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Translations: Bleach 636 by cnet128 , Gintama 552 (2) , One Piece 794 by cnet128

One Piece 736

Chief Officer Diamante

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 1, 2014 19:00 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 736: Chief Officer Diamante
Cover Page Request: “Cat-Burglar Nami Having Her Treasure Burgled By Cats”

[Insert text: Spirits are riding high at the Colosseum!!]
Announcer: It’s the GRAND FINAL~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Die, Rebecca!! // Diamante-sama~~~~!♡
Announcer: All our contenders are here! The four victors of Blocks A to D... // ...aaand Mister Diamante!!! / Now, let’s take a look at the prize these warriors are fighting for~~~~~!!
Burgess: Wiiiihahahahah!!
Bartolomeo: Go die in hell, fucking spectators~~~~~!!!
People: YOU go to hell~~~~~!!
Announcer: One of the ultimate variety of Devil Fruit, the Logia Type... // It’s the Mera Mera no Mi~~~~~~!!!
Burgess: Wiiiiihahah~~~~!! It’s gonna be mine!!!
DefinitelyNotSabo: (Jesus Burgess of the Blackbeard Pirates...)
Rebecca: (That’s definitely not Lucy... Who is he?)

Announcer: Hm?
Losers: Don’t start that match yet!! // Get Rebecca out of that ring!! // We want a D-Block do-over!!! // You think we’re just gonna accept that crazy result?!!!
Announcer: Oh dear, it looks like there’s trouble in the ring!!
Losers: Rebecca~~~~~!!! // There’s no way we could all lose to a little girl like you!!! // Let’s settle this here and now!!!
Rebecca: ...............!!
People: Yeahhhh!! Go on, take her out!!!
Diamante: ..................
Losers: ?! / Oi!! Get out of our way!!!
Diamante: ..................

Diamante: Don’t you fools know when to give up? All results are final.
Losers: !!
Diamante: So get out of here and don’t interrupt my show!!!
Losers: What’s he up to?!!
Diamante: Now, watch the cloak...
Losers: What do you think we are, fighting bulls?!! // ?!!

Bartolomeo: Hm?
Losers: ........................?!
Diamante: It may be fluttering in the wind... // ...but this cloak is made of pure steel!! // I’m a Flagman with the power of the Hira Hira no Mi. I turn anything I touch... // ...into a thin and fluttering form!! // Lock! // Corrida Grave!!!
Losers: Guaaaahhhh!!!

Diamante: I’d suggest you all run while you still can!!
Losers: ?!
Diamante: We’ve filled the moat with some extra-special Fighting Fish for this Grand Final!
Losers: ?!
Diamante: They’re very sensitive to the scent of blood.
Losers: ?! // It jumpe- // Guaaaahhhhh!!!

Diamante: These Fighting Fish are on a whole different level from before!!! // Did you see that charge?!!! These fish will even attack warriors in the ring itself!! // They don’t care for rules. They’re bad to the bone!! / That’s right, we’ve gathered the biggest and baddest Boss-class fish from each school for this battle!!! And what’s more... // To the back of just one of those fish... // strapped the grand prize of this tournament, the Mera Mera no Mi!!!
People: !!!

Diamante: The rules of this final battle are simple!! Whoever can steal the prize... // ...and remain the last man standing in the ring is the victor~~~~~!!!
[Box: Donquixote Family / Chief Officer / (Hero of the Corrida Colosseum) / DIAMANTE♦]

Announcer: It’s about to begin!! The grand final to end all finals!! // With our hero Diamante in the mix, it’s a battle royale between five deadly warriors!! // A vicious struggle over a Devil’s Fruit!! A deathmatch just waiting to be gatecrashed by deadly fish!!! // Who will claim the Mera Mera no Mi?!! / The gong...
[BubbleSFX: CLA~~~~~~NG!!!]
Announcer: ...HAS SOUNDED~~~~~~~~!!

