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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 735

Fujitora's Intentions

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 26, 2014 17:04 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 735: Fujitora’s Intentions
Cover Page Request: “Sanji Performing Beautiful Kick-Ups With Armadillos”

[Insert text: At the Colosseum, the main event has arrived!!]
Announcer: Well, folks, there’s just the final left to go~~~!!! // And have I got news for you!! You can forget all about the four Officers who were scheduled to take part... // Because I just got word that the Hero of the Colosseum himself!! That’s right... // Miiiiiiister DIAMANTE is going to be joining us in this final!!!
People: Aaaahhhh~~~~~!♡ // Diamante-sama~~~~~~~!!
People: To the medical room!! // Hurry!!

Rebecca: Ah - Lucy! // I’m through to the final too...!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: ..................
Rebecca: Huh? // Lucy? // (...It’s...not him...?)
Bartolomeo: Hey, you!! You’d best be careful how you talk to this esteemed -
DefinitelyNotSabo: You must be Rebecca. I know all about your history. // Things may get a little rough out there... // But I won’t let you get too hurt.
Rebecca: ??
DefinitelyNotSabo: This country is so fixated on outward appearances... / It almost reminds me... // ...of the country where we grew up...
Rebecca: ?

[Box: The King’s Plateau]
Violet: I have an official pass. // With it, you could take this lift... // ...all the way up to the Palace...
[Box: Lift to the Palace Entrance]
Violet: ...But if anyone sees through you and stops the lift, it’s all over. // I don’t think it’s a good idea. // You look horribly suspicious, after all.
Kin’emon: I am quite hurt!
Zoro: You’re the girl who dragged our cook off somewhere earlier, right?
Luffy: Dragged Sanji?
Flashback!Violet: (Black Leg??)
Flashback!Sanji: Ahhhhh, my beloved Violet-cha~~~n!♡

Violet: The last I saw of him, he was leaving to save your ship...
Zoro: We know what happened there.
Luffy: Hang on, didn’t you say you work for Mingo?
Wicca: She is pretending... / ...to work for Doflamingo!!
Kin’emon: ?!
Violet: Wicca!!
Wicca: Y...!! You remember me?!
Violet: Have you forgotten my ability? // I have been watching all of you all along! // I’ve seen how all of you are rising up... // ...alongside that wonderful one-legged soldier who raised Rebecca... / ...in my late sister’s stead...
Wicca: ..................
Violet: I’ve been watching it all! // Thank you for believing in my father.
Wicca: Wwwwaaaaa...hhh...! Viola-samaaaa~!

Luffy: Whaaa?! You’re a princess?!
Violet: That was a long time ago...
Luffy: Wait, but Rebecca’s the King’s granddaughter, so... / Are you her mum?!
Violet: Come on in.
Kin’emon: Ahhh, a hidden door! Are you a ninja?
Violet: Rebecca is my niece. My elder sister’s daughter...
Luffy: Ahh!
Violet: This is an emergency passage... / ...passed down through generations in the Riku Royal Family...!! // Even Doflamingo knows nothing of this place.
Luffy: Woooow!
Violet: There’s a pulley system for carrying luggage... // And we can climb the stairs all the way to the Palace!
Zoro: *cough* *cough*

Zoro: Right, then! Luffy, you take this rock... / ...and carry it right up to the top.
Kin’emon: Ah! That is a fine plan!
Luffy: Hm?
Kin’emon: For if you then grasp onto the chain and pull it back down... // ...we will all be carried up to the top!!
Violet: But that’s crazy......!!
Luffy: Hrngh! // All right, off I go!!
Violet: Ehh?!
Zoro: Hurry up, Luffy!!
Kin’emon: You should get on board as well, Madam Kunoichi!!
Violet: ...............!!

[Box: The House of Toys]
Franky: Gahhhh~~~~~~~!!! // Would you all quit it already~~~!!! // FRANKYYYY~~~~~ // ROCKET LAUNCHER~~~~~~!!!
People: Gyaaahhhhh~~~!!! // Run for it~~~!!! This guy is too dangerous!! // ...And there really isn’t anything coming out of that pistol on his head!!!

Someone: Señor, you must dodge, quickly!! Use your ability to go beneath the ground!! // This is no time to be brushing your teeth with a shoebru..
Girls: What?! Oh, my!♡ // How fabulously hardboiled...!!♡
People: !! // Seño~~~~~~~~~~r!!! // This is terrible~~~!!! // Señor Pink!!
Pink: ..................
People: Señor!! // Why did you not use your ability to escape?!!

