !!
Flashback!Cavendish: Urghh...
Flashback!Suleiman: !
Flashback!Rebecca: ?! // (Huh...?!)

Flashback!Rebecca: (That man... // He’s acting strangely!! // He fell asleep?!) // !!!

[no text just hakuba awakening]

[no text just hakuba carnage]

[no text just hakuba sleeping]

Marines: !! // S...Sleepwalking?!
Bastille: That’s right. / Cavendish has a second personality that awakens when he falls asleep. / That man’s name is Hakuba...!! // Thanks to Hakuba’s crimes, Cavendish was forced to flee to the open sea... / That is how he originally became a pirate.
Marines: That’s quite the misfortune he bears...!!
Bastille: No need to feel sorry for him...!! That man enjoys his life of piracy and the “popularity” it brings. / If you show him pity, he’ll only take advantage of you. // Cavendish has always been a genius swordsman... / And Hakuba has twice his strength...!!! // Looks like his tendency to fall asleep after each “episode”... // ...didn’t do him any favours in the tournament format, though.

People: Rebecca can’t possibly win!!! // She must be hiding a pistol or something!! Someone investigate!!
Rebecca: (.................. // I’m through to the final!!!)
MysteryMan: She was the only one out there to follow Hakuba’s movements... / ...so I wouldn’t say this victory is down to pure luck. Though regardless of her circumstances...
Bartolomeo: ?!
MysteryMan: ...I won’t let anyone else take the Mera Mera no Mi.
Burgess: Time for the final at last!

[Box: Dresrosa Royal Palace]
Doflamingo: Fufufuffuffuffuffu...!! / Did you see that just now?!! // She’s a lucky girl, that granddaughter of yours!! // ...Still...
Riku: ..................
Doflamingo: To think you’d enter the same tournament as your granddaughter. // Look at you, King Riku!!! / The former leader of this country, scrambling to get his hands on a Devil Fruit! How the mighty have fallen. // I must say, I’m not pleased by your family’s actions today...
Riku: (Rebecca......!!)
Doflamingo: And Violet as well! // Is there something special about today?

Riku: Your actions this morning were sufficient to make anyone...
Flashback!CP0: Regarding the worldwide reports that Doflamingo has abandoned his position... / This was a mistake.
Riku: ...give up on this country!! That’s all there is to it.
Doflamingo: ...Fufufu... For you, perhaps... / But I think Viola is different...!! // That woman is a calculating one...!! She’s making a gamble!! // She’s betting on this up-and-coming new Shichibukai with a grudge... / ...Trafalgar Law... // ...and the legend from two years ago with the terrible ancestry... / ...Monkey D Luffy...to take me down with their little Pirate Alliance! That’s what she wants!!!

Doflamingo: But Law, as you can see, has already fallen into my hands...!! / And as for Straw Hat Luffy... // He’ll never be able to leave that Colosseum as a human being...!! // As for the rest of their crew, what action are they taking? // The only one troubling me right now is that Straw Hat “Cyborg” Franky. // Apparently he’s mounted an attack on the House of Toys... // But I don’t fancy his chances against my Officers. // That just leaves “Pirate Hunter” Zoro... // ...”Foxfire” Kin’emon, Nico Robin, and Sogeking. // There are only two routes for them to reach the factory... // Through the House of Toys, or through the front gates of this Palace...!!

Doflamingo: They don’t even stand a chance of reaching my underground world...!!!
[Box: At the base of the King’s Plateau]
Kin’emon: Then if we enter the Palace, we can reach both the House of Toys and the Factory?!
Dwarf: Yes, they are all connected on the inside!
Kin’emon: ...Still, I can hardly believe my eyes!! Such a tiny human being!!
Zoro: ..................
Luffy: It’s like some kind of toy!! Dwarfs are amazing!!
[Banners: Kin’emon / in Frog // Zoro / in Cat // Luffy / in Carp]
Dwarf: Normally we don’t show ourselves to any Big Humans outside of the Royal Family... / But the Straw Hat Pirates - or “Usolanders” - are a special case!!
Luffy: Uso...landers...?

Dwarf: The Captains’ SOP Operation has already begun! // Look!! We can see it now!!
Luffy: !
Dwarf: That’s the lift that leads to the Palace entrance!! // To get on board, you need to show an official pass to the lift guards, but...
Luffy: I’ll just beat them up!!
Dwarf: If you do that, it’ll cause a commotion, and more enemies will...
Luffy: Hm? Who’s that over there?! Another enemy?!
Violet: You must be Straw Hat Luffy!!
Luffy: Huh?!
Violet: I’ve been waiting for you!! // I’ll help you get into the Palace!!
Luffy: ?!
[Insert text: A valuable helping hand!!]

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