[Box: The Base of the Royal Palace - Outside the Outer Wall Tower]
People: All right, we’re here. // Is that the palace entrance?!
Violet: We’re still at the very base of the Palace structure. This is just the entrance to the Outer Wall Tower. // (Don’t let the guards see you...!! // There’s a secret entrance in the Outer Wall as well. Follow me!! // We must be careful not to cause a scene. If the Officers find out we’re here, we won’t be able to make a move!! / Be especially wary of the one called Pica. If he finds us, we’ll never reach Doflamingo!!)
Kin’emon: Hm? Where’s Luffy-dono...?
Wicca: Erm... Over there...
People: ?
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no~~~~~~!!
Guards: !! // What the hell is this carp?!!

Luffy: GIGANT...
Guards: What is this carp~~~~~?!!! // A pufferfish?!
Luffy: PISTOL~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Guards: Aaaghhhhhhh!!
People: !!!
Zoro: WHAT ARE YOU DOING~~~~~?!!!
Luffy: It’s open now!!
Zoro: “Open”, my ass!!!
Violet: Oh, no!! .........!! / Th...There’s nothing for it. We’ll just have to hurry inside. // Now we’ve caused a scene, it’s quicker to use the main entrance!!
Luffy: I can take this off now, right?!!
Violet: Oh, do what you like!!
Kin’emon: Now, now...
Guards: ......?! That’s...

Guards: We’ve just received word from the Outer Wall Tower’s main entrance!! // Intruders have entered the palace!!!
People: !
Guards: It’s Straw Hat Luffy!!!
Doflamingo: ?!!
Screen: ..................
Doflamingo: .................. // ?
Announcer: The Fighting Fish leaps forth!! // But Lucy dodges its charge with ease~~~~~!! / His movements are as slick as ever~~~~~!!
Doflamingo: What...?! // ..................

Doflamingo: What the hell is this...?
Baby5: Intruders?! Is this true?! // But you must be mistaken!! / Straw Hat Luffy is in the Colosseum right now... / ...fighting under the guise of “Lucy”!!
Guards: This is B-2 Outer Wall Tower, outside the Banquet Hall! / There’s no mistake!! The intruder is Straw Hat Luffy!! // There’s also Pirate Hunter Zoro... / ...and V...Violet-sama... Aaaghhhh!!! // [aside]aaaghh! guaaahhh![/aside]
Doflamingo: ...............!! // Then who the hell is that... / ...fighting in the Colosseum?!!! // What the hell is going on?!!!

[Box: Lift between the Trading Port and the Palace - going up!]
[Labels: Palace // Trading Port]
LaoG: Hodaaa~!!!
OneLeg: Unghh!!!
Laog: Hoooohhhh... // Hadaaa~~~~~~!!!
[Box: Doflamingo Family / (Diamante Army♦) / Lao G]
Kabu: Captain!!! // Curse you...!

LaoG: ?
[BubbleSFX: fwip! // whack!!]
Kabu: Guaahhh!!!
Dwarfs: ......!! To think there would be... / Officer on board this lift!!
LaoG: Fafafafafah!! // What a bunch of fools, fafafah!! After receiving orders to defend the entrance to the House of Toys... / I waited at the entrance to the underground port...and got onto the lift once more!! In other words...!!! // I Got the wronG lift!!! / G~~~!!! // I will not let you reach the palace, foul intruders!!!
OneLeg: *pant*......!! *pant*......!! // No...I will reach the palace...!!

Guards: They’ve reached Outer Wall Tower B-1!!
Luffy: Which way?!
Violet: Left!!
Luffy: The path’s totally clear!! I’m coming for you, Mingo~~!!
Zoro: Looks like the security forces couldn’t keep up with us!!
Luffy: Hm?
People: !!! // Uwaaaahhhhhh~~~~!!! // ?!!!
Luffy: What is that?!!
Zoro: A stone monster...!!
Violet: Oh, no...!! / Pica!!!
[Insert text: A Chief Officer appears!!]

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