Pink: Hey, hey... Don’t get the wrong idea now, kiddies...
People: !!
Pink: My Sui Sui no Mi may allow me to swim freely through walls and floors at my leisure... / But... // That doesn’t mean it’s meant for running from my enemies like a coward...
People: ?!
Pink: I only swim... // ...when I feel like swimming!!
People: What a free spirit~~~~!!!
People: Ahh! His whole body is covered in blood... // Even his bones must be broken, yet he’s calmly washing his wounds with brandy!!
SomeGuy: ......!! ......No!!
Girls: Huh?
SomeGuy: That’s not it!! Señor...just now... / The reason you risked your own life...taking that attack head-on...!! / ...Ahhh...

SomeGuy: It was because you knew one of your allies...
MachVise: Oiiiinghh, my stomach!!
Pink: ..................
SomeGuy: ...was lying helpless behind you, wasn’t it?!!
Girls: Oh, no~~~~!! Señor, you...you...you make my heart almost burst apart!♡♡
Pink: ...Who can say? I can’t remember, myself. / Sha-wuck!!
Girls: Hold me, Señor~~~~~~~~~!♡
Pink: Oi, Vise... Can you stand?
Franky: ...............!! // This guy really is hardboiled...!
MachVise: Daiiiiiii~~~~~nnn... // Ton-ton!
Franky: !!

Franky: Guahhhh!!!
MachVise: Buehhh!! My stomach really hurts!! // I missed again, oiiiing!! / You’re pretty speedyyyyng!! Ain’t ya, little guy!!!
[Box: Donquixote Family / (Diamante Army♦ Officer) / Mach Vise]
Franky: Shut up!! What in the super are you?!! // Floating around, then crashing into the ground like a rock...!!!

Marines: That’s as far as you go!!!
People: ?!
Marines: Cyborg Franky of the Straw Hat Pirates!!! // The House of Toys is now completely surrounded... // ...by Marine forces!!!
Franky: Ehh?! Why the Marines now?!!!
MachVise: What~?! I’ve heard nothing about this, oiing!!!
Pink: More loudmouths adding to the ruckus...

[Box: Dresrosa Royal Palace]
Doflamingo: The Marines have made their move. // I must commend you on your decision... // Fujitora.
[Box: The Chamber of Suits]
Fujitora: .................. / I’m not doing this as a favour to you, you understand... // But with the Straw Hat Pirates making trouble... / ...and signs of more troublemakers lurking in the shadows...
Riku: (..................)
Fujitora: ...This seemed the “correct” move to make.

Fujitora: We military forces have a duty... / ...to keep civilian casualties to a minimum. // If the Straw Hats’ goal is to take your head... / ...I doubt they’ll hesitate to cause large-scale destruction. // And if that’s what they mean to do... // ...my “justice” dictates I must stop them. // Taking care of you... // ...can wait until afterwards...!!!
Doflamingo: ?!! // What did you say...?
Fujitora: I may only have been recruited recently through the World Conscription system... // ...but since I’ve been granted the position of Admiral... / I’d like to make good use of that position.

Fujitora: I intend to abolish... // ...the entire Royal Shichibukai institution!!!
Doflamingo: ?!!
Fujitora: I recall a certain other incident where a pirate attempted to take over a kingdom... / Had it succeeded, it would doubtless have resulted in a shadowy country just like this one.
Doflamingo: ......... // What of the balance between the three great powers?
Fujitora: We’ll just have to see what happens, won’t we? // I’m just warning you that if you commit too many misdeeds... // ...I might just take your head off myself, Mr. Heavenly Yasha.

Doflamingo: Fufufu...Sounds to me like you’re saying... / “If you want to get rid of me, do it now”!!
Fujitora: I wouldn’t be too hasty. // Let’s keep this civil for now, shall we? // I’m trying to protect your country. // No matter what flaws of this nation are about to be exposed... / I’ll turn a blind eye, so don’t you worry yourself. // This is the year of the Reverie.
Doflamingo: .........
Fujitora: One way or another, the world is going to shift.

Announcer: The Corrida Colosseum Tournament... // ...has reached its Grand Final~~~~~~~~!!!
Koala: *pant* // *pant* // ! // *pant* // I made it!
Announcer: As the whole country looks on!!! // The special ring has finally been prepared in which our contenders will do battle to obtain a priceless treasure!!! // All that’s left is to wait for our five contenders to make their entrance!!!

DefinitelyNotSabo: Heheheh!! / This is going to be fun!! // Shall we go then, Marincolosseo?
Bartolomeo: It’s Bartolomeo!! / The heck is that?!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: (..................)
Announcer: And here comes our first contender now!! // There he is~~~~~!! It’s the lucky adventurer who took this tournament by storm!!! The one!! The only!! // LUCY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: (I hope you’re watching... // Ace...!!!)
[Insert text: “This man” takes Luffy’s place...!!]

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